Dragon Laffs #1697–Day 12


Good Morning Campers,


It’s Sunday and it’s a day off and I’m relaxing and sitting on my couch.  Sadly, I had a really crappy night’s sleep, and I’ve been up since about 0400.  I watched the last final episode of The Magicians.  A show on the SyFy channel.  Five seasons and they brought the whole thing to a conclusion.  It really made me sad. 

Then I watched the second episode of a new SyFy program called Vagrant Queen … meh, not bad, I’ll give it a few more episodes.  Then the latest episode of FBI, and now I’m catching up on God Friended Me…yeah, I know, but I’m running out of things I’ve recorded and there ain’t shit to watch on Sunday morning.

I’m throwing stuff together here for you guys so you’ll have some fun stuff to read tomorrow while I’m dozing in front of the TV with a laptop on my lap…what a friggin’ cliché I am this morning!  LOL!

By all the god’s of thunder and lightning ——– Let’s Laugh!!!!!!!





Could’ve been worse.  Potentially there are garbage disposals and all kinds of things in the kitchen.




Well I finally lost it!

Was just in the store and saw this dude whose cart was FULL to the brim with hand sanitizers, baby wipes, soaps, everything that people need!!

I called him selfish and gave him the low down about the elderly, moms, and people who need these types of things. Told him he should be ashamed of himself!

He said: “Are you done? Cause I really need to get back to restocking the shelves now!!



Leah writes and says:

I have a nephew, and a great niece In west central Colorado. My nephew has to go through two counties to reach the oil rigs. They have county line stop/checks. They have to carry/show papers stating their job is essential.

My friend tells me, in Clark County, Nevada, (Las Vegas is in the middle of it) any worker has to carry papers identifying them as an essential worker.

Not trying to stir the pot here….but how is it fair the people who are on unemployment get an extra $600 a week on their unemployment and food stamps doubled but yet people who are essential workers still have to work, don’t get paid extra, still have to pay their bills and have more risk to get exposed. It’s like saying “thanks for being essential, hope you don’t get sick.

Yup, I understand completely Leah.  Sometimes it sucks being an essential employee and sometimes it works out because you are still working.  I don’t understand why people are getting an extra $600 a week and double food stamps, that doesn’t make any sense.  If they are unemployed anyway, why would they get more?  But, maybe I just don’t understand…I’ve only been on unemployment once for one week many, many years ago.



Brenda C

Sorry, we can blame spell checker, those were good Google guesses .but maybe you should have asked alexa…anyway to set the story straight . Riley and I are in the Buckeye state..home to Ohio State Buckeyes,Rickenbacker,Wright Patterson AFB, home state of John Glenn and Neil Armstrong and many presidents…I checked spell checker and things look right..so keep up the good work. .sure brings smiles to our mundane world…bye for now Riley and me (Brenda)

OHIO!  Man, I was WAY off!  Thanks for setting me straight Brenda, and now YOU are added to the map!  Very military state.



Good Sunday Morning, Impish.

Still loving seeing these every day instead of every week. I really appreciate what you’re doing.

Just noticed a weirdness just to the west of Kokomo, IN. Not sure exactly what it is, but here’s a screen shot from Google Earth:

Kind of looks like a skull, don’t you think?

Aaaaand…I thought George was supposedly the Dragon Slayer…some irony there?

As they say on another humor site: Keep Calm and Chive On.


I do like the Chive.  Sadly Donnie, I didn’t get a Screen Shot, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about, but looking at an overhead view of Kokomo, a weird little city on its own, I think that maybe this is what you may have been looking at:

0aaaI think it’s part of Martin Marietta-Kokomo Stone.  And if that’s not what you were talking about …. well …. then I’m lost.


This VIRUS has done what no woman had been able to do … cancel all sports, shutdown all bars, and keep men at home!!


“I wish I could have some of that, but I’m trying to live a clean life.”

“It’s banana bread Susan, not heroin.”


We keep a potato masher in a drawer because sometimes it’s fun not to be able to open that drawer.


Don’t be worried about your smartphone and TV spying on you.  Your vacuum cleaner has been gathering dirt on you for years.




Leah D

I am shocked, Impish. The picture of the kids and paint . . . of course a picture was taken immediately. It is very clear it will be needed as EVIDENCE in COURT. That baby OBVIOUSLY TOUCHED HIS FACE!

I don’t know about the touching his face part, but the evidence in court, I agree with.  It will be needed as mitigating circumstances when the parents beat the CRAP out of the kids!



Will it be today?!?!










Well, technically, it’s not boobs … so …



2/3 (on a technicality)

Conspiracy Theories




Cookie Monster Killer

Holy Crap!  We did it!  One whole episode with no boobage!  I didn’t think it was possible!

But somehow… I feel … disappointed and let down.


Now there’s an award winning school project!

We need to change who is in charge of this crisis. 

Three phone calls, Radar could’ve had masks, gloves, ventilators, PPE, 12yr old Scotch, Rocky Road ice cream and grape flavored Nehi soda


People are mad about not being able to go places.
I was grounded about 90% of the time between 7th and 12th grade.  I trained for this!


The first person who heard a parrot speak was probably not ok for several days.





Oh, that was bloody awful!!!




And that is for today…. it was all cartoons again, but it was just a  nice restful day.  And we needed it.  So, until tomorrow, cheers my dear friends.

Impish Dragon!

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4 Responses to Dragon Laffs #1697–Day 12

  1. nogardcimsioc says:

    G’Day, Impish :-). Yup, that was the site I was referring to west of Kokomo. Just needed to drag the image a tad more south to see what looked to me like the skull’s teeth (from 10000ft). I also noticed that I spelled CosmicDragon backwards wrongly. Sorry about that.

    You Da Man.



  2. Leah D says:


  3. Diaman MacKedsy says:

    You are outstanding!!! Another way to start my perfect day. Love you.


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