Dragon Laffs #1709–Day 26



Good Morning Campers,

It’s a lazy Sunday morning…relaxing…TV watching … nothing to do.  I know, I’m actually writing this on Saturday, but I’m trying to get in the mood here.  LOL!  Got a message down of Friday, which was last night for me, that said that our government laptops had to be put on the government LAN lines every couple of weeks in order to get the updates needed, plus if the computers aren’t put on the LAN lines every 60 days, they will be disconnected and won’t work at all.  So, they have to be connected and left overnight when the updates are installed, so I figured, taking it in on Friday and leaving it go until Saturday or even (gasp!) Sunday would be the easiest thing to do.  But, right now it’s 9:45 Saturday morning and I’m getting e-mail messages on my government cell phone, that are “difficult” to read on a tiny cell phone screen, so the desire to run out to the base … on my day off, mind you … and pick up my laptop and get back to work are almost overwhelming.

It’s like yesterday.  I took 8 hours of vacation time that I was going to use if I didn’t use … and probably worked 4 hours anyway.  I’m too ate up, as we used to say.  LOL!


I like my job.  And it’s not like I’m busting my ass right now, it’s like I told someone the other day, it’s like hours of boredom, punctuated with moments of pure insanity.  Most weekends I put in a couple of hours…and I usually take credit for those hours. 

I work what’s called a maxi-flex schedule, which basically means as long as I put in 80 hours in 2 weeks, I’m covered.  I can work around doctor’s appointments and not have to take vacation or sick time, but at the same time, when I have to work the weekends for the Reservists, I don’t get to claim overtime until the very end of the pay period and then ONLY if I can’t get the time off … which should be never.

So, overall, I’m comfortable thinking that I give more to the government and I don’t take advantage and if I need to run out to the store in the middle of the day, I can.  So, it works out really nice.  So yeah, I’ll probably take a break from sitting here with you guys and watching TV, to run out to the base today, on my day off, grab my laptop and put in a couple of free hours for Uncle Sam doing my job…but like I said…I happen to be one of the few who actually LIKE my job.

So, now that I’ve sat here and rambled about nothing for far too long…why don’t we do something else for a little while like … oh … I don’t know …

coollogo_com-179851317 452452a

The first rule of teleconferencing goes for selfies… know your background!



Public Service Announcement

Okay, let’s talk about something important, real quick…cause I’ve already gotten something very similar to this one personally…

Police department warns public to not click links in scam COVID-19 text messages

April 16, 2020 at 12:24 PM EDT – Updated April 17 at 5:50 PM

THOMASTON, Maine (Gray News) – A police department in Maine is alerting cell phone users of a text message scam involving COVID-19.

The Thomaston Police Department posted on its Facebook page a photo of a text message sent from an Indiana area code telling someone they need to self-isolate because they came in contact with someone with the virus.

Officers are asking the public to not click on the link if they get this text message, as it is not a message from an official agency.

Police warn this could be a phishing scam that attempts to get personal information from unsuspecting victims.

“The virus is not the only invisible enemy,” the department wrote in the Facebook post. “Be vigilant against all threats!”

The Better Business Bureau is also alerting people about text messages that claim to be from a governmental agency trying to get you to click a link to take an “online coronavirus test.” Consumer advocates say this is a way to get malware downloaded on your electronic devices.

No one official is going to send you a bloody text message, with a link in it, to tell you that you’ve been exposed to COVID-19.  Let’s go even further and say that no government agency is EVER going to send you a text message with a link in it.  EVER.  It’s a scare tactic.  You’ve got the virus!  I don’t think I do, but maybe I better click on this to be sure.  People are assholes.  They take advantage of situations like this to steal your money.  Ultimately that’s what it comes down to.  They get the information off your phone, get your passwords, take control, but ultimately, they want your money.  Because in the very broad sense, people are assholes.  It’s only in the very individual sense, like you guys, that people are any good.  People as individuals are good, people as a group, suck.


The longer this goes on, the harder it will be to return to a society where pants and bras are required.


Boy, ain’t that the friggin’ truth.

How many boxes of these Thin Mints do I have to eat before I start seeing results?


Person: What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?

Me: Awfully bold of you to assume I’ve peaked.


Don’t let anyone tell you you’re worthless.

Your organs are expensive on the black market.


With South Africa in lockdown, the lions are taking it very easy

(CNN) — Whether it’s goats in Wales or wild boar in Italy, animals around the world appear to be adjusting well to life without humans during the coronavirus outbreak.

Even lions are enjoying the peace and quiet, a set of new photos from South Africa‘s Kruger National Park shows.

The images show a pride of lions lounging on a road, seemingly unperturbed by the presence of the photographer, park ranger Richard Sowry.

Read more here:    https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/lions-kruger-lockdown-scli-intl/index.html


A note from Mom:

Diaman M

Dear Dragon.

Day 25…I love it…just like the old days…

Dragon Laughs every day…how wonderful!!!


Yup, it used to be that way….back in the olden days….don’t know how I found the time.  Not sure how I’m finding the time, now.  LOL!  But, it’s a labor of love.


They are talking about plans for opening the country back up again…leaving it up to the Governors of each state.  For the economy.  Talking about putting kids back in school and that we could expect about a 2 to 3% mortality rate and how that is “acceptable”.  (It’s acceptable to kill 2-3% of our kids?)  Okay, so there are 727 kids enrolled in our local High School.  And let’s take an average of 2 1/2% … so who gets to pick out which 18 kids get to die?
How is this acceptable?
To help our economy?
Our we really ready to start sacrificing our citizens to the almighty dollar?
And maybe I’m speaking from a position of power because I have a job and food and a safe place to live and all that and I know there are a bunch of people out there who don’t have that, but seriously?


You can count me in on that group


Okay, almost every woman I’ve spoken to about this calls bullshit!  That they would not get rid of this guy.


Dr. McCoy

Dragon Balls


Drama Llama

Dream Girl



Drill Sgt


Drive Thru




I’m not sure you’re getting the concept correct.



Talk about a litigious society!!!


She is the first one who needs to go.






You have no idea how many different pictures I’ve gotten of these bacon masks…and yeah…I’d use them.



That should really make you think.  Especially those of you who keep voting for those liars and thieves like Pelosi!!










And that should tell you everything you need to know about CNN.

And that’s all I have for today.  I never did go out to the base.  Guess I’m going out tomorrow.  I HAVE to go out tomorrow, cause I’ll need my computer for Monday.  Hope you have a wonderful day.



Love you all.

Until we meet again.


Impish Dragon

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