Temporary Delay


Good Morning Campers,

Due to circumstances beyond my control … the government is working my ass off … Thursday’s issue has now been pushed to Saturday’s issue.  My humblest apologies over this but I gotta get some sleep in here somewhere.

See you on Saturday.

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4 Responses to Temporary Delay

  1. Donnie Grimes says:

    Get your sleep, Impish. Can’t be having sleep-deprived, cranky dragons flying about, wreaking havoc, causing chaos, devouring virgins, destroying civilization, (wait, is THIS was 2020 has been all about?!? Sleep deprived dragons?)

  2. nogardcimsoc says:

    If dragons don’t get their proper sleep, they turn really vicious. Can’t be having that. Sleep well, Impish.

  3. Joe L Standerford says:

    thank you for the quick note. but……your sleep is always more important than letting us know. if you don’t take care of yourself, we don’t get any laffs! sleep well and may your body be revitalized!!

  4. Aussie Peter says:


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