Long Weekend

Sorry for not having a post for Monday. I’m actually writing this on my phone and my eyes are a bit misty. It’s been a long weekend and I don’t mean that in a good way.

Saturday I taught two classes, we had a special 9-11 ceremony, and a base wide briefing on the new vaccine mandate.

And many people have wondered why I didn’t do anything on Saturday for 9-11. Well, two reasons… first, September 11th was always Lethal’s day and it seems wrong and not appropriate for me to try to fill that hole. And secondly, that day still pisses me off! I mean REALLY pisses me off. It’s been 20 years and I still can’t talk about it without getting angry. Izzy was born the day before so I know exactly what I was doing when I heard.

Anyway, today, Sunday I taught another class and it was also the day that Cpl Sanchez was brought home. It was amazing. There must have been 10,000 motorcycles. It took over an hour for all of them to go by.

I saluted.

I cried.

So this is all from right outside the base, where I got caught today. Because once things started they locked the gates and I was caught on the wrong side. Long story- not important.

So, that was my long weekend. I’ll try to give you an update from the conference.

Love and happiness


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2 Responses to Long Weekend

  1. Leah D says:

    20 years ago? The emotional wounds are still so raw, it could have been yesterday.

  2. Stephanie says:

    A hero.

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