Dragon Laffs #1273


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Well, tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  That holy day that comes but once a year where we try to make our mom’s understand how much we love them and owe to them.  Well, thanks to Gracie for pointing out the following website to us, now you can figure out just exactly how much you owe your mother and it will balance out a complete !cid_X_MA1_1336747863@aolmonetary figure for you relating to the dollar value of the year of your birth.  It will take into account how much you weighed, how long she was in labor, how many drinks she missed by not partaking of alcohol while she was pregnant with you and much, much more.    Go here to work it all out, but watch the video first, it’s really great…

Personally, I came in owing my mom at $1,430.98…not sure if that’s good ormothersdayCLR bad.
We here at Dragon and Leprechaun Laffs Media Group would like to take this opportunity to wish all you mothers out there a happy, happy day! 

Happy Mother's Day




“Apparently, I’m supposed to be more angry


about what Mitt Romney does with his money


than what Barack Obama does with mine!”


I’ve never been spear fishing, but I’m fairly certain this isn’t how it’s done.


Wow.  Talk about a pain in the ass….that really does hurt just looking at it.  I think that was one ladies way of snagging a piece of ass.






Christmas cartoons in May?  There MUST be something wrong with that…or that’s how bloody far behind the dragon is!























“Hey, hey!  Buddy!  Can you spare a kibble?”



















readers comments

Paul writes in and says: Great Issue – as always – only improvement I could suggest is more of the same :)
And Ginny pipes in with:
To begin with, thank you and Lethal for adding laughter to our lives twice a week. Your rant on the many terror plots makes us all so very aware….it isn’t over. As I’m sure most people applauded the killing of Osama Bin Laden just a year ago, but you had to know they will seek revenge. So in ending….what can you add or delete from Dragon Laffs…..absolutely nothing! You both do an outstanding job for our enjoyment and political issues to be addressed. Long live DRAGON LAFFS

And the first response to these fine comments comes from Lethal, he writes:

Lethal here~

Thanks for the kind words Ginny & Paul, they’re much appreciated but I think you both might be missing our point slightly. See the whole issue about what should we change, what do the readers want? started with me.

I had noticed that there are some things we do as features, my recipes for example that never garner a single comment here or in our e-mails. This lead me to think nobody is heeding my culinary advice. BELIEVE ME, you do not get to be as ‘fluffy” as Impish and I on your own cooking and do it badly. We both KNOW these recipes are damned good. Others that have received them and tried them outside the blog have told me so. We’ve even gone so far as Impish post photos in an issue of actually making one of my more unusual (abet tasty and mucho munchable) recipes, the Lasagna Cupcakes. Happy House o’ Dragon yes (until they ran out) peep one out of readers not. This has lead me to believe you readers are ambivalent about them at best or totally ignoring them (which means I am wasting my time) and therefore sans announcement drop the segment as a regular feature.

Reader comments to a blog are extremely important for many many reasons-
Obviously letting us know you liked or disliked something. We can’t fix it when its broken or keep it new fresh alive & exciting unless we have some sense of what it is you reader want. Guessing and trying new things blindly wastes a lot of
our time. As you’ll recall we were forced to go to the twice a week format because we had so little time to devote to this. Impish and I are always trying to create the best blog we can but need to do that by making the most of the time we have available to spend on this. That means working smarter and from better intel not harder or blindly flailing around in the dark guesstamating what it is you’d like to see.
Creating (an oft mentioned as a point of our blog) meaningful dialog & discussion about a subject or idea.
Pointing out errors in facts, articles or logic presented.
A means of suggesting
topic and items for coverage or things you’d like to see us tackle regularly.
Sharing a laugh (usually at a liberal’s expense and/or offering the opportunity for witty repartee
Gauging just how many people we are actually reaching and provoking to thought or action as opposed to how many people are reading the blog. An old Marine aviator once told me as he played duck and cover in a sandbagged foxhole where I was commenting on the wisdom of our being where we were with regards to the amount of heavy small arms fire we were taking “when the flack is the heaviest you know your over the right target” Winston Churchill said “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” While both of these are certainly true, it’s also important to know you have friends and allies, those tell you you are fighting the right fights, the important ones, the ones that matter and help to gauge your success in the battle.
SO as you can see, things like, “As you were fellas” & “Lay on MacDuff & liberal be he that first cries Foul! untrue!” or “Steady as you go helmsman” while much appreciated and nice to hear aren’t really what were looking for at this moment and are of little or no help with our annual review to make plans to freshen things up.

And I most whole heartedly agree.  While we love to hear “good job, fellas” and the like, right now we need honest feedback from you guys letting us know what ELSE you’d like to see, what would you like to see more of, what would you like to see less of?  You need to put fingers to keyboards and let us know your honest feelings.
As to the rest of it, well, I couldn’t have said it better then the green one.  I look forward to seeing the responses to this (probably on Monday since I have killer hours this weekend) and be able to talk them over with LL and see where we’d like our future paths to take us.
Impish Dragon

















You know, we talked last week about the state of the world and how we can’t take our eyes off the targets of global terrorism and the threats that other countries have on our lives and our livelihoods, now tonight I read how some poor woman in Florida, fired a warning shot because she was in fear for her life from her husband and she is going to spend 20 years in jail (http://www.cnn.com/2012/05/11/justice/florida-stand-ground-sentencing/index.html?eref=mrss_igoogle_cnn) Oh, come on people, really?  This is right?  This is justice?
Okay, then how about these paragons of justice from this month’s Reader’s Digest:
Before his term came to an end in January, Mississippi governor Haley Barbour granted clemency to a man convicted of murdering his wife in 1993.  The felon, David Glenn Gatlin wasn’t the only violent offender to be released.  Barbour also freed three other murders, all of whom had worked, while prisoners, at the governor’s mansion.  Barbour insists his decision was “based on repentance, rehabilitation, and redemption, leading to forgiveness.” – Biloxi Sun Hearld
or, how about the kids who sued their mother for sending birthday cards without gifts?
A convict sued a couple he kidnapped for not helping him escape.

and on and on and on…. http://www.rd.com/slideshows/thats-outrageous/   What is wrong with this country?  We need to do something about it.
And our chance is coming in November.
Vote your conscience.



