Happy Anniversary


Good Morning Campers,

Today is a very special day for two of our dearest friends that we’ve never met in real life.  But that’s the way it works in this marvelous world we’ve created.  Everyone here at the facility know who you guys are and they all wanted to join in on congratulating you. 

Ginny and Paul (also known as the Grumpy Old Man) are today celebrating their 49th Wedding Anniversary. Only one year away from Gold!  happy_anniversary

Forty-nine years.

I can’t hardly imagine.

But, with these two wonderful friends, I’m sure it’s just a drop in the bucket.

Lethal Leprechaun and I talked about having a special announcement for you guys and we both wanted to be the one who put it together.  We played Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock; the best two out of three.  He won the first round, then he won the second round and that should’ve been the end of it, but I caught him cheating!  He had an extra rock up his sleeve!  Can you imagine?  He tried to tell me that it didn’t mean anything in Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock, but while he was explaining how it didn’t matter, I pushed him into a broom closet and propped a chair up against the door handle.  Then I ran into my office to type out this special wish for a wonderful and happy day.



Now, I have to go let Lethal out before he has a chance to think of too many ways to punish me.  But, he did have a rock up his sleeve…

…so it’s his own fault…


…He’ll see it that way, too…


Okay, maybe a hiding place would be better.  I gotta go.



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11 Responses to Happy Anniversary

  1. joe says:


    will just be my 32 on the 22

  2. Henry says:

    HAPPY 49th, and more to enjoy.

  3. Ginny says:

    My Mom use to listen to a song “LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT’ It is so very true, having you remember our 49th anniversary means a lot to us! The day we got married, we had to wait for another couple getting married before us….wonder if they made it? We had are good and bad years, but when you do it with your best friend…you make the bad become good again. Thanks again for remembering a special day to us.

  4. lethalleprechaun says:

    Happy Anniversary Ginny & Paul! While Molly and I started out too late in life (at least my life)
    to ever see 49 years I do hope what time togeather we are blesed with finds us half as compatable and happy as you too are. I toast your life togeather with my cuppa Brown Gold!

    May the blessing of light,
    Be with you always,
    Light without and light within,
    And may the sun shine
    Upon you and warm your heart
    Until it glows
    Like a great fire
    So that others may feel
    The warmth of your love
    For one another.

    Impish as for you: Gold nuggets are not ‘rocks’! And of course I hid it up my sleeve! You burst into my office all excited about Ginny & Paul’s Anniversary while I was checking it for purity before buying the mine. I had to keep you from spotting it and whining to have it on short notice. You were bouncing around so excited you shook the damned thing down my sleeve. It never came into play, and I can prove it. If it had you’d have said something to everyone about my using gold rocks-real gold ones.

    SO, you think you can get away with locking me in a broom closet? Do you REALLY want to go back down the ‘I got to hide’ road so soon? And with Hillary and her assasins out there? Trust me when I say I’ll have my revenge where when and how you’d least expect it!

  5. Maggie says:

    Happy Anniversary Ginny and Paul,, have a wonderful celebration!!!!!!!!

  6. Dale says:

    Happy 49th Anniversary Ginny & Paul!! May you always have the ‘spark’ for each other that started your life journey together.

    • Ginny says:

      Funny you say that we always have a spark for each other…..Paul retired in 2010 as a professional firefighter. Thanks for your wishes.

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