My Apology

I’m sorry guys.  Been very busy.  I didn’t even realize I had missed Saturday, not just the issue, but the whole day…until it was Sunday.

And now it’s Tuesday and I’m just now getting to the point to tell you all that I’m fine, nothing is wrong, just super busy. 

I’ll have an issue for you on Saturday….

I hope.


Impish Dragon

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3 Responses to My Apology

  1. John Zawilinski says:

    Please remove John from your e-mail list.  He passed away on July 8th.  Thank You  

  2. Danny Manger says:

    Good to see that you’re okay and there are new DragonLaffs forthcoming. They are worth the wait.

  3. Ginny. says:

    We all understand or should….just glad you are breathing fire somewhere. Take care you are our favorite DRAGON!

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