More Snow Pictures

Just another picture or two from my house…..they are getting the streets plowed and I managed to use the car as a snow plow….so, I can get out of the house if need be.  We’re warm and safe….I can’t but hope and pray for the same for you.  Which of us needs more than that?



Looking down my street, it doesn’t look so bad….except that this is all piled up sleet!  Oh well.  Warm and safe.

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2 Responses to More Snow Pictures

  1. Pat C says:

    Gee, its in the 70’s and cloudy here in florida today.
    As a former new yorker i don’t miss those scenes at all

  2. Jeannie says:

    Glad you’re all safe and warm, Dragon. This storm packed a punch, huh?! See that bush in front of your house? Imagine it buried in snow since Christmas!! That’s how it’s been on Long Island, NY. We had the ice storm last night, schools delayed 2 hours. We’re having a “heat wave” today…up to 36 degrees, so everything is melting and flooding now. UGH!

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