Dragon Laffs #1698–Day “Lucky” 13



Good Morning Campers,

It’s the beginning of Week 3 in our Imperial Exile.  We are unfit for human society, we are the unwelcome!  The Unruly!  The Banished!  The Unholy!  We are:

Man!  That sounds so gnarly!  Dammed mythological creatures of the dark, riding through the night to battle the world’s bullshit with truth and laughter! 

So it’s Monday….early Monday… still working on the first cup of go-juice.  Those of you0aa who tuned in yesterday know I had a crappy night’s sleep the night before so, as you’d of figured, I went to bed at a reasonable time last night, got a good night’s sleep and woke up refreshed and awake this morning…
…you’d figure that, anyway. 
Funny how life rarely works out like you figure.
I really need more coffee.
Or stronger coffee maybe.
Maybe that’s my problem…maybe my coffee isn’t strong enough.  Maybe I need to add like some nitroglycerin or something to it.  (Hey!  I spelled nitroglycerin correctly the first time and spell check didn’t light up!)  Anyway, I want to start you guys out with an article that Leah D sent me.  It’s really good, about how a bar and restaurant in a resort town in Park City, Utah were hit hard by the virus.  And if you think about it, the virus is transmitted from person to person and it likes the cold.  A ski resort is the perfect place for it to sink it’s teeth in… so, here’s Leah D…


It is such a prime example of reasons for the spread. 

Park City is in Summit County, second only to Salt Lake County in number of cases. 


Thanks Leah for sharing that with us… now, after that, I think it’s time we did a little laughing…. what do you say? 


Another Texas bozo for you today. From Athens, Texas comes the story of bozo Ray Morgan who just didn’t know when to leave well enough alone. Our bozo had just been sentenced to eight years for aggravated assault by judge Jim Parsons when he shouted, “Hey, Judge, look at this!” He then proceeded to drop his pants and moon the judge and the whole courtroom. Bad idea. The judge tacked an additional six months onto his sentence.






Dear Mr. Knight, if you want to come to my cave and play, we can play.  We just have to maintain our social distancing.  My flames will reach a minimum of 6 feet.  Your sword, sadly, will not. Hee, Hee, Hee!  But, you look so sad, it would be such a shame to disappoint you.



It looks like it’s getting bad out there!


I just glanced at a bunch of headlines on the news and can I just say one thing to ALL the politicians?
Stop bitching at each other about what you are or are not doing about the Coronavirus or about what you think the other guy should or should not be doing and start thinking about and doing what you should be for the people you represent.  That’s all.  Just do the best you can for your people or get the hell out of office and let somebody else do it.

I am so sick and tired of the bickering.  It’s like my kids when they were 5 years old.


Let’s do some mail…


Great issue as always — fyi we just put up our christmas lights yesterday —

Too funny Paul!  I hope it works out for you!  Have a great holiday season my friend!

Diaman M

You are outstanding!!! Another way to start my perfect day. Love you.


Awww!  Gosh!  Thanks Mom!  I love you, too! 


Dear Drag
I’m a bit more than dismayed due to the lack of participation by my former idols in this crisis we are experiencing.
I read that a few, make that two, movie stars are stepping up and donating money and or effort toward this situation. Haven’t heard of a sports star, taking any part in the solution. I keep thinking about the enormous amounts of money they have made from us, over the years and not participating in this

In my small hometown, Reading,Oh, every policeman, every firefighter has yet to get a day off or stay at home. And while teachers are not in their classrooms, they are working diligently, on line, to keep lessons so their students stay up-to-date with their studies. The fella that runs the local gas station is there, long hours and making a ton less with the price of gas lately, yet he’s still there. My niece is a nurse and she has never gave a second thought about not going to work.
So, today, I came to the realization that my heroes have changed.
Threw out all my hats, shirts and any thing else that promotes false heroes and started to look toward the real heroes in my life that deserve our adulation, respect and support.
Police. Fire Fighters, teachers and a myriad of people that go to their jobs for the rest of us.
Today, I’m making a casserole to take to the fire station. it’s what I can do right now.


