About Lethal Leprechaun

Lethal Leprechaun (a.k.a. S.Phibber McGee a.k.a.Blarneyworks) is a True Born Son of Erin, Cook, Bartender, Baby & Pet Sitter,  Physiologist,  Pub Philosopher and Poet, Electrician, High Tech-Tinker, Connoisseur/Aficionado of Fine Whiskies (Irish & Single Malt Bourbon), Imported Beers, Fine Cigars, and Fine Women (Irish Lasses and Redheads), an Emergency Medical Tech, Computer Nerd, Cyber Security Expert an all around Card Carrying Paranoid Skeptic and general World Class Curmudgeon.

As if that were not enough, he is also the  Co-owner of as well as the Administrative and Authoritarian force behind DragonLaffs, as well as plays the straight man to Impish Dragon, while serving as a permanent thorn in his backside. He owns a music group,  and moderates 2 wallpaper groups.

Regarding himself, Lethal has been known to claim “Be ya’ watchin’ out for the likes o’ me! Me gran’da was the Jarvey himself & a craic head I am!”

He is a devout believer in the philosophy espoused by John Wayne as John Bernard Books (The Shootist):  “I won’t be wronged, I won’t be insulted, and I won’t be laid a hand on. I don’t do these things to other people and I expect the same from them.”

Lethal resides in Houston Texas, ( of which he has said after living  over 12 years there, “I have lost all fear of Hell after experiencing Texas in summer”), with his lovely wife of ten years Molly and their 2 cats SC and Chai.
When not busy straightening out Dragons (a full time occupation itself) he runs a Cyber-security Consulting business, collects eBooks and music and assists his wife, a budding author with published 3 novel series. in the  writing her next novel.


Ode to Leprechauns

Faerie dust is often sprinkled
On thoughts in a child’s mind
By leprechauns so wrinkled
And small they’re hard to find

But be there they surely are
Some of them being very old
And they’ll come from near and far
To prevent you getting their pot of gold

But should ever you catch a leprechaun
Hold him very tight and don’t let him go
Beware for he’ll try to give you some con
Hold’em til you get a wish or some dough

So my friends come this St Pat’s Day
Be on the watch for the little green men
Hide a baked potato some place they say
An when he tries to steal it grab him then

If per chance he gets away in the night
An steals the hidden potato from it’s spot
It’s said some leprechauns just might
Leave coins there for you from their pot