Dragon Laffs #2081

It’s Saturday night and I’ve spent the day teaching CBRN Defense Training to Air Force Reservists.  CBRN stands for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear so put that with the Defense Training and you get me teaching men and women how to stay alive in really crappy environments.  The bad part is that I spent 4 hours on my feet on concrete floors and now I’m a bit achy, the good part is that I got to say, “thank you for your service” to yet another group of young people and explain a few facts of life to them.  Definitely the highlight to my day.  But, now I’m really paying for it.  

So, that’s been my day, how are you guys doing? 

I do have the day off tomorrow.  Church in the morning, football in the afternoon with finishing up with this issue involved in there at scattered points.   

So, I got nothing else to say at this point, so let’s get started with the fun stuff.

I think I need glasses because I keep seeing a lot of people with two faces.

Did you know that Bruce Lee has an older and faster brother?

Sudden Lee

Okay, if you don’t see it at first…look again.

I have friends and relatives hiding EVERYWHERE!

All of the Problems are stuck between Mind and Matter.  If you don’t Mind, It doesn’t Matter.


Sometimes, you just have to play the role of a fool to fool the fool who thinks they are fooling you.

Once I went to a party with my husband, full of people he knew (from work) but I didn’t.  A guy came up to us, turned to me and said, “You must be his wife.”  I turned to my husband and in my most indignant tone said, “You have a WIFE?”  Should’ve seen the guy’s face!

This is so easy.  #15 for me, every time.

I seriously need to do a better job cleaning up my toys.

Well, it seems as though I haven’t published this enough, so here it is again.  My NEW email address:

This is the best and easiest way to get ahold of me…if I can just remember to keep checking it.  LOL!  But, it’s a real nice email box.  It’s got plenty of room, a nice couch, a view…

Remember when all you had to worry about was figuring out how to skip school and how to hide being drunk from your parents?





When a gentleman is interested in a lady he looks at her heart. 

It’s her cleavage that always seems to get in the way.

Can’t believe someone broke into my garage and stole the limbo stick.

Seriously, how low can you go?

Not the same as the last “Good Boy”

On her last day, my HR lady printed out an excel list with everyone’s salary on it and left it in the printer tray.

Absolute legend…

And we are supposed to believe that our Federal Investigators are unbiased…

That one really bothers me…was Ayn Rand a modern day Cassandra?

A haiku about being an adult:

I am so tired
Where did all my money go

My back is hurting

Let’s read some mail!

Michael C.

2 days ago

Dragon Laffs #2079

4 Channels?? I remember 3, aluminum foil on the rabbit ears, positioned just right and my brother and I grabbing pillows to watch a 2 Jiffy Pop, 2 hr. movie on Saturday night with the family. Yeah, I’m that ‘old fart’.
Mike in Cinti


I remember those days, too! The Wonderful World of  Disney on Sunday night.  Mom and Dad on the couch and all the kids on the floor on our bellies with our chins cupped in our hands.  Yeah, I’m that “old fart” too.

Stephen B.

16 hours ago

Dragon Laffs #2080

Hi. Newish member here. I am also in another group in which a member posts fantasy pictures at times. If you like, I can forward them to you but will need an email address.

Hi Stephen, as I posted in my reply to you and in this issue, the brand new email address for yours truly is impishdragon@dragonlaffs.com.  And I deeply appreciate the pictures you sent to me.  When they come up in rotation for the fantasy spot you will see them featured here.  As to the questions that you asked in your email, I will answer it here for the benefit of all.  I am open to being sent any and all pictures.  I love politicals, the more politically incorrect the better.  I love all kinds of pictures, full stop.  If I don’t feel like I can use it here at Dragon Laffs, I just won’t use it, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t enjoy it for myself.  So don’t anyone feel like you can’t send me anything. 

And not sure you noticed, but you got another reply from one of our LONG time campers, our own dear Stephanie…


4 hours ago

Dragon Laffs #2080
In reply to: Hi. Newish member here…

Welcome Stephen. I’ve been here for 16 years I think. Its a nice place to stop, rest, smile, laugh, and occasionally get angry.

Yeah, Stephanie is right.  We run the gamut of emotions around here sometimes.  Thanks dear Stephanie for welcoming a new friend and fellow camper.

There’s no limit to a child’s imagination?  My 2 year old is yelling at me for taking too big of a bite from her pretend sandwich and she can’t make another one because we’re all out of pretend bread.

That is absolutely disgusting

Well, that’s it for another issue my friends.  This is about the last chance to get your name on the great wall of heroes for this year.  Send in a donation to help pay the bills for this website to keep it ad free.  Thanks for all you guys do, every day with sending in your stuff.  Right now I have 1,158 unread emails dating back to August 17th.  That should tell you how prolific you guys are in sending me stuff.  I try like heck to get to them all, so if you are wondering why it’s taking me so long to get to your email…that’s why.  So, here’s the latest copy of the hero wall.

And until next time….

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  1. jhjoseph says:

    Thanks for a wonderful Monday morning of fun.

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