Replying to Comments, Well Wishes and Complaints (??!!!)

Good afternoon my friends.  I just wanted to take a quick second to respond to all the67374963_1291353445_08 comments posted in the comments section.  Especially since I know that some of you don’t necessarily see those comments.  I think if you are just a regular reader you actually have to go in search of those comments.  So, let’s see…

Good issue, I especially love the closing story!!!

67374955_1291353366_04Thanks Howard, I’ve shared that story in a couple of different places and got a really good response from all.  If more of us could maintain a “pass me one of the burnt ones, please” attitude, what a much nicer place this world would be. 

hope your healing well
have a happy and safe holiday season

Best wishes for a speedy recover. Merry Christmas to yo & Mrs. Dragon

Speedy recovery, sir! It’s a shame that you had to go through it twice on the same knee; I feel for you.
Take care,

Rd, Kris and toni, thanks for the well wishes.  A speedy recovery is one of the things that I’m36_15_61 hoping and praying for.  Not that I’m that anxious to get back to work, but I am that anxious to just get back.  Get back to walking, get back to losing weight, feeling good, riding my bike, etc, etc, ad naseum.

I know the torture the rehab brings after this surgery….but keep with it and you will be amazed at the difference. My husband had both knees done and he could bend his knee back to well he could almost touch his fanny….and no pain. Wish only the best for you!!!

tree2Thanks Dale!  Not sure I could ever touch my fanny with my knee or even my foot!  I’ve never been what you would call a “flexible” person.  Even way back in the dark ages of New Jersey’s history when I was playing high school football and wrestling I couldn’t bend like most of the others could.  But, I was also not near as easy to knock down as others were, either.  So, I guess I’ve always been bulk rather than bend.  lol. 

Ouch….that hurts just looking at it. I’m thinking it’s going to leave one freaking scar…lol Looks like the surgeon was sewing up a turkey! Wishing you and your dragonettes a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and HEALTHY New Year.

Glad to see you back home!!! Take your meds and get some rest. Wishing you and the girls a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Tammye and I

My wife has had total knee replacement surgery on both knees. Once she got through the rehab she was totally happy with the results. I wish you a very speedy recovery and a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.
The Retired Dingoxmasline

Thanks guys.  I’ve heard a lot of people are really very happy with the results after the full knee replacement.  Let’s say that I wasn’t quite the “satisfied customer” after the partial, but like my surgeon said, “Somebody has to be in that one percent.” So, I guess it is just my turn in the barrel.  There are a lot of differences in how I feel with this one rather than the one from 11 months ago.  Can’t say that it hurts worse or less or anything like that, but it does hurt…differently.  Yeah, should be a pretty wicked looking scar!  The reason it’s kind of crooked is because he (the doc) followed the path of the old scar, which is normally cut differently than a normal knee replacement.  Should make some cool pictures though!

I am supposed to have mine done … I’m rethinking it after your photos.
when did All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth” change to “replacing my knee”?
Leah Diane Hanson

I agree 100% Leah.  Wanting a full knee replacement for Christmas is a far cry from a Red Rider BB Gun!  But, don’t let my pictures scare you off.  If you need it, get it done.  Dealing with daily pain is something both Lethal and I have a GREAT deal of experience with, sadly.  My body is full Young thug dragonof arthritis and I’m sure that I’m not done with “procedures” thanks to my life experiences and the United States Air Force.  And no, I’m not blaming it on the Air Force, but slamming bombs for a living for 12 years will take a toll on the body.  And before anyone asks, no I’m not on a medical retirement, receiving any disability or anything else.  In my opinion, it was all part of the job and as long as I am able to work at something, I will continue to do so.  Because I am currently blessed in being able to continue to serve my country with my current job, I do so happily and walk with a proud bearing.  I’m not a Marine, but Lethal has assured me that I am still allowed to proclaim, “Semper Fi!”

Quite your whining, suck it up, walk it off, “O” Merry Christmas

Quite right Henry.  Onward and upward.  And Merry Christmas to you and to everyone else as well.  May you all receive the blessings of our Lord Father in Heaven and to have your light be a guide post unto others, as the example, I’m sure you are setting for yourselves, your family and friends is such that you walk in integrity and with upright leadership.

Be well my dear friends. 


Impish Dragon

Merry Christmas4

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  1. Ginny says:

    Forgot to ask you….is that beauty of a scar because of Obamacare? Maybe you should have tried the local vet instead. I just kill myself at times. Sincerely wishing you a speedy and complete recovery, after all we can’t have a DRAGON with a bum knee….the Villagers might revolt!

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