2Good Morning!  A small earthquake was felt at Dragon Laffs Enterprises North.  First reports were of a magnitude 4.2, which has since, in one report, been downgraded to a 3.8.  Dragon Laffs Enterprises North (DLEN) has reported some minor shaking, loud rumbling, but no damage or injury at this time.  The Epicenter (as indicated by the green arrow behind the orange balloon to the south of the map above) was about 22 miles southeast of DLEN (as indicated by the red X at the north of the map).  In an interview with a loyal camper (the orange balloon) 1aearlier, we learned that at that point he felt some strong shaking, rattling of glass and small objects knocked over. 

The concern is of the New Madrid Fault cutting loose.  (Seen in the map to the right)  A major earthquake at this fault, the closest to the location of the current earthquake, would be devastating to the country. 

Anyway, as of this time, all seems well.  I’ll keep you updated as much as I can.

Now, on to the rest of your day!  Look for another issue of Dragon Laffs soon!


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4 Responses to Earthquake

  1. lynn fux says:

    Wow,how did you know ? My butler has not talked to me since DL went Blog and he can’t read it on the way to delivering it to me on my breakfast tray!!!!!You didn’t feel the big quake cause it arrived here in the North of Israel yesterday,yup we had a mild one too.About the Wii,it didn’t take me more than a couple of seconds to realize like the computer it was just another ego busting,humilating activity to try and do in front of any kid!!!!We have had ours about a month and already the kids are bored!!!!I keep trying to get them to use my own cure for boredom but since books here in my house have no buttons to click they remain a mystery about how to utilize them!!!Everyday I say the same thing,”this was the best DL ever” and every day I am wrong. I no longer wonder how you all do it,I just accept the fact you do and continue to be grateful for the bright spot in my day!!!!You always get the mixture perfect!!!. Love,health and happiness to all of you .Lynn

    • impishdragon says:

      Thank you Lynn. As one of our most avid fans, we appreciate all you do and say for us. You are a pleasure to have dealings with and it is because of letters like yours and your enthusiasm for what we do, that we keep doing it day after day. Thank you for being a great camper!

  2. lynn fux says:

    I was just going to Email the esteemed Mrs. Dragon about this ridiculous notion you have about storm chasing,not even a thought to your loyal campers who depend on you every day to make their lives worth living. Now you go and scare us all to death with this earthquake business when we all know the cause is nothing more than all of those severly hungover Dragon cronies of yours being found by their wives and being beaten nearly to death for their still thriving Christmas hangovers about to become New Years Hangovers.No ,no this send will not be used to further you and your friends drunken debauchery!!!! We campers aren’t having any of it!!!! Happy New Year,safe clean and healthy and happy!!!Love you all at DL. Lynn

    • impishdragon says:

      The esteemed Mrs. Dragon already threatens to kick my ass when the tornado siren sounds and I chase them into the closet and then grab my camera. The wind is blowing, stuff flying around in the air and I’m out in the middle of the street, camera in hand, looking around the horizon. I figure it’s going to end in one of three ways: either I am going to get a picture of a tornado (possible, but unlikely), I am going to get arrested for being an idiot (a little more likely on the scale) and lastly, I am going to die, either by debris (a bit more likely) or by being beaten to death by my wife (highest probability of success).

      The Earthquake seems to have been a dud since it is now 24 hours later and still haven’t had any after shocks or anything that I can determine. So, no worries there. And as far as my drunken, debauched friends go everyone of them made it home safe and sound….although a few of them was after being bailed out, they still got home alright.

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