Dragon Laffs #2073

It’s Monday and you are reading this on Thursday, so let me tell you what has happened so far on Monday.  Today was Labor Day and boy did my friends and family Labor for me today!  My dart family came through for me like gang busters!

Remember the tree I told you came crashing through my fence and was laying in my neighbor’s backyard?  Well, this is what it looked like with my fence behind me:

And this is what that same tree looks like now after about an hour and a half’s work:

My deputy from work brought out the dumpster, he owns his own dumpster business (amongst many other things he does) and the guys also went out with me and got a piece of fencing and put the fence back together again and helped me with my dryer vent that was clogged up!  It was one heck of a day!! 

And my son and grandson, after everyone else left had a heart to heart to heart talk Father to Son, Other Father to Other Son and Grandpa to Grandson.  It was a really, really good afternoon in that regard as well.  I think a lot of things were said that needed to be said and some male bonding happened that may have needed to happen for some time now.

I am so blessed.  Just like you guys have always had my back here on DL, those guys have always had my back here where I live. 


Crying for real now … I feel so unworthy of the love that surrounds me lately.  God has indeed blessed my life.  Thanks to all of you.  And before I start to get maudlin let’s get this party started, shall we?

A 72 hour hold in a Psych Unit is beginning to intrigue me as a potential vacation opportunity.

Amen.  And knowing you can still teeter her totter.  

You can cast a net for tuna, but you can’t tune a castanet.  

You can’t really tell by looking at it, but this is one of the cameras on the wall at Dragon Laffs Headquarters that spies on people.  Not our employees, because we don’t spy on our employees.  But people who come to visit or sneak on our campus, or things like that.

Dude, she is a keeper!  You have GOT to find one that is the same KIND of crazy that you are.  I mean it helps that she is AS crazy as you are, but when they are also the same KIND OF CRAZY as you are… OH MAN!!  It’s glorious!!!

Hey!  It’s my cousin Vinny.  Yeah, I know.  And the thing is, he really hates that movie, so I love picking on him about it.

And the vote … and they breed!

What it they close the grocery stores and we have to hunt for our food? 

I don’t even know where Little Debbie lives.

I know this one!  She lives two doors down from them little elves that live in that Keebler Tree.

The inventor of Auto-Correct has died and his funnel is tomato

Some of the best advice I’ve been given, “Don’t take criticism from people you would never go to for advice.”

This is our IT specialist.  She’s the one who installed all the cameras.

Sometimes I talk to myself.

Then we both laugh and laugh.

Awww, that poor scrunchy faced little baby!

Weather Forecasters has mentioned “Heat Wave” so often, Martha and the Vandellas are starting to get royalty checks.

I have NO idea what’s going on here.

There are no truer words EVER spoken my friends.  NONE!  Take it from someone who KNOWS.  Cherish those moments.  Revel in them.  Hold on to them for as long as you possibly can.

Each year in the United States, 16 people are attached by sharks and 6,000 by goats.  We don’t need shark week, we need…

It is an easier way to travel, but much slower.

Absolutely.  That makes perfect sense.  I won’t … or um … will do that.

I was always taught to respect my elders.  But, it keeps getting harder to find one.

And I’ve run out of time.  I’ve been saying that all day.  And there is so much more I wanted to tell you guys about.  My first grief group on base went off today and it was good.  I have more people to thank for their donations, the heroes wall will have to wait…so many things.  God is blessing me every day and the people that I want to share it with, you guys…sigh.  Is it right to pray for a couple of more hours to be added to every day?  May you each be blessed with Love and Happiness.  Until Saturday…which I am working through and Saturday is Izzy Dragon’s 21st Birthday!!!!!!

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3 Responses to Dragon Laffs #2073

  1. Leah D says:

    Here in Utah, the 21st birthday celebration is driving to Nevada to gamble, while they pump you with free drinks.

  2. Wouter Basson says:

    Good afternoon
    attached by sharks??
    Hope you are well

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