Dragon Laffs #1891



Good Morning Campers,

Although it’s actually tomorrow … if this issue comes out on time, and the way my weekend is going, it’s not 100% sure whether it will or not, Star Wars Day is May 4th, Tuesday, the day after our normal Monday issue.  It’s been a really long, hard weekend.  I think I may be getting too old to be doing this two days of teaching stuff 457anymore.  Or maybe something else is going on.  Not sure.  But it sure was a long, painful weekend, that’s for damn sure.

Anyway, Star Wars Day…why is it called Star Wars Day, cause … May the 4th be with you?  Yuck, yuck, yuck!  I know, I know.  But, Wikipedia has this to say about the whole thing:

Star Wars Day, May 4, celebrates George Lucas‘s Star Wars media franchise. Observance of the commemorative day spread quickly through media and 458grassroots celebrations.[1][2]

The date was chosen for the pun on the catchphraseMay the Force be with you” as “May the Fourth be with you”. Even though the holiday was not created or declared by Lucasfilm, many Star Wars fans across the world have chosen to celebrate the holiday.[3] It has since been embraced by Lucasfilm and parent company Disney as an annual celebration of Star Wars.

459The first recorded reference was the phrase being first used on May 4, 1979, the day Margaret Thatcher took the job as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. An online news article from the Danish public broadcaster says her political party, the Conservatives, placed a congratulatory advertisement in The London Evening News, saying “May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie. Congratulations.”[4]

The saying was used in a UK Parliament defence debate on May 4, 1994.[5]460

Astrophysicist and author Jeanne Cavelos used the saying on page 94 of her 1999 book The Science of Star Wars.[6]

In 2008, the first Facebook groups appeared, celebrating Luke Skywalker Day, with the same catchphrase.[7]

461In 2011, the first organized celebration of Star Wars Day took place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Toronto Underground Cinema. Produced by Sean Ward and Alice Quinn, festivities included an Original Trilogy Trivia Game Show; a costume contest with celebrity judges; and the web’s best tribute films, mash-ups, parodies, and remixes on the big screen. The second annual edition took place on Friday, May 4, 2012.[8][9][10]

Fans (even government officials, such as Boris Johnson[11]) have celebrated Star Wars in a variety of ways in social media and on television.

Since 2013, The Walt Disney Company has officially observed the holiday with463 several Star Wars events and festivities at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.[12][13] Disney had purchased Lucasfilm, including the rights to Star Wars, in late 2012.[14] The finale of The Clone Wars was made available on Disney+ on May 4, 2020.[15] Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, as well as an eight-episode documentary series titled Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, were also made available on Disney+ the same day. A new animated series, Star Wars: The Bad Batch will also premiere on Disney+ on this day in 2021.

Minor League baseball teams such as the Toledo Mud Hens[16] and the Durham Bulls[17] have worn special uniforms as part of Star Wars Day promotions.

464On Star Wars Day 2015, astronauts in the International Space Station watched Star Wars.[18]

Also in 2015, the carillon bells inside the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada played “The Imperial March” theme from Star Wars, among other space-related tunes.[19]

Revenge of the Fifth/Sixth[edit]

Some recognize the following day, May 5, as “Revenge of the Fifth“, a play on Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and celebrate the Sith Lords and other villainous characters from the Star Wars series rather than the Jedi.[20]462 Others celebrate this one day later, on May 6, citing “Revenge of the Sixth” as a better play on “Sith“, while others refer to the 6th as “Return of the 6th” as a play on the trilogy aspect of the Star Wars films.[21][22][23]

I had never heard the bit about the Revenge of the Fifth/Sixth before … maybe I’m not as much of a nerd as I thought I was … Anyway, I suppose, after all of that, there really isn’t much else to say, other than … Happy Star Wars Day and …



Aaaaannnndddd…… they vote.



The Bozo criminal for today violated Bozo Rule number 4678: It’s best to keep a low profile when you’re a wanted man. Our story comes from Lewiston, Idaho where Bozo Allen Strebeck was set to get married at the county courthouse when a jail sergeant recognized him as a man named in an arrest warrant for failure to pay a fine. After the magistrate performed the ceremony, the officer confronted the bozo with the arrest warrant and was preparing to arrest him when members of the wedding party passed the hat and came up with enough money to pay the bozo’s fine.  Not so much of a Bozo story as a good friend and neighbor story.




I was born male at birth and I will identify as male, but according to Kraft macaroni and cheese … I am a family of four.




Now THAT is friggin’ tribute, baby!



“Okay, one more bedtime story sweetheart, and then you MUST go to bed.”



I don’t know how much truth there is in this, but this is about the third or fourth time I’ve gotten this same quote, so I guess it’s time for me to put it in the issue …


Yeah … I’m not a Nostradamus follower either, but if it is one of his predictions, it sure does feel like it’s hitting the nail right on the head.

And no … I’m not going to bother looking it up.


Damn!  I think I’ve used every single one of those … plus I’ve got a couple of extras …



In the future, sex robots will be virtually indistinguishable from humans.

The only way to know for sure will be to show your partner a collage right before sex and ask them to tell you which photos contain street signs.






Don’t leave your toys lying around.




Bro, I have 32 bit windows 7.  I need 64 bit to game.  How do I get 64 bit?  Will I get it if I install it twice?

Yes, Install it twice.  You’ll also get windows 14.


Yes we can!!!!! But, I  do believe I have played at this board.



If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it’s a duck.

But, if if walks like a duck, but talks like a swan, it’s a narcissist.


Well … I know I’ve played on this board, too.