I read your comment last night to Mrs. Dragon and she did a search on line about who had donated and the list is a bit sad.  There has been a few “celebs” who have donated some money and such.  There are some CEOs who are making sure their people are being taken care of during times of layoffs and such, but not like you would think is going on.  Read on article about BP – the oil giant who is doing really good things, helping out doctors, nurses, first responders, around the world, there are others out there.  I’m sure there are others who are remaining quiet, but overall, there aren’t as many as we would hope.  I think we had more people donating to fight the fires in Australia and the rain forests and stuff like that then there are for this thing.

There are companies like GM and Chrysler in our area who have stopped making cars and car parts and have started making ventilators and that’s a good thing and there’s a TON of regular people who are doing absolutely marvelous things, like you, Mike making a casserole for your local fire station, like a friend of Mrs. Dragon who is making face coverings for as many people as want them, free of charge, like another lady I read about who is watching her neighbor by putting up colored paper… if she puts up a green paper, all is well, if she puts up a yellow paper, she needs something from the grocery or some other help, if she puts up a red paper, she needs immediate assistance…and that way they keep a watch on each other (I have no idea why they don’t use a cell phone, but there you go).

But I do agree…I haven’t heard much, if anything at all, about our sports stars doing anything.  Mrs. Dragon said that Drew Brees gave $5 million to help Louisiana … so that ain’t nuthin’.  Doing a search on line shows some others, so some of them are stepping up, but I sure would like to see more.  I’d like to see lots of others step up.  Bill Gates donated like $105 million, now you and I know that’s a drop in the bucket to him, but there’s more like him out there that haven’t done a thing.

And I still say, I worry about the poor waitresses out there, who have been surviving on their tips, and now they don’t have a job and their unemployment, if they even get any, will suck. 

Help your neighbors where you can, help your friends, and help your families.  Stay inside, stay home, stay safe, and help everyone get through this.

Hello from SW Ohio. All is about par here.  There are 4048 reported cases in the sate with 1104 in the hospital.  Of those, 119 are in ICU and 415 deaths state wide.

As for me. I had been driving a Transportation van  (primarily medical runs to doctors, hospitals, etc).  But since I am in the age where I am considered high risk, I chose to take some time off and take care of all the Honey Do jobs around the house.  So far everybody around here seem to be complying with the Stay at Home directives but of course there are always the others. As a retired AF man I have a sense of what your job involves.  It just goes to show that you never know when your information will come in handy!

Stay safe and keep up your good work.. Both at work and on this page.  I look forward to reading it every day.

Larry S.

Thanks for the update Larry!  Always happy to hear from another Air Force guy!  Sounds like Ohio is doing a bit worse than Indiana is.  Stay safe and stay home brother!


Geez!  If that’s only after 5 days ….



Cool Dog

Cool friends



Yeah!  That’ll work well!

Corny Joke5



couch vagina


As anyone who has been on the receiving end of such counseling knows.

country wisdom





Amen, brother!


Or at least turn over.


I blame these next couple of pictures on WAY TOO MUCH TIME on someone’s hands and on Stephanie… definitely on Stephanie:

They’re called Disney Princess Dogs and someone should be very ashamed!


Another poor dog to be ashamed of?


That is an awesome idea!








Okay, by a show of hands, how many of you under the age of 30 got that one?



That’s wrong in so many ways!

Well, we’ve come to the end of another shockingly uneventful day.  I’ll warn you now that I may have to spend part of the day at the base tomorrow, which means the day after might have a slightly truncated or missing issue…but I’ll try to let you know.  Anyway, may your days be blessed, your nights be restful, and all of you stay safe and healthy.

Love to you all,


Impish Dragon

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2 Responses to Dragon Laffs #1698–Day “Lucky” 13

  1. Leah D says:

    I have old friends who don’t have internet, or charge cards, some don’t even have debit cards.
    They also are helper deficit, whereas I have my kids and grandkids.
    It means I have to do a lot of things for them. We are on the phone, I am on the internet, I ask questions, fill in the blanks; or I revue the products available, so they can choose which items to order.
    I keep them updated on news they won’t see on TV.
    Is there someone you know like these friends of mine? You most likely will have to offer your services, they won’t ask.

  2. Bill says:

    We live in a rural area 75 miles north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The owner of a local driving school had to close operations because of the pandemic. He now shops and delivers food for seniors in the area at no charge. This man is a lifesaver for us. There should be more people like Rick Elliot in this world.

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