Additional Words on Today’s “Last Word”

What a great title that is…kind of rolls right off the tongue…”Additional Words, on Today’s ‘Last Word’”.
Although, that would, technically, make this the Last Word.
But, if this “Last Word” is making comment on the Earlier “Last Word”, then this isn’t really a “Last Word” but a “New Word” on the “Last Word”…
Okay, so now my head is starting to hurt.

I just wanted to share with you some of the comments that, I’m not sure, are readily apparent to those of you on the other side of the column, as is were. 

Let’s start at the beginning with Lynn:
The 1st time I flew to Israel alone my father didn’t tell me about these men praying and about 1/2 way thru the flight many got up and went to the back of the plane. I had no idea what was happening but many of us were scared to death. There are rules for these things when the time is right and the place is wrong. They were wrong and the airline owed them no apology. You have no idea how secular tempers flare on El Al flights when this takes place.Gotta love an equal rights ranter!!!! Lynn

Thanks Lynn…that tells me that it happens on El Al (Israel’s airline) and people don’t like it there, either!

Next is from Don:
The situation on Alaska Airlines just proves once more that Political Correctness and lawyers are the downfall of this country, R.I.P common sense, courtesy and logic………Don

Thanks Don.  Sadly, common sense died a horribly brutal death several years ago.  My, oh, my how it is missed.

Then we have this little gem from Hank:I loved your rant today and think it is high [time] we stop bending the rules for every weird Tom, Dick and Harry

Hank, you are absolutely right!  The Air Lines owe no one an apology, except maybe the other passengers, for not opening the door at 30,000 feet and kicking the offending assholes off the plane.  What they were doing was wrong.  Plain and simple.  They endangered the other passengers, the flight and the entire crew.  The pilot should’ve just pulled over and let them out.  Safety Rules are in place for a reason.  PERIOD.  You don’t break them for religious, political or ANY OTHER reason.  For Rabbi Motti Seloigson, I would be more than happy to put you in touch with some people who can teach the Orthodox Jews the importance of airline safety for EVERYONE and to Deborah Lauter, I understand that these rules can be a little difficult to understand and I’m more than willing to write them out for you to give a little additional training to anyone, of any religion that has trouble understanding their importance to EVERYONE.

Thanks Lethal.  GREAT RANT my brother.  I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you, anytime!  (Great issue overall.  I laughed my butt off.  And you know that’s an awful lot of laughing!)

Impish Dragon


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