Clippety Clop

Closed Captions

Closing of Krispy Kreme



Code Reviews




coke vs water





Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Ken Rogers who sent along today’s story via the internet. From Los Angeles, California comes the story of the bozo criminal who just couldn’t get that car he wanted to steal to start. Police were called to a residence by the owner of the vehicle in question. He showed the cops how the bozo had scratched the car’s finish while using a coat hanger to open the door. He then showed the cops where the bozo had yanked the electrical wiring from under the dash in an attempt to hot wire the car. But, the car was still there. Why, wondered the officer, had the bozo not driven it away? With that, the car’s owner popped the hood and showed the officer the reason. The man had been re-building the car…and there was no engine under the hood.


Okay, NOW we’re playing darts …



Your job as a woman is to observe when your man is happy and immediately put a stop to that nonsense.



Weird Fact


It would take you more than 400 years to spend a night in all of Las Vegas’s hotel rooms.



A co-worker said to me, “Could you be anymore annoying?”

So, the next day I wore Tap shoes to work.




Let’s start with something a bit on the patriotic side today, shall we?


“This afternoon I was coming up my street and I noticed a stopped USPS truck across from my house. It wasn’t until I was at my driveway that I realized the USPS driver was not in the truck, but rather standing at attention next to it, saluting the flag my neighbor was raising.

I stopped right there and grabbed my camera off the seat next to me, took off my hat, and captured the moment.

I then waited until the flag was fully raised before I walked over to introduce myself, asked him for his permission to share this moment, and thanked him for his service. But again, many thanks to retired U.S. Army sergeant Robert Franklin, who is still serving his country, rain sleet or snow. He is the manifestation of true patriotism, and I am proud to have met him.”

Credit: Michael Lempert

Mrs. Dragon’s dad was a mailman … and I can see him doing something like that.  He was also a Navy Vet.  So, I can definitely see him doing something like that.  Bravo Sgt Franklin and Mr. Lempert for passing it on to us.  Thanks.


Sen. John Kennedy:  If you support defunding police, ‘you have tested positive for stupid’


It’s scary when the weatherman is the closest one to telling the truth on the news right now.


Our streets are now so unsafe that it might be helpful to rewatch Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry films. They can remind us of an earlier period in the 1960s and 1970s when crime was widespread, liberal judges were putting criminals back on the streets and the entire justice system was anti-cop and pro-criminal.

There were four sequels to Dirty Harry, and they were not the popular culture’s only response to crime and an anti-police legal system. The most famous vigilante movie of the time was Death Wish, released three years later (1974) and starring Charles Bronson.

Like Dirty Harry, it was incredibly profitable—the domestic gross was more than five times its initial budget. It also led to four sequels.

The popular response to these cinematic attacks against criminals, which depicted utter contempt for the liberal, anti-cop, pro-criminal system, was reflective of the American people’s genuine fears about a society that was spinning out of control.

Ultimately, the violence and collapse of order would lead to the 1993 election of Rudy Giuliani as mayor of New York City. He ushered in bold, no-nonsense, practical steps that made New York amazingly safe and orderly.

Now, we are back in a pre-Dirty Harry world of nightly violence in Portland, the expectation that people will riot and loot after various events, and a level of daylight crime and violence that is frightening and ultimately unsustainable for a civilized country.We are in the middle of an enormous crime wave. The breadth of the violence and the decay of safety and civilization is unprecedented.

As it becomes clearer and clearer that the Left cannot solve the crime problem because it is creating the crime problem, a new generation of Giulianis will emerge and start dominating in the 2022 elections.’



“The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed, lest Rome becomes bankrupt. People must again learn to work instead of living on public assistance.”

By:    Cicero, 55 BC.

So, evidently, we have learned absolutely nothing over the past 2076 years.


This is for all the economics impaired people who when Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki defends this massive tax increases saying that the new spending should “be on the backs of the wealthiest Americans who can afford it and corporations and businesses who can afford it” say HELL YEAH.

The wealthy people of this Country did not get wealthy by paying half of their earnings to the government in taxes.  They have and will find ways to protect their wealth, legal and /or illegal ie, pulling out of job creating investments, hiding their money in off shore banking, finding the loopholes that politicians put in the laws for them and etc.  The wealthy WILL NOT be paying the “fair share” that is promised, period!

That leaves Corporations and Businesses to pay all of these trillions of dollars in taxes.  If you are smart enough to tie your shoes, you should know by now that Corporations and Businesses don’t pay taxes, they collect them.  They collect them FROM YOU!  They increase the price of their goods and services to pay those taxes and that causes a domino affect of higher prices all through out our economy, in EVERYTHING we buy.  So who is going to pay all those trillions of dollars in government spending, we are, mostly the middle class, just like always.  It’s time we stopped believing these liars that run this country, ALL of them! ~ Pete

We’ve been trying to tell you guys that for over a year.  YOU CAN’T TRUST THESE LIARS AND THEIVES.










And that, my dear friends, will do it for today.  I hope you all had as much fun as I did.  Love and happiness to you all.


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4 Responses to Dragon Laffs #1891

  1. Stephanie says:

    If people paid attention, yeah I know, they would realize why Joe and company only want to increase taxes on those who make over $400,000 a year. Congress pay is way under that so again they don’t have to participate.

  2. Leah D says:

    Reuters found no evidence these words were written by Nostradamus. A search for key words in multiple compilations of his work online ( here , here ), including “Jezebel”, “Western world” and “feeble man” brought no results.

  3. Dave says:

    Like your dad, I too am a Navy vet. I don’t stop and salute if a neighbor is raising or lowering his flag, but unlike most others, Nave vets can stand perfectly straight up at a 65° angle to salute. When the ship rolls, you just go with the flow.

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