Dragon Laffs #1739



Good Morning Fellow Campers,

Today is Thursday.  I’m not sure what day it is for you.  It should be Friday.  It might be Saturday.  It could be next Tuesday the way things are going.  I’m only saying that because 0aaI’m still working on my first cup of coffee and things are still a bit hazy around here.  The cavern walls still look a bit like dining room walls andcoffee2 the cave floor might have wooden floors which really doesn’t seem right to me.  Shouldn’t the cave floor be rock?  And why is this table made out of wood instead of stone?  What the hell is going on around here?  And who the hell are these PEOPLE moving coffeearound here?  Hold on, I’ve got to go eat them, I’ll be right ba … okay … wait … I recognize that one.  Maybe I should wait until I have more 0aa1coffee.  But, she’s little and she’s giving me looks.  I’m going to eat her.  Wait!  More coffee first.  Okay, things are starting to clear up a little.  And now there’s an older looking one coming out and SHE’s giving me looks.  I’m going to eat her.  Be right back.

Holy Shit!  She’s mean!  Okay.  Got it all sussed out!

That’s Mrs. Dragon, that’s Izzy Dragon.  I’m to quit screwing around with eating people, drink my damn coffee and get back to work.  Yes, ma’am.  Um… let’s laugh?

402  Yeah, that’s a little harsh and um… non-laughy coming right out of the gate, but do you understand everything that is going on right now with this bullshit?  And them telling us without this “certificate” we won’t be able to travel and possibly even inserting a chip along with the vaccine so we can be scanned … my opinion is, of course, oh fuck that noise.  Not gonna happen.

The people saying “Trump doesn’t know about medicine” consider a 16 year old Swedish girl to be a climate expert …

Yeah, how’d we get right into the political arena first off?  I gotta find something funny….hang on a sec.  Let me change the channel on this thing …


Okay, better … let’s try another one …


Let’s see if we can squeeze in one more.  Cause the others are banging on the door.  There’s only so long I can hold them off.  Those political bastards really want in here … and I can’t say as I blame them … but one more.


LOL!  Poor Joe.  It was all his fault.  Anyway, where were we … oh yeah.

Democrats today are saying no one, not even the President, is above the law.  So my question is, how come ILLEGAL ALIENS are?


Don’t blame a clown for acting like a clown.

Blame yourself for going to the circus.

Okay, that one was actually pretty deep.  I like that.




We should make politicians wear shock collars that go off each time they lie.

They’d either get nothing done or they’d all be dead.


I like that one a lot, too.


From what I can see, most parents are taking care of that on their own these days.


I think I may have worked out what my problem was this morning …

I think the clutch has gone out in my butt …

Because I can’t seem to get my ass into gear!

That really does sound like it.  I’m gonna bring that up to Mrs. Dragon and tell her that my butt clutch may need to be looked at … see how that goes over.


I really don’t think that’s what he had in mind.


And that headline is completely misleading!!!





Horror Movies




Hot Air Balloons

Hot Ice

Hot Nerd


hotel pool



How to Fly


Context is everything.











*Limp* *Limp* Ouch!  *Limp* *Limp* Ouch!
So I told Mrs. Dragon about the whole Butt Clutch thing (knowing I had it all worked out) and all she said was,

“Show me.”

And you know … there was this little voice in the back of my head that said I should have let it go at that point,

I should have just walked away …

but I didn’t … or couldn’t … or wouldn’t … or something.

There was just this part of me that was going to follow this thing through now that I had started it.  Through to the bitter end. 

So, I showed her.

She doesn’t wear a very large shoe.

But her back swing and follow through are outstanding.

And apparently I’m to go and think about what it is that I’ve been doing all morning.  It’s not like I haven’t been teleworking, and answering questions for the government and doing all the stuff I’m supposed to be doing and NOT eating the human looking things that are wondering around here with a total lack of enough caffeine to even function properly and possibly even having a broken butt clutch, but now I’m to go somewhere and THINK? So, what’s up with … Hey…. here’s a great idea…. I need … this…


Yup … you can find me right here for the rest of the day!  Just need a pillow to sit on and I’ll be all set!  Ahhhhhh!  There we go!  I hope you guys had just as much fun … no scratch that … I hope you guys had MORE fun than I did today.  Write to me and let me know how you’re doing.  I really do want to hear from you.  I’m beginning to think I’m only reaching the same 13 people every day.  I get 13 stars every day and only hear from the same couple of people.  Let me know you’re out there, drop me a line tell me who you are and what you’re doing.  Send me a picture of what your life looks like right now.  Send it to impishdragon@gmail.com and until next time.


Impish Dragon

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1 Response to Dragon Laffs #1739

  1. Leah D. says:

    The number of new cases has been increasing by 20 +, each day in Utah. The Governor declared changes. Most of the State has gone yellow. But we are still in Orange, in West Valley City, where I live, and Salt Lake City, next to us.
    The weird thing is, they left tiny Magna in Orange, even tho their numbers are low. I wondered why? Then I read the part about the racial differences in people who get and people who die from the virus. Now I understand . . . Magna has a great deal of Latinos.
    So Utah, the State that just made polygamy legal, decided to make it harder for these people to catch the virus. Which is not the State protecting them, it is the State protecting their ass. They don’t want any racial disparity showing up in the reports.
    The State is giving out free masks to anyone who goes online and requests them, because of course, everyone has the internet . Of course you don’t HAVE to wear one, you are simply encouraged to. I think they should give out free Yellow and Orange T-Shirts, which we should have to wear whenever we leave home. That way, those of us in Orange won’t have to be worried if that person who is not wearing a mask is Yellow.
    Sorry, I just needed to rant!

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