Dragon Laffs #1925


Good Morning Campers,

Not Safe For Work … truer words were never spoken.  It’s becoming dangerous0aa2 to speak your mind.  I read a headline today that said basically that employers can fire you for not getting a COVID vaccine and if they do, you won’t be entitled to unemployment.  So, where is the freedom of choice in that? 

I am not advocating Not getting the shot, just as I am not advocating getting the shot.  I’m just asking WHY?  WHY are we pushing so hard, so fast, right now?  I screwedtold you my thoughts last time.  It’s because of the money the pharmaceutical companies are making off of it.  AND I’m predicting a third round to come.  Come on.  Bet me.  I’m a prophetic dragon.

But to my first point.  How can you be fired, for not getting a shot, that IS NOT FDA APPROVED YET?!?!

Now, I’m not a blind turnip …


But, as most of you know, I do have a government job, which is a bit of a different story, which means I signed up under a different set of circumstances.  My oath of office still stands… That I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  So help me God. 

Since, to me, the one (my oath) leads to the next (my current job). They walk together  hand-in-hand. 

Let’s take a look at MY position first and then talk about Joe Civilian.  My first level of responsibility is to the Constitution.  Well, no conflict there.  I suppose if I was a lawyer, I might could find a loop hole about my Constitutional Rights being violated or something, but that is not in the spirit of the Oath.  I am defending YOUR Constitutional Rights.  Anyway.  Secondly, bearing true faith and allegiance to the same.  Again, no conflict.  Thirdly, obeying the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me according to the regulations of the UCMJ.  Now, we get to the crux of the issue.  If the President, and through him the officers placed over me in my chain of command, order me to get the shot, then I have two choices.  Comply or quit.  Unlike the uniform members of the service, as a civilian member I have the option of quitting, they do not.  So, because I #1  Need my job, #2  Like my job, #3 Think my job is somewhat important, and #4 did I mention I need my job.  I comply. 

But, let’s talk about Joe Civilian.  What right does an employer have to force an employee to have a medical procedure done, that is NOT FDA approved, under threat of expulsion and threat of no unemployment payment that the company has unemployment insurance for?  How is that legally permissible?  3aaaaa

The bullshit flag has officially been thrown!  Have we forced employees to get flu shots every year under threat of firing?  And those ARE FDA approved.

I had a job once where I had to have the hepatitis vaccine as a job requirement.  Three shots given one month apart.  But those were FDA approved.

And goodness knows that when I was active duty the military stuck me with all kinds of needles.  I can STILL feel that damn yellow fever shot.

But Joe Civilian?


When did he raise his hand and promise to give up his all or else?  Is conscription next?  Are we bringing back the draft?  Or are they going to start knocking on our doors and start holding us down and forcing us to take the shot?  About the same damn time they try to take away my guns.  LOL. 

Yup…I was right … not safe for work … and sure as hell not safe to speak your mind.

By dragon, it’s time to laugh and chase away the bullshit my camper friends.



Okay, anyone else get stuck like that…”Hey honey. let’s watch a movie on Netflix …45 minutes later you’re still scrolling through titles trying to find something to watch.  Yup … me, too.


Question:  I want to be a musician when I become a grownup.  In today’s world is that an insane thing to want to be?

Answer:  Yes, it is an insane thing to want to be.  Becoming a grownup is highly overrated.  Just become a musician, you’ll be much happier that way.





And deserve everything you get!!



Yeah … that’s the answer …


At the risk of repeating myself …






It’s so nice to have friends in life …



Recently, a woman in Fresno, CA, was stopped at a DUI checkpoint for being soused.  Ever helpful, she offered up this info: “My husband’s right behind me, and he’s even drunker than I am.”

I think we’re on a roll here…



Now, that’s one that I need.







It’s time to say thank you … and oh my gawd!  You guys just amazed the crap out of this old dragon!  We are just starting out with this year’s push to pay the bills and you guys blasted me with donations.  I am truly amazed.  From yesterday when the first request went out, and of course the first one from Thursday.  And here’s our list of famous campers:

Richard E.     Dan T.     Daniel W.     Susan W.    

Steven H.     Henry S.     Leah H.     Donald G.

Michael C.     Carlos W.     William E.

So … yeah … Wow!  So, there is still plenty of time for the rest of you guys to send me a cup of coffee.  Every little bit helps and will be recognized.  Thank you ever so much for the help that has been received so far, it is deeply appreciated and touches my heart.  YOU GUYS ARE THE BESTEST!



A Target store in Augusta, Georgia, agreed to take back a printer from a dissatisfied customer.  Then the clerk noticed some work the customer forgot to remove from the machine: Counterfeit bills.

And the reason most criminals get caught?  Pure stupidity.



Amazing Art



“Pssst, Lady.  Wanna buy a watch?”



Yup…scary as hell!!

Two machete-wielding men barged into a Sydney, Australia bar demanding money.  They didn’t know the club was hosting a bikers’ meeting at the time.  One of the robbers ended up in the hospital, the other hog-tied with electrical wire.

Definitely detecting a theme here …

Interesting Maps


The Red And Orange Sections Have Equal Populations



My toddler just spent five minutes explaining that he can’t use his imagination because he traded it to a kid at daycare for some fruit snacks.  Ok, bro.



Why isn’t porn more realistic?  Like why isn’t there one with a husband and wife and the wife chokes violently on her spit and the husband gets alarmed and they spend a good 5 minutes with her coughing and him smacking her on the back and then the mood is gone so they go get donuts?






First Class

First Level


Fit and Sexy

five points


flame thrower



Flash Mob



I don’t want a career, I want to wear a fancy robe covered in stars and dispense confusing and ambiguous advice to passing travelers from a large stone cottage on the edge of the woods where I live with a parliament of owls.





This is what Ice Canyon, Greenland looks like.



Roses are red. Tacos are delicious.

I use paper plates, because I hate doing dishes.



My friend told me she wouldn’t eat beef tongue because it came out of a cow’s mouth.

So I gave her an egg.



Last week my house was on fire.  My wife told the kids, “Be quiet, you’ll wake up daddy.”







And that my friends, is that… for today.  Thanks again for all of you who have made a donation – and thanks to those of you who will help me pay the bills.  Every little bit helps.  You know that.  Get yourself mentioned here at your favorite ezine.

Until next time.


Impish Dragon

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  1. dowchuckil says:

    quick question dragon, if “your” president “mandates” i be vaxxed, are you gonna be one of the enforcers? just because he says so.

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