Good Morning Campers,

As my dear friend Lethal announced yesterday, we are in negotiations to bring Dragon and Leprechaun Laffs to you on a (less) regular basis.  That’s not an easy task.  As I was informed yesterday by Lethal, the entire staff was let go at once, amongst many grumblings, moonings, and out-right threats.  Severance checks were cut, bonuses paid, pension funds raided and it’s difficult to get all that back to work again. 

Our kitchen staff has been replaced (temporarily) by a bank of snack machines because it was deemed too dangerous to hire the original kitchen staff back for fear of being poisoned.

All the Dwarves in the printing press cavern are still off on a drunken tear somewhere and most of the printing press itself was disassembled and reassembled in the shape of a gallows with a likeness of a dragon hung in effigy. 

My virgin supply is gone.  Kaput!  Rumor has it that they are now all safely at work on a small, privately owned island for a small green man, with a tall hat, but that is just rumor as it is well understood that if I find said island I will burn it to the waterline. 

Seriously now …

The out pouring of love and friendship from all of you was, quite frankly, overwhelming.  And we are re-evaluating our time and energy and we will most likely come up with a plan that both of us can live with.  We knew we were important to some of you, but we had no idea how many of you that really was. 

A blog runs on two things…feedback and money.  There are a few ways that you can get each of those, some reputable and some that make it difficult to shave in the morning because of having to look yourself in the mirror.  Mrs. Dragon likes it when I’m not all scratchy, as I’m sure Molly does with Lethal, so we’re kind of limited on what we can do.  Neither one of us wants to put advertising on here because we believe it’s tacky and takes away from the fun.  We also don’t want to seed our website to other places in the hopes of generating feedback and thus growing the blog because, quite frankly, we don’t have the time to even do the blog, much less publicize it elsewhere.  So, if this blog is going to succeed these two things need to be handled by you guys.  Tell your friends, spread the word, grow the blog.  If the blog gets big enough, we get sponsors that allow us to hold our heads up.  And, if you feel inclined and have a buck to spare, hit the donation button at the top of the right column and let us know in that way that what we are doing is worthwhile.

We hope to have this campground back to working order by the weekend.  Keep watching this space for further developments.


Impish Dragon

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13 Responses to Update

  1. femmeflashpoint says:

    I am HUGELY HAPPY AND RELIEVED over the continuation of your publication!
    I realize what a daunting task it must be and how much time it takes up, and am deeply appreciative of the effort you make.

    Heartfelt thanks for keeping the copy rolling!

  2. Laurie Freeman says:

    I would be willing to pay a small fee for a Dragon Laffs subscription. Maybe other readers would as well.

  3. lethalleprechaun says:

    Leprechaun here Pat~

    You can use the following address but be sure to remove the spaces

    DragonLaffs-owner @ yahoogroups.com

  4. Pat Fields says:

    Good news!! By the way, how do you post or send jokes to your web site so that they may be used? Pat

  5. cloie says:

    What if you don’t have a pay pal acount ? how can we send a few bucks?

    • lethalleprechaun says:

      Cloie Impish takes checks and can get with you to give you an address to send them to.
      Also to use PayPal I do not believe it is it is not necessary for you to have an account, just us. Impish can say more definitively on that. You can contact him at the same e-mail address I gave Pat, just be sure to remove the spam bot foiling spaces. Just put his name in the subject line and the word “Donation” and I’m sure you’ll catch his attention.

      Should you be interested in sending us Krugerrands, Doubloons, any other sort of gold currency, ingots of various other precious metals Bearer Bonds, Stock Certificates, Winning Mega Millions or Powerball tickets, gems,’jewels, jewelry (please insure you have it appraised first so it doesn’t turn out to be costume jewelry) or objet d’ art, please contact me at the same address and in the same way I have listed above.

  6. I am glad that there is hope for all of us seeing future copies from the Dynamic Duo!
    Please stay if possible, as we all look forward to your (weired) and astute outlook. Thanks

  7. Kris says:

    donation sent to the Lethal & Impish Rescue Fund! Thanks for the Laffs fellers!!!

