Dragon Laffs #1694– Day 9



Good Morning Campers,

It’s THURSDAY!  Thirsty Thursday!  Well, right now that means coffee, but later…who knows!  Took me quite a bit to get online this morning.  Too many people teleworking!  I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better.  But, this could be good.  Let’s beef up this infrastructure.  Make it more robust and stronger.  Then we’ll be ready next time we need it.  And let’s not let it go to hell afterward. 

Just like we don’t let all our manufacturing go overseas, just to save a buck.  Now all our medication is made in China and we can’t get any…how the hell is that working out for us now!?  What the hell ever happened to the pride in being made in the USA? Boy, we sure are paying for that now!

Unemployment is sky high, which, I know, is to be expected, but we could have taken an edge off of that if we had kept some of that manufacturing here in the states.  We are idiots.

Anyway, let’s get to the laughter, shall we?  I think we need it on this thirsty Thursday.  I need to take my Izzy Dragon to the hospital today for a routine (?!) blood draw today, if there is such a thing anymore, and I’m scared to death to do so.  We had a telephone conference with her doctor on the phone, like a facetime call, yesterday and she said it should be safe … that we could wait a few weeks if we want to, but the hospital that we are going to does not currently have any COVID patients so I am opting for sooner rather than later.  I called them and got the protocols.  I am tempted to stop by work and get her and I a couple of gas masks from work, but figured that would scare the hell out of the civilians and liable to get us both arrested, but I will scope out the situation first and if I don’t like what I see, I will drive right on by.  I will give you guys an update later.

But before we get started, here’s an urgent update from the CDC:









Well, I don’t know if I would want to set up the damn tree…that’s always been a real pain in the ass to me, although I love it being up, but the rest of it?  Heck yeah!




The man makes a point….


The woman makes a couple of points of her own…

(okay, come on!  It was so easy!)


Well, damn!  I just went and looked and found out that yesterday’s … Wednesday’s post didn’t post.  I just had to do it manually!  Not sure if I didn’t set it up right or it failed or what happened.  Surprise!

Oh well.  It went out before noon. lol.




So, I took the Izzy Dragon to the hospital for her blood draw.  The parking lot on the clinical side of the hospital was pretty barren which was comforting, so we chanced going in.  Right inside the front door was two nurses at a desk with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) on and they asked us questions about who was the patient and I thought they wouldn’t let me go with her at that point and was ready to explain about her anxiety, but they were cool.  They also asked if we had any symptoms and where we were going, etc.  Then they took her temp orally (97.6) and mine with a forehead scanner (almost 100!!!!)  I said WAIT!!  It had to be because I had been wearing a ball cap.  You can take mine orally as well!


Whew!  That made me feel better!

They took it all in stride and were very professional.

There was almost nobody in the lobby area.  We checked in.  Almost nobody in the check in area.  They sent us over to the lab waiting area.  One other person in the lab waiting area and they got called into the lab when we sat down. 

About 5 minutes later Izzy got called.  I asked the lady if I could go back with her for “moral” support.  She said, “I remember you.  Yeah, Dad better come along.”  And she let me come back with Izzy.  The blood draw took less than a minute, and we were out of there.  It was all done very professionally and correctly.  I stopped at the nurses station on the way out the door and thanked them for what they were doing.  They seemed very appreciative of that, like they hadn’t heard that before.  Which actually kind of surprises me. 

Anyway, it worked out really well.  Now we wait for the results. 




Let’s look at the mail:


Our first one is from Peter down under in Deception Bay (SUCH a cool name!)

We are doing  O.K.  here Down Under, quite severe restrictions of course.

This is usually paradise if you ever get a chance come and visit. 

When the cursed virus is just a memory.  Regards,   Peter.

Now THAT sounds like an invitation to me!!!!  I’m thinking the after the virus party needs to be in Deception Bay!!!!

But seriously, glad you guys are doing okay.  Stay safe brother!

Don G

Another great issue, thank you for the work you do here keeping us laughing. I am just outside of Eatonville,Wa which is south of Tacoma. I drive a Special Education school bus and miss my kids greatly during this time. I do get to see my grandson periodically, which is a true joy.

Thanks Don…and your name is added to the map!  I’m glad you’re enjoying what I’m putting out and driving a school bus is a big deal.  Believe it or not, I know a LOT of school bus drivers and everyone of them, to a T is a good and loving individual and everyone of them is missing their kids.  Oh, they’ll tease and say that they’re glad they’re rid of the little monsters, but they’re their little monsters and they miss them something awful.  Love to you and to the job that you do, brother!

And of course, our daily dose of Leah D….

Leah D.

My husband and I are in total isolation. we don’t allow anyone into our home.
Well, my friend has stage four lung cancer.. You’d think she would be quarantining, but she keeps going shopping at Walmart, etc. I told her she doesn’t need to worry about dying from cancer, she is going to die from the virus.
She has a test today that is going to last 2 1/2 hours. This test was scheduled a LONG time ago, and back then, I said I would take her.
Last night I told her I would take her, but would not go into the hospital with her. I did not want to even be around her, let alone others.
This morning she called them, then me, saying she would drive herself. She would have to stay at the hospital awhile after the test, but that was no big deal.

