Dragon Laffs #1325

funnies onlyOkay, so Lethal Leprechaun is absolutely, 100% correct in his comments that this is nothing more than a feeble attempt on my part to clean out my in-box, files, and boxes and boxes of stuff that I have collected over the years.  It’s true.  I admit it fully and completely.  But, I haven’t heard any complaints, so let’s get started.  Why don’t we start with some Motivational Posters on a theme.  And since I’m a male chauvinist pig who loves nothing more than to drool over (and on, at times) the wonderful, beautiful and majestic accouterments of the female body…let’s let THAT be our topic..
Epic Boobs
epic boobs2
Epic ButtocksOkay, I just realized that I could probably fill 3 episodes with pictures of partially and/or scantily clad women and although I can hear the male campers out there saying, “Hell Yeah!” okay, so they are screaming, let’s be honest.  But the ladies out there, aren’t that excited… and just as an aside, if you ladies are excited…well, send me an email off line and I’d be very happy to line up a three-way with a very cooperative dragon.  So, searching through my motivational posters for something for the ladies, I really don’t have much… there’s this guy, with boobs on his biceps..
Breast Implants
Okay, maybe not so much… well, how about this body builder?
BodybuildingHe does look an awful lot like a uterus…not that I’ve ever seen one except in pictures.  If any of you ladies really do find that attractive, which I seriously doubt, please…don’t call me.

So, instead, let’s just get a couple of more, just plain funny motivationals out there and have a good laugh.
Now, we’ll catch a couple of cartoons…or such.  Did you guys enjoy the motivationals?
499Yeah, you know, WTF?  What’s up with that?  Why is it that I can hold my phone 3 feet from the window at work and I have 4 or 5 bars and a 4G signal and I move to 3 ½ feet and it becomes an expensive paperweight.

502Especially at three o’clock in the morning when you’re trying to get to sleep

and how about all of our favorites…. some cute, cuddly and often hilarious critters.
And to wrap up this issue of just cartoon … or … um … funnies… or…what ever the hell this thing is, here’s a final laugh that really, really cracked me up!

and that, my fellow campers, is, as they say, that.

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1 Response to Dragon Laffs #1325

  1. Hank says:

    I enjoy the cartoon issue. No deep thought, just fun

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