Dragon Laffs #1692–Day 7


Good Morning Campers,


It’s Day 7 of my teleworking and it’s getting easier to do this job from the comfort of my dining room.  I haven’t shaved since this whole thing started.  I decided to grow a teleworking beard.  Yeah.  It’s not a great look for me.  I look more like a gray porcupine.  And it itches!!!!!  I think I’ll give it another week, but … I don’t know.

Busy, bad day yesterday.  We had our first military death from the Coronavirus yesterday.  A New Jersey National Guardsman passed away.  Captain Douglas Linn Hickok, a drilling guardsman and physician’s assistant.  He deserves our praise and thanks.  God Bless you and your family, sir.

It’s already been a busy morning with emails and phone calls and I haven’t even finished my first cup of coffee.  Don’t these people realize I can’t get ANYTHING done Caffiene Molecule Mu;gwithout being properly caffeinated!  This could be disastrous!  These people have no idea what they are messing with!  Oh, by the way, the coffee cup to the left is the caffeine molecule and yes, I’m just nerdy enough to own that coffee cup.  LOL!

So, anyway, perhaps it is time to get some laughs in, since it seems it’s going to be one of those days… so without further ado, let’s laugh!




Looks like decent parenting to me.  Wow, it’s already late into the afternoon and I’ve been so busy I’ve gotten like nothing done on dragonlaffs today!  What the heck!  Looks like I may be working late into the evening to let you guys know what’s been going on!  Not only that, but I’m still a little behind in my real work…but, the day still has some daylight left, Izzy Dragon is upstairs laughing at something, which really kind of bothers me, I swear she is plotting the takeover of something, and Mrs. Dragon is in the living room watching her murder mystery shows, which really ought to bother me, too.  I think she may be plotting something, too.  Just sayin’




Oh, how sweet!  He went to Jareds!




That’s ME!  I want to be “Exiled for the good of the realm!”


Here’s one from Scott H.  and I have to say, that I clicked on the link and it’s a great one!

Scott H

My wife laughed out loud at “teachers not the problem”. Keep up the good work.
For your listening pleasure a little fun with “Quarantine” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3xpRZITi2w

Thanks Scott!  And thanks for writing, thanks for reading and thanks for the great link!  Glad you’re enjoying the show!


Love Dragon Laffs !!!!! I’m in Deception Bay, a small village just north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Keep the laffs coming. Regards, Peter.

Thanks Peter!  A reader from down under!  Wow!  That’s awesome, brother!  So glad you are enjoying what I’m sending out.  Tell me, what’s it like down there?  According to the trusty John Hopkins Map, you have over 4500 cases, but only 18 deaths.  You guys are doing really well.  Today, in Indiana alone, we have 2159 cases and 49 deaths.

How about readers from other places around the world?  There we have Deception Bay, Queensland, Australia!  Cool name, by the way!  Anybody else from anywhere else?  I’ve already said I’m from NJ originally and in Indiana currently.  We know that Leah is in Utah and Buddy Tom is in Oregon.  Stephanie I know is down south near New Orleans, Dear Diaman, my adopted mom is now in Connecticut although she is mostly from California, but originally from Mass. 

So, how about the rest of you?

And it wouldn’t be a day without a comment from our dear Leah

Leah D

From you: “My heart is hurting and my emotions are raw,”
Sounds to me, very much like what the medical respondents are saying.
I have a feeling, whereas they are able to tell of the horrors, you aren’t.
That would make for a terrible burden.
So sorry you have to carry such a heavy load.

Oh no my dear Leah!  You and all the others make my burden light!  Yes, I have burdens to carry, as do we all, but our burdens get lighter when they are shared amongst others.  And that is what we are doing here.  Sharing burdens.  Helping each other.  Supporting each other and getting us all through the dark and lonely night.  We will all be there for each other. 

And smile.

And share.

And laugh!

And fuck that Coronavirus!















Chaotic Good




cheerleader tryouts













So…. not as much of me as in days past, but that’s how it goes some days.  I had a very busy day today with even a trip out to the base thrown in.  Maybe tomorrow will be easier, maybe it will be harder, but it will definitely be tomorrow.  And I will be here to share it with you.

I can’t wait to hear from you.  You can reach me at impishdragon@gmail.com or by leaving a comment here on the blog.  How about being a pal and leaving a star for me.  Today we got 13.  Let’s try and beat that for tomorrow.

Cheers my dear friends.  My love is with you until tomorrow.

Impish Dragon 

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7 Responses to Dragon Laffs #1692–Day 7

  1. Don Graves says:

    Another great issue, thank you for the work you do here keeping us laughing. I am just outside of Eatonville,Wa which is south of Tacoma. I drive a Special Education school bus and miss my kids greatly during this time. I do get to see my grandson periodically, which is a true joy.

  2. Don G says:

    Another great issue. Thanks for your work on this. I’m just outside of Eatonville, Wa which is south of Tacoma. I drive special education kids to and from school and am missing the job.

  3. Maggie says:

    I regret that you must be quarantined, but love having the extra issues. I am retired and live in New Jersey.I hope that you and your family stay safe and well.

  4. Donald Grimes says:

    Just leaving a quick note of appreciation for what you do, ID. I’m sad that you have to work extra hard during this challenging time, but happy that I get extra issues of your great e-zine. (True confession time–I often steal stuff to post to my FB page).

    I’m just an old retired fart living just outside of Rochester, NY and I try to find humor in everything. It’s easy with your posts.


  5. Trish Gilbert says:

    I’m in South Carolina about 5 miles from Augusta Ga. I love your stuff. Learned the hard way not to drink anything while reading it. LOL Stay Safe and Thank you for your service.

  6. Leah D. says:

    Our neighbors in Idaho apparently got jealous, and held their own earthquake.
    I keep watch on what is happening in Yellowstone . . . can you imagine if it went off now?
    After close to 700 aftershocks in our area quit, I find I am missing that vibrating of my chair!

  7. SMSgt Chuck Gill says:

    I’m North of a little town called Albany which is North of New Orleans. We’re on 12 1/2 acres and surrounded on three sides by paper mill land. We’re the last house on the road so if you show up in our drive you’re one of three things; intentionally there to see us, woefully lost, or up to no damm good. That being said, I also have my own shooting range just across from the end of my driveway.

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