I was so relieved!

But feel so guilty . . . .

Ok, I admit it . . . The number of stars I give an issue depends on how many items I stole to post or send to someone. This is an Excellent!

Oh Leah, honey, don’t feel guilty!  Each and every one of us is only capable of doing what we are able to do.  Your friend sounds like she is quite able to fend for herself, going to Wal-Mart…damn…she sounds like a brave lady, sick or not!  You worry about taking care of YOURSELF and your husband.  And then when and if you can, you reach out to others.  Not before.  You listen to this wise and sage dragon!

And stars by how much stuff you steal?  !  ?  ! 

Well, okay, that sounds fair to me, I guess

That’s all the mail for today folks. 

Come on!  Don’t be shy.  Drop me a quick line!  Tell me where you live!  Tell me what you’re doing to get by!  Tell me how you’re faring.  Tell me a joke!  Send me a cartoon.  Just say hi!  impishdragon@gmail.com or just hit the comment button at the end.  It’s easy.

I leave your last name off as well as your email address.  Promise I won’t add you to any spam lists (wouldn’t know how to if I wanted to)

Now, on to more funny stuff.


Okay, that’s another one you younger campers aren’t going to get.  I know because I remember that song came out when I was in High School…yes, I’m that old.  Try looking up 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover by Paul Simon


Mom, did you start knitting?


Yeah, in my house the first part is:
Accidentally stepped on my husband’s foot: “Get the fuck out of the way.”
Nah, I’m just kidding. Ow!  I said I was…Ow!…Kidding!  Ow!


Yup, we know that part of the Elemental Table very well around here.


Please, please, please don’t let me get started on that topic…


Let’s do some of these…



It is absolutely amazing to me… (continued under another Motivational Poster arrow down spinning)



Christmas Hints





City Officials



…how many of these Motivational …


… Posters feature …


… boobies …


… not that I’m complaining, mind you …


Not that one!


I am a male dragon, after all.
I guess that makes me a dirty old Male Dragon…
… I can live with that.


Hey!  I ran out of Coronavirus cartoons!  We’re back to the regular stuff!


Gonna go out on a limb here and say… I .. don’t .. think .. so ..







Always, always have a plan B…and a plan C…and in most cases a plan D.  Everyone knows that even the best plans never last past the first gun shot.

And speaking of plans, that’s all I have for today.  Time for me to call it a night.  Until we meet again tomorrow. 

Let’s hear from you guys.  But in the meantime, stay safe, stay home, wash your hands, stay calm!

My love to you all… oh wait!

Let’s check stars for Today!

Today, which was Wednesday’s post was 13 stars.
Tuesday’s episode is up to 18 stars.
Monday’s post which came out on Tuesday (damn, I’m getting confused is up to 16 stars)

Okay, so the record is 18 stars.  We can beat that!

Anyway… until we meet again, which should be tomorrow, if I can set this thing up to post correctly this time…


Impish Dragon!

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4 Responses to Dragon Laffs #1694– Day 9

  1. paul says:

    Great issus as always — fyi we just put up our christmas lights yesterday —

  2. Leah D says:

    Another Excellent Issue! Oh I need the quarantine size beer for my husband!
    He is extremely afraid of the virus.He has dementia, and obsessing is one result. My guess is it is his way to not forget. He wants to do what ever chore I ask of him, RIGHT NOW, because if he doesn’t, he will forget.
    That need, overrides, contradicts, his fear. So all the talking and agreeing about staying isolated, goes out the window. He sees he is low on something, he wants to run to the store. Once I solve the situation, it’s like I lifted the arm off the phonograph record, and he isn’t stuck in the repeating mode anymore.
    Thankfully, my two sons, who do have to work, but outside, are going shopping this weekend, and they will buy beer for him. They are scared of the virus, wish their boss would lay them off. Their job is not a necessary one, but only 9 guys work, so they fall below the 10 rule. They said this is their last shopping trip, then they will isolate as much as they can with having to still work. Their company has no insurance plan, so if they get sick with the virus, the hospital costs would take years for them to pay off. Meanwhile, the company is getting a big dollar bonus from the government, because they are still working.
    My three men: How is it that which gives us such great joy in our life, also gives us the greatest misery?

  3. Brenda Camp says:

    Hello from thickets state where we are all hunkered down…and enjoying the lsughs…we are quarantined for another month…keep on the most social life we have is mowing the lawn and talking to the dog..keep up the funnies…me and me Riley ( the dog) love laughing..breaks up our dreary mundane day

  4. Bruce corwin says:

    Hi I am here in Kalamazoo Michigan, we only go out for groceries and doctor appointments. Every. Thing is shut down here it Is strange to see so little traffic on the roads but then we have to do what we can to stay safe. But I do miss dining out.

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