Dragon Laffs #1602

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Good Morning Campers,

(Note from the editor ~ my apologies for this issue being late.  There are many, many reasons, far too many for me to go into here.  Please accept my apologies and enjoy today’s issue, even if it is a bit late.)

I hate Doctors, Insurance Companies, and Pharmacies.  I hate other things, too.  But, although the order may change, those are always my top three.  I just got a call from a collection agency about a doctor’s bill from 2015.  And of course the lady on the phone didn’t give a damn about the fact that that was when my knee was replaced and all the bills were supposed to have been paid, nor that I’m still trying to pay for my hip replacement last year, nor that Mrs. Dragon and myself are both chronically ill and we’re overwhelmed with medical bills as it is now, nor that….well….you get the idea. 

The most embarrassing part was that I was in the grocery store at the time (I KNEW I shouldn’t have answered the damn number that I didn’t recognize) and my daughter overheard the whole thing.  Wasn’t that nice.

So… yeah, been a crappy day. 

I did hit another Ton 80 last night at league.  THAT was pretty cool.  My first two ever Ton 80’s and they both happened within two weeks of each other.   Although I lost the match I was in.  Because even though I hit a Ton 80, the guy I was playing against hit a Ton 40 and a Ton….

… over and over and over again!


Anyway, with those explanations for now, let’s go ahead and get started on today’s laffs!

 Let's Laugh 4



In case you can’t read the above, it says: “Hold it, hold it! There’s no mention here of the estate being equally divided between those of us who have sex with him.”




Whenever someone says to me, “You look familiar.  Where have I seen you before?”

I like to respond with, “Do you watch porn?”




And why do you think this would be?


Must be because they were really, really bad.


To paraphrase Princess Bride, I’m not sure that word means what you think it means.


As opposed to …..?


Dammit!  I KNEW I was missing out in school!


I am NOT going to try and explain this to you again…


Well…it’s not like they could be “more” dead.


You know…I’m really not going after this one.  It’s just too damn easy!








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Impish Dragon

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2 Responses to Dragon Laffs #1602

  1. Ginny. says:

    I hear you loud and clear about doctors, health insurance and mail order pharmacies. If you weren’t sick before you are now. Don’t let the BASTARDS… win, That’s what they hope
    happens…then they win. Calm down and try to have a good weekend,

  2. Leah D says:

    Congratulations! We have a board in our rec room, but I never got any good at it.
    I feel for both of you, having so many health issues, then nagging medical bills.
    I got lucky, two places sent me checks because of overpayment . . . short lived when I had to use them and every other bit of cash to pay for a lawyer.

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