Dragon Laffs #1330–A Dragon Laffs EXTRA!!


Good Morning Campers!  And a very special good morning to our Dear Diaman, I know it’s very early in the morning…or very late at night, depending on your point of view… and I hope you are feeling better dear.  I have a VERY SPECIAL TOUCH that will make you feel all better, all you must do is ask.  I’d be happy to fly over, wrap my wings about you and … ahem … maybe another time.

Anyway, the reason for my extra.  I wanted to give you a glimpse behind the scenes, as it were, to what really goes on around here, here now is a copy of a text session this afternoon between myself and Lethal Leprechaun. He first starts with an excuse:

Your evidence is obviously photoshopped & therefore inadmissible in court.
You have no witnesses, have obviously manufactured evidence, I have an alibi (I was with Mrs Dragon & Molly the entire time- you going to say they are WRONG?) and I’m a ‘respected’ (depending on exactly whom you ask) LAWYER.
NOW, who is the court of public opinion going to believe? Me, Mrs Dragon & Molly or a Dragon who has smacked into one too many mountains face first so as to have semi permanently scrambled his squash and lacks the situational awareness not to step in front of buses that much like mountains he seems unable to see in front of him?
Dude I KNOW you’re embarrassed about it but its past high time we talk about the elephant in the room, your eye sight is going and you’re in desperate need of glasses! I know you’re scared you’ll be labeled a Dork, but pal o mine better a live Dork Dragon then a Dead Mr. Mcgoo impersonating Dragon! Besides if we get you prescription Google Glasses you just MIGHT make it to Hipster/Geek Dragon status!
Well, let’s say that my response to him was less than complimentary.  I don’t need glasses!  Can you even see me with glasses on?
Lethal Leprechaun: LFMO @ Last Word!
Impish Dragon: I’m glad you enjoyed it.
Lethal Leprechaun: In my Defense though-seriously Dude how else am I going to slide all those hot young Nurses, Nurse’s Aides and Candy Strippers past Mrs Dragon unless its from all your buss accident care?
Impish Dragon: That’s an excellent excuse. and one I deeply appreciate.
Lethal Leprechaun: PLUS I DO sort of make up for it with my Getwellagrams and Morale boosters which I would have no reason to send you other wise (Note from Impish: You can use your own imagination as to what sort of emails go back and forth between Lethal and I)
Lethal Leprechaun: AND by mine doing it as opposed to MRs Dragon &/or your enemies it’s done with a great deal of Brofection, (Like affection, but between bros) precision and care so as not to cause permanent damage but make it LOOK like someone is doing their best to kill you so that your TRUE enemies don’t try it…successfully
Impish Dragon: And I appreciate your … um… gentleness with the bus, but man, I’m getting sore.  And about those enemies…I understand the Upright Man is …
Lethal Leprechaun: Hush you dumb lummox, not on an open line!!

Anyway, you can understand a little better as to why things aren’t always as they appear… and those nurses…yum!  Any of you out there in the health care professions, and of the female persuasion who are looking for a great business opportunity, send me an application with your specifics and you might end up the private nurse, physician or aide to a very famous dragon.  Not to mention handsome, gentle, giving, handsome, generous, handsome…

Well, there’s no sense in wasting the space, so why don’t we throw a couple of funnies in too and call it a night…or day … or whenever you’re reading this.


Okay, so you’ve got to be a fan to really get this, but trust me, it’s funny!





how the world

And that’s all folks!


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