Dragon Laffs #1967

Good Morning Campers, 

So, right now, we’re not going to talk about ANYTHING! Do you hear me people?  Nothing.  We ain’t talkin’ ’bout nuthin’!  I’m so damn stressed, I can’t stand it!  So, therefore, we’re going to laugh instead.  We’re going to laugh through the tears.  And press the fuck on! 

So, let’s go campers! 

There’s some more of those Google Street view pictures

WTF!  Okay, one more

Judge:  Do you understand that you have to tell the truth?  

Me:  Yes, your honor.  

Judge:  Do you swear?  

Me:  Every day, motherfucker.

I don’t know who needs to know this, but even if a bear wears socks and shoes, he still has bear feet. 

~ From my good buddy Jonathon J


I’ve just turned off The News and put on a Serial Killer Documentary to relax.

I don’t understand why people say such hurtful things like:

“Want to go for a run?”


“Try this kale.”

“Die!  Piggies, Die!” 

Well, it’s not like I have any news, anyway.

“Life laughs at you when you are unhappy.  Life smiles at you when you are happy.  But, Life salutes you when you make others happy. ~ Charlie Chaplin  

Charlie Chaplin is the SHIZZLE!  

The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it.  You either have to laugh or cry.  I prefer to laugh.  Crying gives me a headache.  ~ M.P. Hinkley

You guys are sending this stuff to me on purpose

I think the proper term for “senior” women should be:


That is all.  Carry on.

Sigh.  The kitchen overhead light went out.  Like, completely out.  Died.  Kaput!  Dead.  Never to be used again.  I’m telling you, I’ve had enough.  I know that God will ALWAYS give us a path through everything that he places in front of us, but this one seems pretty convoluted.  Between Mrs. Dragon’s possible liver cancer and her heart problems and needing to see the new specialists, my needed surgeries (yes, that’s plural), my brother needing my kidney, and now the light fixture needing replaced, which is of course the LEAST of all this, but like the straw that broke the dragon’s back.  And Where In The Hell is the money for all of this supposed to come from?  I reached out to a dart brother who is also an electrician and pretty much cried to him on the phone and he is going to come over on Monday to look at the light and see what needs to be done.  Until then we will be in the dark in the kitchen.  Oh well, we’ll get by.  I’ll be teaching all weekend anyway.  I’m really trying to be strong for Mrs. Dragon, because if she starts worrying her blood pressure goes up and that makes everything for her, so instead, I’m writing it all out here and maybe I’ll just delete it all before I post this issue, since YOU GUYS don’t need this shit either, because you know DAMN!  I’VE HAD ENOUGH. 

Two weeks ago all I was worried about was keeping track of COVID for the base.  Hell, it hasn’t even BEEN two weeks.  I just went to the doctor complaining that it was getting harder and harder to sleep due to the pain.  Mrs. Dragon has been suffering her heart problems, but the rest of it was found with routine blood tests. 

Two fucking weeks. 

Where’s that damn time travel now when I need it? 

No, I haven’t been drinking.  Although I really need to, and maybe tonight is the night I should, but I worry that I might have to run Mrs. Dragon to the E.R. or something in the middle of the night or some shit … so I don’t. 

But, it’s now late and I have to work again tomorrow and teach all day on hard floors which means I’ll be in bad pain tomorrow night.  I have to decide whether to leave this bit in because you all are family and I love you or take it out because you don’t need this shit either.  You’ll know what I decide by either inclusion or omission when you either read it or don’t ever.  Anyway, here are a few more funnies and then I’m calling it a night.  

Well, I guess love wins out.  May your days be filled with Love and Happiness.  I’ll try and keep you guys in the loop.

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8 Responses to Dragon Laffs #1967

  1. Alan F says:

    Don’t really know what to say that hasn’t already been said, but here’s rooting for you

  2. Trish Gilbert says:

    You are all in my prayers and thoughts. Speaking from experience stress makes things so much worse but no one has ever explained how to not stress when facing so much. Stay strong, you have lots of us saying prayers.

  3. Kris says:

    You & Mrs. Dragon are in my prayers.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Praying that you are able to discern the path that Jesus would have you take. May He give you the peace that will allow you and Mrs. Dragon, along with I say, to have a quiet mind, humble heart, and love beyond anything imaginable.
    Much love my friend.

  5. Leah D says:

    I am confused. They THINK she has liver cancer? I didn’t know it was so hard getting answers. Waiting for them would be like sitting on top of a live round!
    If what you are going through right now was submitted as a movie theme, it would be turned down as “unbelievable”.

  6. Don Graves says:

    Praying for you and your family.

  7. Cynical John says:

    Best advice I can give you was written on the top of mayonnaise jars: “Keep cool. Don’t freeze.”
    Hang in there. We are all behind you!

  8. Hank Hoeksema says:

    Thoughts and prayer will be with you

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