Dragon Laffs #1391

Good Morning Campers!
With Independence Day being less than a week away, I can only tell you to hold onto your hats for what Lethal has cooking for us this year!  Speaking of cooking, guess who’s going to be featured behind the grill at our annual Independence Day, 4th of July party?  Now, I’m not saying he’s going to be doing the regular hotdogs and hamburgers, nor even the roasted silver worms and starfish, but this year will definitely feature a bunch of Lethal Leprechaun’s cooking!  How about that!
And fireworks!  Oh my lord!  We have some of the best pyrotechnic wizards, pyromaniacs, and fire breathing dragons performing for you this year!  It is going to be a par-tay!
Okay, for those of you who are going to make it, there are sign-up sheets spread around, as well as liability waivers for damages.  That’s right.  If you enter the dwarf throwing contest and the dwarf turns out to be a 15th level warrior and he throws YOU out of the ring, well we ain’t paying your doctor bills.
The unicorns have graciously volunteered horse back riding for the little kids.  Little kids only please because they can only be touched by virgins.  Any adults attempting to ride who aren’t virginal, well, we’re not going to help you get that horn puncture wound out of you, but we may laugh at your silly ass and take pictures.  And here’s a message to parents.  DO NOT bring your teenage children in to see if they can ride the unicorns!  This is NOT a virginity test for your kids, your fiancée or any other silly thing like that.  This is a fun party.  That’s it.  Trust me when I tell you that the unicorns have their own ways of dealing with people who try that silly shit.
The Centaurs will be putting on an Archery demonstration with basic archery lessons being offered to anyone who’s interested.
There will be pin the tail on the harlot and water polo with the mer-folk, all kinds of things going on.  It will begin about noon on Friday and go until sometime after the fireworks end…which maybe sometime on Sunday, who knows.
Anyway, something for you to look forward to.  Again those of you with the right credentials and directions.  If you need the portal coordinates, let us know and we can messenger them to you.  After a thorough check first.  If you are already a mythical creature, you know where to go.

So, for now, it’s on with the show. 


Let’s start out with a video that shows what I believe is a shocking truth.  Or at least they proved it in their limited experiment.  Wouldn’t you like to be more well liked?  Be perceived as the nicer person, the better guy?  How about if you could do it by making one small, easy, inexpensive change?  Watch this and you won’t believe it.



Okay, so this doesn’t surprise me at all, and actually makes a lot of sense.


Through the eyes of a man…

A wife was curious when she found two old negatives in a drawer and had them made into prints.
She was pleasantly surprised to see that they were of her at a much younger, slimmer time, taken many years ago on one of her first dates with her husband. When she showed him the photos, his face lit up. “Wow, look at that!”, he said with appreciation, “That’s my old Ford!”.



I KNEW IT!!!!  and we all thought he didn’t have a policy!


DragonPapa1 (261)









Seems like us poor men can’t do anything right when it comes to women… here’s a great example:

A man sees his wife is busy in the kitchen and says: “Can I help?”

She says, “Sure, take this bag of potatoes, peel half of them and put them in a pot to boil.”

You know this poor guy got his ass handed to him, right?  Did he not do exactly what was asked of him?  Like I said, we can’t ever win.








Okay, that’s funny.  I don’t care who you are!







I didn’t know that spiderman had any pets, but these cats have obviously been watching him too long.



I got nothin’!  This isn’t like kids throwing tied up sneakers over the wire, or even like last week’s car over the wire.  A tornado?  I saw a moose once hung up like this.  They say he was standing over the wire while it was on the ground during installation and when they, miles away, started to pull the wire tight, he got caught.  So maybe this is the same type of thing.



Of all the things to run into on the road, an oven and stove top is probably right there on the bottom of my list.



Well, I’m certainly not going to believe that the dude is floating in air.  His staff is touching the ground on one side and his belt on the other, so I’m going with that.  Besides, I know most of the truly magical by sight and this guy ain’t one of them.













True Story



A Marine Pilot shows an awesome display of precise flying.  Pretty cool video.  Thanks to Kim Komando’s website for pointing this one out.







Here it is, Friday night and I’m sitting here with my mouth stuffed with cotton because I just had two teeth pulled a couple of hours ago and I’m in a little bit of pain (<– use understatement font here) which is causing me to be just a little on the pissy side. (<—and here)
Well, I was kinda gonna go into something political but then this thing from my home state caught my eye.  And now I’m REALLY pissed!!

Okay, here’s the article from the NJ.com

Mom beaten as toddler tries to intervene; Salem police seek assailant

WARNING: The video included in this story contains foul language and scenes of violence that some viewers may find disturbing.  Take that warning to heart folks.  I included it from a different source that I found on youtube with a bit of news commentary to go with it, but it is brutal.

SALEM — Police are searching for a woman seen on an amateur video savagely beating another woman as the victim’s 2-year-old son watched and pleaded for the violence to stop.

