Impish Dragons Visit To The Ft. Worth Stockyards

Just a quick update my camper friends, after class today, my coworker and I went to the World Famous Stockyards of Ft. Worth!7

And what are the stockyards famous for?  Well, steers actually.  And what did we see?

Elephants and Camels,



7da circus, Mini horses




But not a cow in the bunch….unless you count the one that we stood beside7eSo, we thought we’d make up for it with dinner, because where there’s beef, there’s steak.  But we discovered why there weren’t any cows around the stockyard!  They are an endangered species!  They must be!  Because at those prices, it’s not like they must be plentiful!  I ain’t paying forty bucks for a steak!  For that prices, that cow better jump up on the plate and cut itself up!
So, what did we dine on at the world famous Ft. Worth Stockyards?
And that stuff was good!

Till next time!  Cheers my friends!

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8 Responses to Impish Dragons Visit To The Ft. Worth Stockyards

  1. electrician fort worth Electrifier of Spam says:

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  2. The Ginster says:

    Italian in a beef restaurant? Impish the cow you posed with should have taken a bite out of you!
    Hope you are having a good time.

  3. paul says:

    The stockyards sounds like Harris Ranch here in Coalinga, CA – awesome meat – but best to buy at Costco and not their place

  4. Impish,

    I was in the stockyards today too.

    I had the chicken. 😉


    • impishdragon says:

      Hmmm, didn’t see you there or maybe I would’ve had something else for dinner.

      • I was at The Cattlemen’s Stakhouse on Main and Exchange, with my friend Torres, for a restaurant review.

        Usually I’m out milling around down there, but yesterday’s trip was business and we both had stuff to attend to afterwards so, no time for milling, lol.

        Sorry I missed you. 🙂


  5. Rick says:

    Funny how that works. Maple syrup is usually cheapest well away from where they make it. I would guess the best prices are in the desert. Cheap cod in Kansas?
    Hope the TDY covers it all. You are to be envied making an adventure of it. Hope it all goes well!

    • lethalleprechaun says:

      I agree Rick and Impish is right. When I first moved here I expected Texas to be a carnivores dream, cheap fresh high quality tender Angus beef on which one could dine until he was sick of it and his colon could not possible hold another burger. Was I ever wrong!

      More often than not what you get isn’t cheap or Angus and I question who they have grading some of it. Generally chicken is the cheapest form of animal protein here and even gulf seafood tend to be (for the distance we are from the gulf) excessively expensive.

      I WILL say Molly recently discovered a new butcher shop near her new workplace which we investigated last Sunday. prices across the board were about fifty to seventy-five cents a pound higher but the trim was by and large far better. I could pick and choose which piece I wanted and so far (we’ve had the pork chops and hamburger) the meat has had far better flavor.

      My other big disappointment was that gulf shrimp, probably owing to their warm water environment I guess, are highly disappointing in taste compared to cold water Atlantic shrimp when you do buy them. People will tell you their taste is “delicate”. I say that’s a pile of bovine byproduct, “delicate” is just another way of saying “ain’t got no taste”! Why the hell else would everyone down here feel obliged to cover them up with all kinds of hot peppery spicy bold flavors to mask that “delicate” taste?

      I figure the reason no food is cheap anymore where it is made/harvested/caught is all the fault of Tricky Dick Nixon. He showed the food industry when he shipped Russia so much of our wheat that the price of bread jumped for thirty cents a loaf to a dollar in three months time that if you export nearly all of your local product to some place its not local not only can you get a pile for your export port but then it is scarce locally and you can get more for it locally too!

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