Special Public Service Announcement

Public Service 1Daylightsavingstime2

Daylightsavingstime1In a few hours, at 2 am, due to the magic of science and some crap that none of us really understand, it suddenly becomes 3 am.  While there is much speculation and debate about why and how and the history and why it makes sense in some instances and Daylightsavingstime3doesn’t in some others, the long and the short of it is that tonight, we lose a bloody hour of sleep and it ain’t fair!  So, as a public service to you, our wonderful and loyal campers, here’s a gentle reminder to set your clocks forward.  Either do it before you go to bed or when you get up.  Don’t bother getting up at 2 am to do it, it ain’t worth it.  Now, go on back to whatever it was you were doing before.  Have a wonderful night.


Your friends at Dragon Laffs Inc.

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1 Response to Special Public Service Announcement

  1. Diane says:

    Not “down under” we soon get our 1 hour back!!!!

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