Leprechaun’s Harvey Update #3 Aug 28th 2017


I’d open by yelling “QUACK!” but honestly this weather isn’t even fit for ducks and I have serious doubt about it’s fitness for any other aquatic life as well.

First I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for the comments of support and concern both here and in my Inbox. They has helped bolster my spirits which were already low before this hit.

Secondly, let me mention 2 things I should have yesterday:

1.) As of Sunday @ 1:40 PM it was reported that since Harvey had first started dumping rain on Houston that 419 Billion (no typo) gallons of water had fallen on us. We have not heard that figure updated and are having some difficulty with even determining how much rain our area has received as many of the rainfall sensors are either outright failing or malfunctioning. As a result of the massive accumulation of water the Army Corps of Engineers has been forced to start letting water out of two of our major reservoirs to prevent even greater problems. This of course doesn’t help the fact that the runoff channels are already at or above their capacity.

2.) Regarding the Ninja Kitties, Ginny thoughtfully inquired about them and I realized I had not mentioned them and how this was effecting them.

Neither are happy with Harvey at all. They are deprived of windows because the rain pelting them frightens them as does the wind when it slams into them. Additionally, the rain/ fogged up windows make it hard to see out of period for them.

Cats instinctively know when bad weather is approaching and this is apparently wreaking havoc with that sense of theirs. Chai has taken mostly to hiding (in some new and difficult to locate places) and sleeping, while SC pretty much just wants to be held and comforted all the time. I sat with Molly, on whom SC was laying just dozing, for about 3 hours watching the coverage and trying to read Sunday. When Molly attempted to make SC get down, SC crossed the small table between our loungers on to me.

When I would try to make her get down, she’d go right back to Molly. Usually if she is with me or on my chair, its across the top of the chair on a blanket we keep there for the purpose. I tried putting her up there because I felt bad for Molly who was trying to do something on her lap top. From SC’s reaction you’d have thought I was torturing her. I now have very clear nail patterns in my chest from all of SC’s toes from her desperately hanging to me.

When a Thunderstorm hits it’s even worse, especially when they come at night.

Moving on to our current situation:

Honestly in the last 12 hours things have gotten significantly more dicey around here.

We still have all essential services and are water tight safe and dry. Honestly, continuing to have power through out this has been one of the biggest factors in making the situation bearable. This has given us access to news and information and to the internet so we can view remotely what is happening locally as well as kept us comfortable.

However our area has also now lost it’s ability to evacuate and we are now essentially cut off.

Cypress creek @ I-45 that we’ve been watching is 12 feet above its banks and has flooded the highway forcing its closure. The “rear end” of our street about 1.5 – 2 miles away is flooded from what we can see on the local cameras and we think some of the complexes back there are likely flooding.

FM 1960, our “main drag” which we can access by going in the opposite direction is now flooded and a staging area for rescue boats. The underpass where it passes under the I-45 that you would have to travel to even access the highway to go North (away from the storm, the only logical direction to go) is completely under water and impassible.

I was going to write more but we just lost our power. Perhaps more later on

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6 Responses to Leprechaun’s Harvey Update #3 Aug 28th 2017

  1. Howard says:

    Hopefully your luck will continue. I know it’s rough from your perspective, but you guys are weathering (pardon the pun) it much better than many others. Prayers, good thoughts and best wishes that you continue to stay safe and dry!! Take care of yourselves!!!

    • lethalleprechaun says:

      We really have been extremely fortunate and lucky through out all of this event.

      Thank you and everyone else for their good wishes, thoughts, and prayers.
      I was always a bit skeptical about them previously, however, I’m pretty much a believer in
      their power now.

  2. Chuck Gill says:

    Continuing to keep you and yours in our prayers. We are between Baton Rouge and Hammond Louisiana and are getting hit with heavy rain bands now.

    • lethalleprechaun says:

      My best advice Chuck is if you even think the area you are in might flood leave early.
      Better to have jumped the gun then been flooded in.
      Appreciate the prayers I swear they’ve made all the difference in the world.

  3. Ginny. says:

    I didn’t like when you said yesterday that some water was pooling. That usually means it will eventually be more than just pooling. Also, so many people sitting on roofs to be rescued….aren’t you on ground level? In all my many years, I have NEVER seen such destruction from a hurricane. Take care of yourself, Molly and Ninja kitties….if possible keep the updates coming.

    • lethalleprechaun says:

      We are on ground level but do have access to the upper tier of apartments common outside walkway if required.
      Unfortunately, there is no roof access and it’s just too pitched to be safe on. You should see all the safety
      equipment used when they get up there to blow out the gutters.

      As for the ponding areas, they are quite small (3′ X10′) and in 2 areas where a serious rainfall always results in ponding before it sinks in. The difference being they are just not sinking in as the ground is saturated. I think at any point they attempt to grow larger than that they wind up running off until the small areas can’t due to the higher ground around it. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the areas and they do not seem to be getting any larger except during heavy rain bands, which thankfully have been fewer and not nearly as heavy over the course of the day.

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