Dragon Laffs #1572–Happy Thanksgiving!



As difficult as it has been for all of us, with Thanksgiving being tomorrow, it is still worth taking the time to mention a few things we are thankful for.  1

Other than the obvious family and loved ones, which I am overwhelmingly thankful for, I am thankful for all of you.  For, if it wasn’t for you, there’d be no reason for any of us to be here.

I’m thankful for my partner, brother, and best friend, Lethal Leprechaun.  The brother I never knew I had until we met when we were both broken old mythical creatures.  Love you bro and you are always in my prayers. 

TurkeyI’m thankful for my brothers the wise and honorable Owl and my other brother, the brave and adventurous Wolf.  You are both always in my heart.  I know I don’t maintain contact the way I should, but know that you are always in my thoughts.

My dad, Papa Dragon Most Senior, of course is always in my thoughts and prayers.  I love you much.

I’m thankful for the Whelpling and his family and all the little grand-dragonlets that I miss very much and wish we could see for the holidays.

I’m thankful for mom, Aunt Jeannie, Ginny, Paul, and all the rest of you who contribute and care and share and pray and …. are just you.  You are all so very special.83d0eb5b667f2abc397e3b38913230d8

I’m thankful for one of my oldest and bestest friends who contributes to not only this blog, but to my own personal well being.  Wheats and I were roommates when we were both stationed at Spangdahlem AB in Germany 37 years ago and barely a day goes by that we don’t at least say hey by text on the phone. 

I’m thankful to the men and women of the United States Military who raised their hands and swore to give up everything, up to and including their lives to protect and defend the rest of us.  They do not EVER get enough thanks for their service, but they all need to know that they have mine. 

turkey-huntI’m thankful for being alive and for God’s Blessings in my life.

And I’m thankful for all of you, allowing me this platform and this opportunity to express my thanks and opinions.

Now I think it’s time to lighten up a bit and get some laughter in before everyone needs to start making all that great food for tomorrow.

lets laugh









112511 1011_thanksgiving-two-sides-to-every-restraining-order-demotivational-poster-1290659162


A Piece of Me1

A Turkey's Black Friday2 (2)

Bad Feeling7 (2)

Bein' Thankful8 (2)

Big IF10 (2)



Horror Story19 (2)


I Have the Honor21 (2)




Midwife24 (2)


More Stuffing25 (2)

Not Christmas yet


Now, They'll Never Leave27 (2)

Plastic Surgeon28 (2)










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3 Responses to Dragon Laffs #1572–Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. lethalleprechaun says:

    Bless you all
    Bless you all
    The long the short & the tall.

  2. Maggie Culligan says:

    I agree with Ginny, and want to wish Impish and Lethal and their families the best of holidays.
    I also wish many blessing and much thankfulness to all who have and are now serving in the military.

  3. Ginny. says:

    I’m thankful there is a Dragon Laffs to lighten up all our lives, I thank Impish and Lethal for their time spent in keeping us laughing. I wish you all a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends.

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