True Tales From the Life of Impish Dragon Chapter 3

Turn the Page

Impish and his wife were lying in bed one night.

Mrs. Dragon had curled up ready to go to sleep and the husband put his bed lamp on to read a book.

As he was reading, he paused and reached over to his wife and started fondling her “nether regions”.

He did this only for a very short while, and then he would stop and resume reading his book.

Mrs. Dragon gradually became aroused with this, and thought that her husband was seeking some response as encouragement before going any further.

She got up and started stripping in front of him.

Impish was confused and asked  “What are you doing taking your clothes off?”

Mrs. Dragon replied, “You were playing with my “nether regions”. I thought it was foreplay to stimulate making love with you tonight.”

Impish said, “No, not at all.”

Mrs. Dragon then asked, “Well, what the hell were you doing then?”

“I was just wetting my fingers so I could turn the pages in my book!”

(Fortunately for Impish he was not reading a hardcover book so his concussion from being beat with it was only slight.)

New Panties

A frustrated Mrs Dragon buys a pair of crotchless panties in an attempt to spice up her dead sex-life. She puts them on, together with a short skirt and sits on the sofa opposite ImpishDragon. At strategic moments she uncrosses her legs  in her best Sharon Stone imitation … enough times that Impish finally asks, “Are you wearing crotchless panties?”

“Y-e-s,” she answers with a seductive smile.

“Thank God – I thought you were sitting on the dog.”

(ICU Visiting Hours are from 10 until 2)

Why Impish Dragon is  Divorced Once.
( Impish relates the sad sordid tale in  his own words to me)

Well I remember it was my birthday and I didn’t feel very well waking up on that morning..

I went downstairs for breakfast
Hoping my wife would be pleasant and say,
‘Happy Birthday!’,
And possibly have a small present for me.

As it turned out,
She barely said good morning,
Let alone  ‘ Happy Birthday.’

I thought….

Well, that’s marriage for you,
But the kids….
They will remember.

My kids came bounding down stairs to breakfast
And didn’t say a word..
So when I left for the office,
I felt pretty low
And somewhat despondent.

As I walked into my office,
My secretary Jane said,
‘Good Morning Boss,
And by the way , Happy Birthday ! ‘
It felt a little better
That at least someone had remembered.

I worked until one o’clock ,
When Jane knocked on my door
And said, ‘You know,  it’s such a beautiful day outside,
And it is your Birthday,  what do you say we go out to lunch,
Just you and me..’

I said, ‘Thanks, Jane,  that’s the greatest thing  I’ve heard all day.  Let’s go !’
We went to lunch..
But we didn’t go  where we normally would go.
She chose instead at a quiet bistro  with a private table.
We had two martinis each  and I enjoyed the meal tremendously.

On the way back to the office,
Jane said, ‘You know,  it’s such a beautiful day…
We don’t need to go straight back to the office,  do we ?’

I responded,  ‘I guess not. What do you have in mind ?’
She said,  ‘Let’s drop by my apartment,  it’s just around the corner..’

After arriving at her apartment,  Jane turned to me and said,
‘ Boss, if you don’t mind,  I’m going to step into the bedroom  for just a moment.   I’ll be right back.’

‘Ok.’ I nervously replied.
She went into the bedroom and,  after a couple of minutes,
She came out  carrying a huge birthday cake …
Followed  by my wife,  my kids,  and dozens of my friends
And co-workers,  all singing ‘Happy Birthday’.

And I just sat there….

On the couch….

Naked as the day I hatched.

Stay tuned for Chapter 4 in which we hear the tale of Impish Dragons desperate search for a sex drive!

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