Dragon Laffs #2050

It is absolutely amazing to me how embarrassing Biden is being on the world stage and how bad America looks right now.  He is such a fucking moron.  I’m ashamed of him.  He is actually going around the world begging other countries to produce oil when we have more oil buried under our country than anyone else does.  And he gave China some of our strategic reserves.  And why is no one calling him out for this shit?!  Why is everyone letting him get away with this crap?  I’m so over it!  HE NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED!  He is incapable of properly leading this country.

Okay, I need to get to some laughter.  I have to go out in just a little while and if I get myself wound up before hand I’m not going to have a good night.  So, let’s get some laughter going and I can rant later. 

Most of the rest of have, too.

You know what is really sad?  People are all saying we should all be praying for our schools, but don’t want prayer in our schools.

Something to keep in mind: 
Farmers and truckers run on diesel.  When they can no longer afford fuel, the rest of us don’t eat.

Way cool!

A VERY old picture of me as a baby.  It’s actually in black & white.


Whoopi, I want you to come for mine, personally.

Just saw what has to be the stupidest blog of the day:

“5 Reasons Why Breathing Air Is Good For You.”

Getting offended by something on the internet is like choosing to step in dog crap instead of walking around it.

I’m overwhelmingly surprised that someone let him have it in the first place.

Me:  Can you pass me the Rooster Sooster Sauce? 

Him:  The what? 

Me:  The Warsha Chester Sire Sauce. 

Him:  Are you having a stroke? 

Me:  The Worst Sister Shire Sauce.

Sure, cause we all have yachts to sail in together.

“It’s okay sweetie.  Tell me what the bad dragon did to you.”

This is a very worthy cause…give this man money!  He’s got a plan!

I learned two very important lessons in my life.  I can’t recall the first one, but the second one is that I need to start writing things down.

An Apology To My Wife: 

I am sorry. 
The kids were playing some sort of a cowboy game.
The five year-old kept yelling “Yippee Ki Yay”
I did not think.
Instinctively, I finished the phrase.
And now he knows a new word.

I laughed REALLY hard at that one!

So, this next one is a very interesting read.  You guys know that my son, the Whelpling, is a truck driver, so I have a soft spot in my heart for truck drivers.  He is NOT the author of the next piece, but he could be.  And this is just from ONE TRUCKER.  Multiply this by the thousands of men and women who drive for a living. 


All I’m asking for, is the right to the same weapons that I paid for the Taliban to own.   ~ Michael Malice

Here’s a good article sent to us by Stephanie.  A woman, legally armed at a party, took out an active shooter, saved lives, and will not be charged.  It’s a good thing she lived in an area not controlled by a prosecutor more concerned with criminal rights then victim rights.  Since it’s such a short article I’ll just include the whole thing here:

Police: Woman killed man who fired rifle into party crowd

Authorities say a woman in West Virginia fatally shot a man who began firing an AR-15-style rifle into a crowd of people at a party 

Having a little nap on the sofa before taking myself up to bed for my main sleep…I call that a snors d’oeuvre.

And he should be removed from any position of authority anywhere.  This man should not be allowed to be a dog catcher in a town with a single traffic light.  He is a fucking moron.  No.  I take that back.  That gives morons a bad name.

If it wasn’t Gin…

Gerald the Dragon:  Humans don’t hoard things? 

Human:  Sometimes, I guess.  So you have a big pile of gold somewhere? 

Dragon:  Absolutely not!  Those gold hoarding dragons really give us a bad name! 

Human:  So what do you hoard? 

Dragon:  …books… 

Human:  But you’re a fire dragon. 

Dragon:  I know!  I find these poor abandoned books, but I can’t even read them because I just know I’ll tear it or burn it.

[The human runs off and grabs an armful of books, before coming back to sit by the dragon] 

Human:  “Chapter One — Peter Breaks Through…”

[They lay there and read until the sunlight fades.  Gerald can’t keep a smile off his face]

The devil doesn’t come to you with his red face and horns, he comes to you disguised as everything you’ve ever wanted.

Do Not have ducks.
Or a row.
I have squirrels,
And they’re friggin’ EVERYWHERE!

Today is my … or would be … my 27th Wedding Anniversary.  I felt it necessary to at least mention it.  I’m trying very hard to ignore it.  But, to be completely honest, my heart is racing and my hands are shaking and I’m trying very hard not to scream.  Unless you know me VERY well, you probably couldn’t tell that anything is wrong.  I think Izzy knows, because I yelled at some moron on the TV who said that arming the teachers at Robb Elementary would have been a bad idea.  Now, mind you, this is a guy who VERY OBVIOUSLY has never fired a weapon in self defense or had a weapon fired at him.  I basically ranted at the TV for 3 minutes.  So, she knows that I’m out of sorts.  But, probably not HOW out of sorts I am.  I’m hiding it well.  

Anyway, here shortly I’m going to Physical Therapy, then taking Izzy to her counselor appointment and then maybe take Izzy out to dinner somewhere.  But, by the time you guys are reading this tomorrow morning it will all be passed.  So…Love and Happiness to you all.  Be kind and forgiving to one another while you can.  Until next time.

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6 Responses to Dragon Laffs #2050

  1. Sasquatch says:

    Happy anniversary. I know she’s never far from your mind. Hopefully you were able to look back on the ones past and smile through your tears.

  2. Helen says:

    My husband of 62 and 3/4 years passed away the 8th of June. I understand what your going thru
    I had to grieve, put on a cheerful attitude when I sat we ith him for 5 months l watching him fail. Go home and fall apart. The 27th of this month would have been his birthday, next month our 63rd anniversary. Those are going to be hard days to hold it together.
    Right now I feel lost, we did most things as a couple, so I’m having n g a h as rd time feeling like I fit in anywhere.
    There m I’ve cried on your shoulder long enough. This is the hardest road a person has to journey down by yourself!

  3. kris72663 says:

    Happy Anniversary. Though it’s a bittersweet day, try to remember the good times you & Mary had and smile. She’s doing the same thing in Heaven.

  4. kris72663 says:

    The problem with impeaching Brandon is then we’re stuck with Laughing Cow. I think she’d be a million times worse

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