Dragon Laffs #1454 part 2

Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh Crap!  West…that’s it, I’ll go west

blue dragon flying 3

No.  No.  No.  the militias are all on standby.  I can’t do that… East.  Yeah.  Ginny will hide me.

blue dragon flying 2

Oh shit.  That won’t work, that’s the first place he’ll look.  And no way I can make it all the way out to Diaman’s place.  I’ll head south.

blue dragon flying

No!  No! South leads to Texas.  THAT’LL NEVER work!!  North it is!

blue dragon flying 4

Nothing but Canadians up north.  Do I even know any Canadians?  Don’t have time to even find out.  Oh!  I know!

blue dragon flying 5

Shit, that won’t work either!  The Queen!  She owes me a favor!!

blue dragon flying 6

And England is always foggy and cloudy…yeah, they’ll never find me there.  Where the heck am I even going?

blue dragon flying 8I gotta hide!  blue dragon flying 7

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7 Responses to Dragon Laffs #1454 part 2

  1. lethalleprechaun says:

    Leprechaun down! Leprechaun is down! We need those medics up here now!
    Impish had door way trapped. Cleaned Lethal off his feet with a swinging pony keg of Lethal’s own Ale!
    Impish shouted about being innocent and escaped out the back.
    Repeat negative capture subject on the run. No eyes on subject

  2. Diaman MacKedsy says:

    Jersey is good but the SEAL base in Coronado is better. I watch those guys day & night…you’ll
    be safe here. Not to worry!!

  3. Maggie says:

    what DID you do blue boy????,, it can’t be that bad,, will help if I can

  4. Ginny says:

    Don’t you worry my dear friend….come back to Jersey. You and I both know how we hide bodies and people. Ask Diaman, she will agree, together we can do it! Don’t let that Little Green Fart threaten you….

    • lethalleprechaun says:

      Ginny, Maggie, & Diaman let me answer the question of what exactly Impish has done for you since the Wanted Poster apparently didn’t spell it out well enough.

      Those tunnels that he’s made such free use of were in fact part of an old coal mining complex on that side of the mountain. The particular tunnels in question were left open and connected to our corporate complex and designated a ‘Dragon emergency escape route’ largely becasue they were big enough to fit his robustly rotund rump through and the rails made a very handy set of runners for a sort of autopiloted skateboard to assist Impish with exiting with all due haste in the event of trouble.

      Mr. Lazy decided to start making use to them to get to the Saturday Morning Meadow instead of taking the longer public way around. NOW he’s apparently added all manner of unauthorized extra equipment and mechanics to the area (at corporate expense & with corporate manpower w/o approval) which it was never intended to have and for very good reason.

      That reason is the type of coal that was mined here was Lignite specifically, Lignite has a high content of volatile matter which means its very easy to burn. Unfortunately, its high moisture content and susceptibility to spontaneous combustion can cause problems in transportation and storage. Or when some dolt of a dim bulb dragon starts hydraulic and electrical fires simultaniously in an abandoned Lignite mine!.

      I think you can see where many of the charges are stemming from now. Some of the Dwarves Impish strong armed into assisting him are missing, and are presumably still someplace in the smoke heat & fire filled mine. A mine which runs under a good part of the meadow, especially the seating area.

      When I contacted our insurance company about a construction related catastrophe they responded ‘what construction? You said the Recreational & Reception Center was completed. A few fast questions with the local contractors and building department revealed that Impish had not followed proper procedure or planning.

      As for the last 2 charges:
      1.) He was serving my Brown Gold yesterday not the Patron’s Special Roast to Patrons.
      2.) As you can see from his Part 2 post he’s fleeing and hiding necessitating a Country Wide Dragon hunt

      Canada isn’t going to help Impish, NORAD has been placed on alert and Canada has scrambled its manned kite squadrons, both their bi-planes, and managed to get a WWII era Zeppelin (named the Flaming Bratwurst) up in the air to blockade their air space. Additionally the Quebec Provence is lining its boarder with rude French speakers sporting shoulder fired day old moldy Baguette launchers while the Ontario Provence is using water balloon sling shots loaded with exploding hockey pucks. Toronto’s CN Tower is being used as a manned observation post scanning for your flying flabby hide.

      As for England while the Queen might owe you a favor, the Empire owes me several billion pounds sterling. Several billion pounds which I might add they don’t have if I call the overdue loans in. Care to venture a guess which carries more pull?

      • Ginny says:

        Well lets say….only you and Impish know all this mythical “stuff” The three of us were more worried about our cute little dragon. Perhaps he made these new tunnels…..he probably is DRAGONing by the end of the week and wanted a more direct route. You gots to chill……hey what’s more important….how are we doing with donations to pay the bills to keep you guys going for another year??????

      • impishdragon says:

        I did what to who???? No. No. No. I didn’t start any fires!!!! I was above ground at the time!! You all SAW me!!! And I did NOT serve your brown gold!!! When have I ever even had ACCESS to your Brown Gold? And when have I ever been the one who served ANYTHING at an issue? That’s what we have kitchen staff for!
        No. I’m staying in hiding and keeping away until these horrible and salubrious charges are dropped! You’ll never find … … Hang on a sec. Someone’s at the door.
        Oh hey Lethal, come on in. I was just sending a … LETHAL!!!!! How did you find me?!?! Ow! No!! Ouch!! Not the shillelaghs! Ouch!

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