Time to Catch Up

Good Morning Campers!!!!Welcome to camp
It is now time to catch everyone up on what’s going on. where we are, and where we are going.

The Good News: I don’t have cancer (probably).

The Bad News: I do have a growth (fluid sac, lesion, cyst) on the S-1 joint of my spine. This is pushing on the nerve bundle that is down in that area.  Consequently causing pain, dizziness, pain, shaking, pain, weakness, pain, nausea, pain, and overwhelming, completely distracting pain.  (For instance…for what you have read so far of this piece, it has taken me over 30 minutes to write.  I continue to be distracted by falling asleep at the key board, pain and an inability to really concentrate.)

Okay, so let’s take out five minutes to feel bad for the dragon……………


Okay, we’re done.

So, now, what do we have to do?  Well, I have to go see the doctor, follow his instructions, and do whatever I can to make myself healthy and better.  I have to be nice to myself…..it’s time for me to put myself first.
What does that mean for you?  Well, you have to understand that Dragon Laffs is not going to continue to come out like it did.  I’m sorry for that.

Our dear friend Lethal, with the help of all of you, will continue to put out a fine e-zine.  And before you think that I’m going to disappear for ever, it’s not going to happen.  I’m going to be around, I’m going to continue to do Dragon Laffs, just not as fast as I used to do.  Mostly because it’s going to take a lot longer to put together.

Thank you all for understanding and sticking with us through thick and thin.


Impish Dragon

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21 Responses to Time to Catch Up

  1. adrian says:

    take your time and get better!! we can wait. You guys are the best!!!

  2. Sue says:

    Sure gonna miss ya, but you know the old saying–‘Good things are worth waiting for”. Well, you are one of the ‘goodest’ things I’ve found yet. Take care of yourself and don’t forget to send us up-dates on how things are going for you. If you need a nurse, just call!

  3. femmeflashpoint says:

    So sorry! Wishing you a very speedy recovery!!! I just subscribed to your site, and I love it. And, believe you have both a knack and a love for working with it.

    Thanks for sticking with it, even if it’s at a slower pace.

    Best regards,


  4. toni says:

    I was told in 2003 that I had a synovial cyst on my spine, that I needed to stop working and being on my feet immediately, and needed to have spinal surgery ASAP. (I’m the one that wrote you about having fibro, etc. and sends you (along with the masses, I’m sure) dragon pics, cartoons, etc.) I went to a neurosurgeon fully expecting to be cut, stitched, etc. Wonder of wonders, I found a renowned surgeon who didn’t like to cut. He refused immediate surgery and told me to come back and see him in 6 mths to decide if I still wanted surgery. I’ve been back but haven’t been cut. I did go for several years using a wheelchair (electric) but now, seven plus years later, I can and do negotiate one store on my own two feet. It’s hard but…
    My thoughts and prayers go out to you. Been there, done that, and have many t- shirts to show for it.

  5. Pat C says:

    Impish, about time you realized how impotent…….ooops Important you are . I have had the good luck of enjoying dragon laffs for quite sometime and look forward to continue doing so for a long time to come.
    So , having said that , please follow your doctors instructions and get well soon.
    We will be here awaiting your return…….

  6. Dan Lenahan says:

    Damn Impish, I’m really sorry to hear this. You just do whatever you got to do. Know that you’ll be missed and my best wishes go out to you for a swift and sure healing.

    Dan aka DVL

  7. oldbbd says:

    All the very best my friend, you are in my daily prayers. Take the time to take care of yourself, we will be here when you are better.

  8. Betty aka Dreamweaver says:

    Awwww sorry to hear your in so much pain….. but the good news is…. it can be taken care of and you will be fine, ….. my grand daughter had a huge growth on her spine (20 yr old girl) she had surgery, it was removed …no cancer 😉 and within a short time is now running up and down Ft Lauderdale beach!!! ….. hang in there and keep positive!!!

  9. Jessica Callan says:

    Don’t you DARE appoligize for this Sir! You do what you have to do to take care of YOU!!! As much as we all enjoy the amazingly funny pics and jokes you send us, and your many humorous rants, quips and jabs, not a single reader would dream of asking you to risk your health for quicker and more plentiful publications. Even if you can’t come back to the group and Lethal has to take over for good, just make sure you keep us in the loop about how your doing. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  10. RONNIE says:


  11. philomen says:

    please do get well . really miss your notes etc, anyway priority is your health, u are in our daily prayers. take care

  12. Joe Kraus says:

    I hope you get well really soon! I really enjoy Dragon Laffs!

  13. pj says:

    get well take of youre self first

  14. Mike Richard says:

    My heart and my prayers are with you Impish! Hope all goes well and you get back “on track” soon! In the meantime, we’ll miss you but completely understand that your health comes first. Hang in there and do what the doctors tell you.

  15. Ted & Susie says:

    Sorry to hear of your medical problems and we will be hoping and praying that you make a quick recovery. We look forward to hearing from you, but your health and well-being takes priority above all else! So, relax and dont worry about us, think about yourself and getting well. Take care and stay safe.

  16. Joan says:

    I hope you will get the help you need to get back to normal real soon, I will keep you in my prayers..good luck.


  17. michael kuhagen says:

    God bless you and what ever it takes to get well

  18. Dale says:

    Dragon –

    You do what you need to do to take care of yourself and get healthly and out of pain.
    As much as your reader’s adore you, they will survive. I am adding you to my prayer list and only hope the doctor’s can relief you from you suffering pain. Good Luck

  19. George says:

    Sorry to hear of your health problems and I pray for a speedy recovery. I have been a reader since the beginning. I may have been NO. 7. This is by far the best on the web and it will surely be missed. Take care and get well. George

  20. Steph says:

    Loving you and lifting all of you in prayer.

  21. Cloie says:

    You take care of you at this times, Impish and continue to get well. God Bless and take care of you.

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