“Police in this county deal with this type of violence everyday. Yet, this video is physically sickening to watch,” Salem Chief of Police John J. Pelura III said Wednesday.

The suspect in the case has been identified as Latia Harris, 25, of Salem, who is facing charges of aggravated assault and two counts of making terroristic threats, Pelura said. She has not yet been apprehended.

A video showing the violent attack had been posted for a brief time Tuesday night on Facebook before it was taken down. Law enforcement and others were able to obtain a copy of the video.

The person who took the video appears to have happened upon the incident and began recording, probably using a cell phone. The video shows several others watching the beating and recording it on phones while the victim’s toddler son tries to intervene on behalf of his mother, kicking at the assailant.  (You got that, right?  Everyone was watching and video taping and the only person with enough guts to try to stop this assault was the victims toddler son!  When/if you watch the video you can even hear the bystanders making comments like it’s all some big game!  I’m absolutely sickened.)

The assault took place Tuesday evening on a path that leads through a grassy and partially wooded area between the McDonald’s restaurant on East Broadway and the Harvest Point Apartments on Grieves Parkway.

According to Pelura, officers were called to the entrance to Harvest Point “for a woman who was covered in blood and appeared to have been assaulted” Tuesday around 7:10 p.m. The chief said the unidentified victim was “disoriented, confused and bleeding from the face.”

Pelura said the victim said a woman named “Tia” who works at McDonald’s assaulted her and “accused her of spreading rumors about her and her manager.” In the video the suspect is dressed in what appears to be a McDonald’s restaurant employee uniform — a burgundy shirt and black pants.

As bystanders watched, the victim is thrown to the ground and beaten about her face and kicked in her back by the suspect, the video shows. During the beating the suspect continued to rant, using foul language and saying something about possibly losing her job.

The victim’s toddler son yelled for the beating to stop and kicked at the suspect’s legs several times. The victim is seen being punched at least 20 times and bleeding profusely.

At one point, Pelura said, and it is clearly seen in the video, Harris threatened to kick the victim’s son in his face. The video shows the assailant spitting on the victim and walking away, asking those recording the incident not to post it on social media.

The victim, a 27-year-old Salem woman, is seen left on the ground with blood in her hands from the beating to her face.

The victim was taken to The Memorial Hospital of Salem County, Mannington Township, for treatment. Pelura said the fact that bystanders watched and recorded the incident and did nothing to stop it is sad. (Sad?  SAD!!  It’s deplorable!  Reading between the lines no one even called 911 while the beating was going on.  It wasn’t until afterwards that the call was made saying that a woman covered in blood was disorientated and walking around the front of the apartment complex.  What the hell is wrong with our society where something like this could not only go on, but that no one would even attempt to step in and stop it or even call the authorities, not that they could have gotten there in time, but still!)

“There is a moral and social breakdown in the fabric of our society which is clearly evident when a woman gets pummeled in broad daylight in front of her child while a dozen people pull out their phones to record the incident instead of calling for help,” Pelura said. “There is so little regard for human life — by the actor and the bystanders.”  (I think the friggin’ bystanders should be charged as well.  I don’t know with what…inhuman indifference?…there’s gotta be something.  This is pure bullshit.  Okay, for those of you interested, here’s the video:

Okay, just before posting this there has been an update on the website.  Let’s see what they have to say…

Basically, the second article, which I will not bother reprinting here, gives the same information as above, has some gruesome pictures of the poor woman’s injuries and goes on to say that the bitch who beat on her is still at large, faces several different charges, including:
Aggravated Assault
Two Counts of making Terroristic Threats
And here’s a quote from the article: In the warrant issued for her arrest, authorities charge Harris attempted to “cause significant bodily injury” to the victim “under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life.”  And that should be what the bystanders who did absolutely NOTHING are charged with, too.  “Showing extreme indifference while someone caused significant bodily injury under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life.”

Oh man I’m so angry I’m shaking.  And in my own beautiful state of New Jersey.  Okay, so maybe it’s not in the beautiful part of the state, being kinda between Newark and Philadelphia, but it’s still so wrong.  I’m heartbroken, not only by what happened, but by the complete and total lack of help by the people watching.  Watching like it was their afternoon entertainment.


I’ve got to go find a good human interest story somewhere for next week to wipe this taste out of my mouth over this crap. 

That’s all I got folks, have a great weekend.




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3 Responses to Dragon Laffs #1391

  1. The floating guy in red robe. His belt is not touching the ground. Look at the shadow.

  2. Ginny says:

    I too watched this brutal beating and was shocked with the amount of people watching and making videos. How the hell did they sleep at night? What if it was them or their family members…..makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • impishdragon says:

      I know, Ginny. I can’t help myself, I’m so very disappointed, shocked and pissed off about this. The men watching can’t possibly call themselves men or they would’ve done something to stop it. At best, they are punks, who themselves deserve a beat down of proportional kind.

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