Closing out the donation Week

Good evening campers!  I’m closing out our donations week tonight and thought I’d put out one more time that we are stumping for funds right now to help pay for our bandwidth, site name, expenses, etc., etc., etc.!  If you’d care to donate any loose change or pocket money, anything would be deeply appreciated.  Of COURSE there is no requirement, or even expectation of any donation.  iconIt is absolutely at your discretion.  We are ALL going through tough financial times right now and we know that none of us are exempt from that.  Dragon Laffs, Leprechaun Laffs and all associated funnies and what not will continue to bless your mail boxes or blog site regardless of any donations received.  It just makes our tasks a little easier to do with the proper tools and equipment needed to do our job.  Anyway, you can donate at PayPal, whether you have an account or not.  They will use your credit card, bank account or check.  You do not need to open an account or anything like that.  If you prefer to stay away from PayPal, even though they are one of the most trusted sites on the web, then we perfectly understand and you can write to me at and I’ll email you a regular street address that you can mail your donation to.  Just click on this link: or copy and paste to your browser and they will take it from there.  Thank you again, upon bended knee and humble appreciation to all of you who have already contributed, both financially and with jokes and laughs.  Without your help, we would not be here at all.

Cheers our dear friends,

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