Dragon Laffs #1687–Day 2


Good Morning Campers,

Day 2 and it’s a foggy day out there.  Ominous.  Oooohhhh!!!!

Oh bullshit!  It’s another day in the neighborhood.  Working from home.  It’s early, so I’m the only one up.  Still working on my first cup of coffee so I need a little bit of humor to get me started.


First email I opened up this morning and it cracked me up!  Thanks Waymore!  You started my day off right!


I am just one step away from being rich.

All I need now is money.


(Just in case it’s early and you can’t figure it out, it says, “Day 3 of Quarantine”)  (I figure, I’m still on my first cup of coffee, maybe you are, too.)



I sure hope that’s a joke.





Collecting my thoughts…

I almost have a whole set.



That moment when you walk into a spider web and it turns you into a karate master.


Sometimes, someone unexpected comes into your life outta nowhere, makes your heart race, and changes you forever.
We call those people cops.


My house got TP’D last night, it’s now appraised at $875,000.


Like I said, this kid will be a ball of fun to have at home right now!

Not much of an update for today.  Not much really going on.  Staying at home.  Doing my work.  Staying safe, I hope you all are doing the same.  Let’s carry on with some more fun stuff, shall we?


I’ll have a café mocha vodka valium latte to go please.


Mail Call 1

Okay, first comment of the day on yesterday’s post….


Impish…hope you and your love ones are safe and healthy. I am in Las Vegas and have stayed in my house for the past week…and probably will be this way for awhile too. Casino’s, schools, etc. are all shut down here. I have only left the house to just drive around my neighborhood for a while and to drop off mail in a box in front of the post office….so exciting!!! Take care sir!!!

Thanks Dale, yup, we are safe and healthy and well….as well as can be expected after spending 48 hours in the same cave with each other, but we are doing okay.  So far, no gun fire, there was short knife fight, but I got the better of Izzy dragon in that one and I sleep with the bedroom door locked, so I feel pretty good about things.  Mail to the Post Office sounds pretty good about now.  Be well my friend.


And another one just came in…

Leah D

“Off like a herd of turtles”….when I was young, and at home, there were 8 kids, my mother was twice widowed, so there wasn’t much money. When we all loaded up in the old station wagon, that had one door wired closed because the thingamajig that kept it closed was broken, one of us would always call out Off like . . . One day, my brother, not on purpose, said, “Off like hurdle turtles”, we all died laughing, and it became a family joke.
Thanks for bringing back the memory

Oh dear Leah you are quite welcome.  Glad I could bring back that wonderful memory for you.  You stay safe and stay hurdled … turtle.


And then an email came in!  I’ve hit a gold mine!

From Steve in Prescott, AZ

Impish, one good thing has come out of this pandemic, more posts from Impish. My wife and I are enjoying your daily posts. Keep up the great work. Smiling helps.

Thanks Steve from Prescott!  Yes, indeed it does.  Laughter keeps us alive and well.  I’m trying to do my very best, wish I could do more, but in the mean time all we can all do is try our best.

And that includes all of you.  No playing around out there!  Stay home and stay safe!


Stephanie writes:

I don’t like the fact that my chances of survival seem to be linked to the common sense of others.

Yeah, I understand that completely Steph….cause Common Sense, isn’t.


After years of wanting to thoroughly clean my house but lacking the time, this week I discovered that wasn’t the reason.

Oh, let’s take a minute and get some of these in…




Breakfast of Champions




Breaking the Bank

Breast Implants



From our dear Camper friend in Utah, Leah…

From the news:

Coronavirus updates: Salt Lake City police see rise in domestic violence calls over last 2 weeks

Stephanie is getting sneaky…

So tired of the barrage of bad news.  Brighten my day by posting a front and back picture of your credit card.


My body has absorbed so much soap and disinfectant lately, that when I pee it cleans the toilet.


And that dear friends brings us to the end of another day.  Not as much fun today, more work…but something.  I hope you all had a laugh on my behalf.

Love you all,


Impish Dragon

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2 Responses to Dragon Laffs #1687–Day 2

  1. Marsha A Mastrangelo says:

    Keep up the funny stuff….us nurses need it as we go and play Russian roulette 12 hours aday !

  2. SMSgt Chuck Gill says:

    Bob, you sound so much better now that you have a bit of time for your self. More like the Bob I used to work with way back back when. Be well my friend and don’t let the beer virus get ya down! CG

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