Dragon Laffs #2057

Today, as I’m writing this, it’s Saturday.  Although you guys are reading this on Monday.  I’d like to start out with a really good comment from Jim, about the Last Word that we talked about on Saturday.  You remember that?  The Pact Act?  Yeah, you remember.


3 hours ago

Dragon Laffs #2056

I agree with Steward of taking care of our veterans. But he didn’t know that the fat head of the senate attached a lie in that bill to add 400 billion for their green new wants and desires that increased the bill to over 700 billion. The conservatives said no, only for the vets with nothing else, and the dems caved in. The original bill is to be intro to the senate for approval next week.

Now this makes much more sense why the Republican Senators would stop the bill.  And why the dems would throw something stupid in there to try to get it passed.  I’m so tired of hearing all  this green bullshit thrown around when it makes no sense. 

Let’s stop drilling in the United States to save our country, but then buy oil from overseas and ship it by boat, that burns so much more oil to get it here.  What friggin’ sense does THAT make for the green earth? 

Let’s get all these electric cars.  When our electric grid can’t handle the burden we have NOW and we’re going to increase it?  Where are all these cars going to get charged?  Where are all these lithium batteries going to get made?  Where is all the lithium?  Oh yeah…Afghanistan!

Friggin’ Morons!

Thank you Jim, for pointing this out.  No one on the news is pointing this out.  I’m glad to see that we are bringing you Breaking News here at Dragon Laffs.  And it’s all thanks to Jim.

Parts of Kentucky and Las Vegas and I-70 near St. Louis and several other places across the country are under water as we speak.  Izzy Dragon says it’s the Wrath of God (because the casinos were flooding in Vegas).  It’s always something. 

The news is not worth watching…although…with Pelosi’s planned trip to Taiwan and China threatening to respond violently if she does, that might become interesting.  I mean, let’s say, hypothetically, if The Wicked Witch of the West’s plane was to … oh, I don’t know. … be shot down, let’s say, hypothetically — there’s a couple of reactions we have to have:

**We’re pissed off because of all those innocent people on board (because you know she would have a plane full of people with her)
**We’re pissed off because “HOW FUCKING DARE China!
**We’re American, we can fly anywhere we want (if we’re invited).  
**Now we HAVE to respond appropriately,  not just go home with our tail between our legs, like Brandon will want to do.
**And I’m not going to put down, in writing, the obvious last point because, hey, this is a public forum and I’m not stupid.

Izzy says, but who would we get next?  It doesn’t matter.  NO ONE would be as bad as her for Speaker of the house.  I can’t imagine a worse geriatric, drunken, bully.

Anyway, that’s enough about that.  I’ve gotten my political ranting out of my system for now.  So, let’s get on to the good stuff.

No doubt!  I have GOT to do this to Izzy Dragon!  She is the Mac and Cheese Queen!

Sometimes, not saying anything is the best answer.  You see, silence can never be misquoted.

Apparently exercise helps you with decision making.  It’s true.  I went for a run this morning and decided I’m never going again.

I’m about 5 lbs. away from Google Maps mistaking me for a roundabout. 

If I was to have a tattoo, it would look a lot like this.

I envy people that grow old gracefully.  They age like a fine wine.

I’m aging like milk.  Getting sour and chunky.

If a Vampire bites a Zombie, does the Zombie become a Vampire, or does the Vampire become a Zombie?

There is no better feeling than someone playing with your hair or running their fingers down your back…

Unless you thought you were alone.

Impish Dragon’s Angels … yes, I  know we’ve done it before, but it’s so much fun with a new picture, I just had to do it again.

Yes, it truly is.

A mosquito just landed on my husband’s face…

Easiest decision of my life.

There’s a fine line between a numerator and a denominator.

Only a fraction of people will find this funny.

A man and a woman were traveling in a train. 

Woman:  Every time you smile, I feel like inviting you to my place. 

Man:  Awwww…….!  Are you single? 

Woman:  No.  I’m a Dentist.

My wife asked me if she could have a little peace and quiet while she cooked dinner…

So I took the battery out of the smoke alarm.

Well, that correction changes things just a little bit.

That’s one hell of an optical illusion.  

Yeah, I know you’ve probably seen it in a dozen different formats before, but it’s still funny.

“Wanna play ‘Go Fish’?”

What do you call two guys above a window? 

Kurt and Rod

Does he really not understand how friggin’ stupid he looks?

A nice, western wedding…until you see the guy with the blow up dinosaur…

House key?  Liquor cabinet?  Gun cabinet?  Chasidy belt?  I’m really stumped here.  The key to the lock of the box that the key is locked up in?

Or if you’re hungry go buy food.

What an absolutely stunning picture!

I don’t know why the Invisible Man was so misunderstood…

I thought he made himself clear.

And apparently polls, as well.

Go ahead and ask the democrats…they’ll say, “Inflation?  What inflation?”

Stopped by a roadside stand that said Lobster Tails $2.  So, I paid my $2 and the man behind the counter turns to me and says, “Once upon a time there was this lobster…”

Think about it for a minute, it will come to you.

Apparently, they grow cloves of garlic significantly different sizes in different places.

Scientifically Proven Fact: 

(From our dear friend Joe in New Jersey)

Bath Towels Are The Leading Cause Of Dry Skin!

THAT’S rough!

Nope, no inflation here…

And that, my friends and dear family, is that for this episode of your favorite ezine on the interwebz!  Tune-in again on Thursday when you should be able to find us again to laugh with.  Until then, be happy, be loved, and be well.

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