Lethal Leprechaun and Harvey Update

As many of you know, Lethal and family lost power at the end of his last update about 1500 EST.  It made several attempts to come back on, but ultimately failed.

Two and a half hours later (1730 EST) I got a quick text that said “Readi Kilowatt be praised! We have power again”

Rainfall rate has slowed considerably to about half an inch per hour now.  Still, we need basically no rain for flood waters to go down.

By 1800 he was saying that they were all going to nap and how much they needed it.  But before I could even wish him pleasant dreams, I got this.

Out again!

And back on

Scaring crap out of us now.

And that was last I heard two and a half hours ago.  Let’s continue to keep them all in our prayers.

Impish Dragon

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3 Responses to Lethal Leprechaun and Harvey Update

  1. lethalleprechaun says:

    At the moment we still have power. While we rested neither of us could actually fall asleep. We’ve eaten a hot meal which we had not figured on being able to do after losing power for which we are greatful. Centerpoint Energy is doing an increadable job of maintaining the power. There are only 120,000 people with out power and given the size and scope of Harvey that number is nothing short of miraculous, especially when you consider the difficulities they are having just moving around the city.

    The Army Corp of Engineers has been forced to begin controlled releases of several levees and reservoirs, in one case to attempt to prevent the collapse of the levee ala New Orleans during Katrina.
    Unfortunately, this is going to increase the flood levels in some already flooded areas. High water rescue efforts have ceased for the day at 7 PM because it’s too dark and too dangerous for them to continue. Many road ways have been undermined and there have been numerous reports of roads with sinkholes being hidden by the flood waters. Even a missing manhole cover in the flood waters can be dangerous for a rescue vehicle and potentially fatal for a rescuer.

    We continue to be safe secure and dry for the present as well as monitoring the situation. Our best gestimate based on the information
    we’re seeing on the TV is that our total rainfall in our area is now in the 28 to 33″ range with more expected.

  2. Dale says:

    Amen….being praying for all those in that area….

    • lethalleprechaun says:

      Thanks, Dale.

      I swear that all those praying for us is making a serious difference as evidenced by the fact that as far as I know
      fatalities directly attributable to Harvey are still in the single digits. That is probably an unheard of statistic
      for a storm of this magnitude and duration

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