Leprechaun Update

LL update Apr 2016


This is Impish Dragon  bringing you a live update….okay, so not so live, but an update just the same…on our dear friend Lethal Leprechaun.  As many of you know, Lethal hales from the great state of Texas, specifically Houston.  And, as many of you also probably know, Houston has gotten over 18 inches of rain in the last 24 hours and close to 40 inches in the last two days.  Oh, and by the way, more rain is in the forecast.

Well, needless to say, our dear green one has been a bit more concerned with life and limb and not as concerned, rightfully so, with his normal Wednesday Leprechaun Laffs.  He got power back about noon on Tuesday, after being without for over 30 hours.  And he’s one of the lucky ones.  The news says that some people are still without power and maybe for several more days.


No issue from Lethal.  Maybe not for a few days, maybe not until next week. 

I do know that if you send him well wishes through the comment section he will eventually read them.  Unlike sending email or text messages which may or may not ever get through.  The last we talked, we figured that about 40% of our texts were getting through on a timely basis.  Sometimes he would get several hours worth all at once and sometimes he wouldn’t get mine at all.  Same for the ones he sent to me.

So, to make up for your lack of a Leprechaun Laffs, I’m going to dump … or …. um … graciously send you some cartoons for your enjoyment.


Impish Dragon



















Julie Newmar

Just Good Friends

just got a dodge

Just watching

Justin Bieber







I wanted so bad to get to this one cartoon, that I just kept adding cartoons until I got there.  It just really cracked me up.  Choking on her own Bullshit.  If only!  Anyway, one more cartoon and we’ll call it a day.  Remember to send those messages to Lethal through the comments section and be well until we meet again.


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10 Responses to Leprechaun Update

  1. Lethal Leprechaun says:

    Thurs @ 1:40PM.
    Apparently about 40 min ago as I was napping power got restored. Only 3 hours w/o this time.
    Slightest wiff of smoke in house. Since Impish didn’t drop by for visit now I need to figure out what electronic doodad bit it in the Tstorm.

    • impishdragon says:

      Might be the care package I sent. Could still smell a little of brimstone. Just a little something to help tide you over.
      3 cases of Irish Whiskey
      4 cases of Irish Creme
      Half a cow-pre cooked
      Some other goodies.

  2. Lethasl Leprechaun says:

    Thursday @ 10 AM.
    Another string of violent Tstorms marching through the area.
    Power out again. They say estimated restoration is 6 PM.
    Another wasted day. Guess we’ll see. Wonder if my office will flood again?
    They just came yesterday to vacuum and shampoo the carpet.
    Sigh! Is it too early to start drinking?

    • impishdragon says:

      Never too early for a splash in the coffee

    • Ginny says:

      Damn Lethal, by all means put lots of splashes of Irish something in your coffee. What did Houston do to “Mother Nature” she really seems pissed off? My heart is breaking for you and Molly….just not fair. Take care of yourself too, you don’t need this stress!

  3. Lethal: I have distant family in your area. We are keeping tabs on them also. Keep up the good work and hold your head up high.. or at least above the water!

  4. Lethal Leprechaun says:

    I was told I didn’t build that Ark so I had to let others aboard. Now it’s a floating ghetto.

    We may get up to another .75 to 1.5 inches of rain today. Thinking of giving up & turning my office into giant Roman style bath.

  5. Maggie says:

    Letha,, keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Hope all are safe,warm and somewhat dry Take care and hopefully everything with be better soon.

    Impish,, glad that you could fill in for the Green Fella. Liked the pictures

  6. Paul K-9 says:

    Hi Lethal,
    Man have you guys been getting hit with some crazy weather. If this keeps up you should think about building an Ark, or at least buy some land and plant a Rice Paddy or Cranberry Bog.
    Kidding aside, I hope you guys made it through without any serious problems.
    Be well my friend, Paul.

  7. Ginny says:

    Thanks for the info on Lethal, I was very concerned. You did a nice job with this Hail Mary issue lots to laugh at. I told Lethal awhile ago about building the ark with the rains they seem to be getting in Houston. I will keep him and Molly in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully he didn’t lose too much….poor guy didn’t need this on top of feeling shitty.

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