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7 Responses to Dragon Laffs #1273

  1. Ginny says:

    I didn’t missed your point, I like the mix of jokes, recipes, funny animations and videos. What is making you think a change is required?

    • lethalleprechaun says:

      Well Ginny its like this, when you finish a performance time after time and largely hear nothing but the crickets you start to think your act has gone stale and you need to change and/or update it.

      For the most part the words that I would use to describe the largest portion of our readership are ambivalent & apathetic. There are 426 people who follow the blog via e-mail (UGH! REALLY? Still? Grr!) and if you take the 3 day window of Wednesday-Thursday-Friday this week (which is how I general gauge the blog hits for an issue- the day of and following 2 days) I had a very very good week and we can add another 315 readers to that total for a grand total of 741 readers. If just 5% of those readers commented that would be 37 comments. ONE PERCENT would be 7 or 8 comments. The issue despite a very high number of hits garnered NO COMMENTS! Exactly NO COMMENTS on a Parting Shot dealing with changing our system of Taxation, overhauling the Tax Code and proposed changes to the drains of our tax revenue. Not a single peep. Nothing but crickets. Hell we didn’t even get booed by the Democrats or Liberals lurking in the shadows over it.

      We have had 90,885 views of 444 posts at the time I write this since we first swithced to the blog format. Yet we have had only 1112 comments in that time and probably a full ONE THIRD of those are from Impish or myself! IN POINT OF FACT THE TWO OWNERS ARE THE MOST ACTIVE COMMENTERS ON THE BLOG!! Now if this was YOUR blog and you were looking at THOSE results and returns, wouldn’t YOU think something was seriously wrong with it and required fixing and/or change?

      We see other blogs where every post garners 10 or 12 comments on the topic(s) in the post and a rousing discussion of the presented issues, then we look at ours, wonder what we are doing wrong or what we need to change to achieve this in our blog. So far we have been unable to achieve the sort of success, notability and participation levels we have been shooting for since day one. NONE of these things are even at the levels they were before we moved to the blog format which is far more flexible, easier and quicker for us to create posts in and (allegedly) possesses the potential to reach a far larger audience because its not a closed group.

      In truth had this remained a Yahoo e-mail group we would never be having this discussion because it took too long and was too difficult to create each issue and get it to appear the way we wanted to. Moving to the blog format helped save the publication as did the moving to a 2 day a week delivery. Our numbers are not near what they were in the Yahoo days and in fact have DECLINED from the beginning numbers post switch over despite us trying various new things. If you were looking at all this staring you in the face Ginny wouldn’t YOU be asking what needs changing too?

  2. Lloyd says:

    Guys, you’re really not impressing me with your examples of injustice in your epilogue. I was a cop for 30 years and I can tell you from long first hand experience that our system of Jurisprudence has absolutely nothing to do with justice. What is has to do with is LAW. All kinds of law. Old English common law, Statutory law, Law of precedence, and whatever the judge thinks is law on any given day. What it amounts to is simply this; if your attorney is better read and sharper than the prosecutor then you will walk. If you are depending on a public defender, before you go to court pack your toothbrush and some Vaseline. I’m reminded of a joke from the 1960’s civil rights era. A young man is arrested for rioting. He has only one call so he calls the most expensive attorney in town. The attorney meets with him and tells him; “Now right up front Mr. Wilson, I want to assure you that under our system of justice; race, color, background and political affiliation make no difference at all, We are all equal under the law.” “Now, just how equal can you afford to be?” In the final analysis the courts always operate under the Golden Rule. He who has the gold, makes the rules. I have seen first time offender shop lifters get the max while kidnapper-murderers are made to write on the blackboard: “I was a bad boy and i promise not to do it anymore.” 100 times. Okay, so I’m exaggerating the last just a little but I think you get the point.

    • lethalleprechaun says:

      Sadly Lloyd I am force to agree with you on one point, justice has become a purchasable commodity. One mainly about hype spin and marketing where the process is more about picking a jury that will get you the verdict you desire than uncovering the truth and guilt behind the matter. I also think the the criminals have more rights than the victims.

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks so much for another great mailing. I so look forward to them. I read every article as it’s not often I find those with the same beliefs.

  4. Joseph says:

    A note to Lethal, I personally wait with great anticipation for your posting of recipes. I love to cook and have printed and tried many of yours. Please continue, I am always looking for new ideas. My wife is from Colombia, so if I want American food, I have to cook it myself.

    • lethalleprechaun says:

      Thanks Joe that makes 2 of us make cooks, well OK 3 if you can count what Impish does as “cooking”. I’ll probably not dump the feature entirely, just throttle it back to a once a month ting unless more people speak up about it.

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