  8. Hank Hoeksema says:

    I hope something can be worked out to keep things going. I remember when i originally subscribed to Dragon Laffs, i was told it would be sent 2-3 times a week. I really enjoy the posting and hope it can continue. Advertising would not be a bad thing, its one of life’s major engines. Some Laffs is better than none

    • lethalleprechaun says:

      The basic problem with the advertizing thing Hank at least at the moment is that we are not of sufficiently verifiable size to make us attractive to any reputable advertisers. Also I don’t think that you realize the difference between other media advertizing and internet advertizing, especially as it related to our host WordPress. We’ll talk about that in a second.

      Our daily hits on the blog numbers hover somewhere around 200 to 250 far lower than the 600 or so we were seeing our first couple of weeks. arguably some of the missing 400 have gone to getting the blog by e-mail, which I can tell you from receiving it on an account I use to make sure it goes out when we post to the blog does not begin to do it justice. The thing is however this still does not add up to the 852 people still still subscribed to the old yahoo e-mail group.

      Before any decent advertisers that we would feel comfortable about placing on the site will even look at us as potential advertisers we need 6 months of solid numbers north of
      1000 blog hits per day MINIMUM. Some want to see numbers in the 2000 to 2500 range. Those are the good ones, those are the ones that would offer us things to give away free. Those are the sort that we do not have to worry about what happens if you order something from them about hearing from you folks that either you never got it or that it was a PoS when you did and not worth the cost.

      When it comes to advertising here are a few words on the subject from our blog host WordPress:
      “Adsense, Yahoo, Chitika, TextLinkAds and other ads are not allowed on free WordPress.com blogs. If you would like to run ads on your blog, one of these options may work for you:

      We have a feature called Ad Control that lets WordPress.com bloggers with a lot of traffic (generally 25,000 pageviews/month or more) and appropriate content turn on AdSense and Skimlinks for their blog and split the resulting revenues 50/50 with us.
      ( a little note here that 25K in page hits per month translates to about 850 hits per day minimum on the blog and e-mail subscribers be damned).
      You can run any ads you’d like if you manage your own WordPress installation. More info, including hosting recommendations, can be found at get.wp.com.
      VIP blogs are permitted to run ads.
      In addition to AdSense-type ads, please do not use the following services on your blog: sponsored / paid posts including PayPerPost, ReviewMe, and Smorty; affiliate / referral links to the following domains: usercash, clickbank, clickhop, cashrocks, payingcash; clicktrackers (and any similar) and any promotion of the “I made a million on the internet and so can you” type of advertising (i.e. MLM, network marketing, cash gifting, etc.). Paid or sponsored post content is also prohibited.and so can you” type of advertising (i.e. MLM, network marketing, cash gifting, etc.). Paid or sponsored post content is also prohibited. .”

      Ok back to me now, that “VIP blog” thing they are talking about which basically allows you carte blanche with running ads on your blog? Here is the fast 411 on that again taken from WordPress:
      “Pricing is based on a flat rate starting at $2500/month for up to 5 sites and then $500/month per additional site (with a one-time setup fee of $1,500 per site) — but is flexible depending on your circumstances and number of sites. We also require that you signup your developer(s) to our VIP Support program.”

      Can anyone here say Catch 22?

  9. lynn fux says:

    Well I’ll be ……!!!!!!!! Miracles do happen and prayers are answered!!!!! I love you guys but please yourselves before anything. We love you and can wait.. Now I can tell the truth,I have been sick and depressed feeling like the earth fell from under my feet!!!!! Now I have hope for all of us!!!!..Still no pressure do what you can if and when you can and we will help.

  10. Dan says:

    If it helps in any way, I can offer free hosting. No strings attached.

    • lethalleprechaun says:

      I’m not entirely sure if it helps or not dantodor but rest assured you have our (at least my) attention. I’ll have to see if I can research
      WordPress and off their servers hosting which I dimly remember seeing something about. It may prove to be cost prohibitive however in the final analysis.
      Many thanks for the offer however. We’ll let you know

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