Dragon Laffs #2080

Well, it’s Saturday…again. 

And I’m working…again. 

But the sad part is, that I’ve already taken a day off for working today, so I don’t even have anything to look forward to for working today.


I’m worn out. 

As I’m writing this it’s Thursday evening and I’m having a heck of a time holding my eyes open.  Burning the candle at both ends and in the middle AND trying to hold that sucker up off the ground so it doesn’t start any fires anywhere is starting to drag my dragon butt DOWN!!! 

I actually don’t have anything planned for tonight other than relaxing, writing to you guys, probably taking a nap, and picking Izzy Dragon up after work.  Speaking of which, I better set an alarm so I don’t over sleep and forget her. 

Okay, that’s done.  Now, what do you say we get to some of the laughs, shall we?

There is only so much insanity you can blame on a Full Moon…

Eventually, you have to admit that some people are just Bat Shit Crazy!

You know what the issue is with this world?  Everyone wants a magical solution to their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic.

~ Alice in Wonderland

I have question…many, many questions.

“Okay, who wants to play Red Rover, Red Rover?”
“OH!  I Do! I DO!”

Is it still called a Gas Pedal…

on an Electric Car?

They said Noah was crazy.
Then the rain came.
And the fact checkers all drowned.
The End

Yup, that’s EXACTLY what’s wrong in this picture…

Having two incomes is better than one when buying a house so make sure your partner is working two jobs.

Follow me for more real estate advice.

Trick or Treat is a classic on any realm

The farmer was so pleased with his new cornfield that he walked the length of  it, grinning from ear to ear.

I’m taking a Psychoceramic Class and learning a lot about crackpots.

Coincidence?  I think not!

In every relationship there’s the person who falls asleep instantly and the other person who lies awake wondering how that’s even humanly possible.

Not no but HELL NO!

Hard to Believe

A recent survey indicates that the Smartphone is now the number one hand held device.

The penis has slipped to second place.

What do you call a paternity testing facility here in Indiana?

Hoosier Daddy.

A Guide To Why Everything is Getting More Expensive:

1.  Bastards

2.  There may be other reasons but our research leans mainly towards point #1

Just when I’m on the verge of growing cynical about our society I see an old woman smile and give up her seat for a pregnant man.

“Inflation is just like alcoholism.  In both cases, when you start drinking or when you start printing too much money, the good effects come first.  The bad effects only come later.  That’s why in both cases there’s a strong temptation to overdo it.  To drink too much and to print too much money.  When it comes to the cure, it’s the other way around.  When you stop drinking or when you stop printing money, the bad effects come first and the good effects only come later.” 

~ Milton Friedman (1912-2006)

This one is from a good buddy who wishes, because of this joke, to remain anonymous.  

Question:  What is an Amish woman’s favorite fantasy?
Answer: Two Mennonite!

I never finish anything.  
I have a blackbelt in Partial Arts.

Ghosts like to ride in elevators
because it lifts their spirits.

And that’s it again my friends and fellow campers.  We have a couple new additions to our Heroes wall.  One of which just came through as “Home”.  I really like that as a name or as a nickname I suppose.  Thanks to everyone who has donated this year.

Thank you all very, very much.  May you all be blessed with Love and Happiness until we talk again.

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3 Responses to Dragon Laffs #2080

  1. Stephen Blakley says:

    Hi. Newish member here. I am also in another group in which a member posts fantasy pictures at times. If you like, I can forward them to you but will need an email address.

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