Dragon Laffs #1393

Good Morning Campers!
Happy day. 

Well, for most of you, I hope.  Sadly, I’m at work while most of you are reading this.  But, I’m getting paid overtime, so there are some pluses involved.
I’m also doing double duty here at DL&LL Enterprises while Lethal is off gallivanting around the high-seas, on a well deserved vacation. I’ve been left, if not in charge, then at least nominally, responsible for this place.  Thankfully, the place pretty much runs itself, which is good, cause that leaves us available for the artistic work…Okay, so it leaves us time to screw off and do what we want.  Are you happy Lethal?  <Looking up towards the ceiling to the known “hidden” speakers>  I know you’re listening.  That’s right.  I’m spending my time screwing around!

Dramatic Sigh!

Okay, so I WISH I was screwing off.  In actuality, it’s hard keeping this place going by myself.  But, I am a dragon of means.  And it is working out fine!

Now, let’s get to this!

coollogo_com-16927796Let’s start today with a beautiful video of a girl who wanted nothing more than to be like the other kids and how a special company and the help of her friends made that happen.

But there’s more!

Published on May 4, 2014

UPDATE: if this video gets 1 million views Hanger Clinics will donate another arm to a deserving teenager!! Please share!
Torri’s biggest dreams was to give her dad a hug.
She was born with a right arm that only grew up to her elbow. In the fall of 2013, her high school friends started a campaign called #HandforTorri that they hoped might get the attention of someone who could help. The Buried Life, with the generous support of Invisible Children and Hanger Clinics, were able to come through for Torri.
So now you know.  Send this video to everyone you know.  Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV0bdzQRBD8
Let’s help another deserving kid get an arm!  We can help!

And since we’re watching uplifting videos, let’s watch another one.

Best Facebook post ever!  I have no idea why 911 didn’t work, probably too overloaded with the storm, but this worked out for them!






This is a really, REALLY low pass by and F-16


And this is a crash just barely averted.



DragonPapa1 (263)



And since we’re making this a video heavy issue, let’s add another video and make it a just a bit heavier.  Here’s a beer commercial that goes away from the normal noisy, goofy bar scenes and plays a wonderful message for the military.







This is one of those poster type things that the makeuseof.com website puts out every now and then.  This one I found quite interesting and decided to present it here.  So…. here you go.  I sure learned something.






Women’s survey on size ………. 

Women’s response to … 

2 inches – I can’t even hold it.
3 inches – Never been so unsatisfied
4 inches- I’ve had bigger than it ..
5 inches- Good, but I wish a bit bigger!
6 inches- perfect.
7 inches- Love it.
8 inches – Wow!, but cant have it all.
9 inches – Painful but manageable.
10 inches- Too much pressure on stomach. 

This survey was Customer’s Feedback on different SIZES of Subway Sandwiches.
But I like the way you think!


A new benefit for our Veterans.  Who says that the current administration doesn’t give a damn about our Vets?  This just proves how wrong they are!!

It’s provided by Obamacare;
under “Physical Therapy for Veterans”


The pool also comes with a lid for covering when not in use.  Portable for placement in the sun if you like the water a little warmer or in the shade if cooler water is desired!  This Obamacare is really great !









Supermoon due Saturday; 3 expected this summer

This could be really cool.  I’m hoping to get some pictures.  If so, you’ll see them Here!

The tremendous size of the “supermoon” could be appreciated as it appeared last May behind the colossal statue of Christ of the Andes in Brazil. AP File Photo

NEW YORK >> The full moon on Saturday will appear to be unusually big. In fact, it will be a “supermoon.”

That’s the nickname for full moons that happen when our celestial neighbor is relatively close to Earth. That distance varies because the moon follows an elliptical orbit. When it’s close and full, it appears bigger and brighter than normal, although in fact the difference can be hard to detect.

If you see Saturday’s moon close to the horizon it may seem huge, but that’s just an illusion caused by its position in the sky.

Two other full moons this summer, on Aug. 10 and Sept. 9, are also supermoons.

It’s not all that unusual to have a supermoon. There were three in a row last year.

Okay, here’s mine, but it’s not that good…




This clip is GREAT!  It’s a 43 second commercial and you don’t know until the very end that you even know who the sponsor is.  Have fun.








Some really outstanding inventions…and a couple of goofy ones. 



Today’s Last Word is a little different…short, sweet and to the point.
Thanks to Dad for sending this my way.

I love it when a complicated situation can be explained in such simple

* Democrats don’t understand THE DEBT CEILING
* Republicans don’t understand THE DEBT CEILING
* Liberals don’t understand THE DEBT CEILING

** SO, allow me to explain. *
Let’s say you come home from work and find there has been a sewer backup in
your neighborhood.
Your home has sewage all the way up to your ceiling.

*What do you think you should do — *
1.  raise the ceiling, or
2.  pump out the shit?

*Your choice is coming in November**!*

Need I say more?

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