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Good morning my dear friends.  We have a lot of special things going on today, so lets jump in to it.  I believe it’s high time we take a hard look at how we vote in this country.  After this last election, we are embroiled, yet again, with irregularities, voter fraud, Florida STILL can’t decide who won and recounts are finding SIGNIFICANT differences in what was reported and what the recount is finding.  The Electoral College may have had a place in our history, but it certainly doesn’t have a need with today’s technology available.  Isn’t the will of the people more indicative from the “popular vote” rather than the electoral college?  We also need to come up with some way of insuring that there is one vote for one person, period.  I know that we don’t want a national I.D. so what sort of other things could we do to insure that it’s impossible to cheat?  Finger prints?  National data base, retina scan?  I’m SURE there is a way.  And we need to find it.

Okay, enough of that for now, let’s laugh for a little bit.

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The Lack of Shame 

121107 jn 

This is a true story. It happened exactly as described.

It was around noon on election day, November 6, 2012. I was sitting in McDonalds. A group of old retired men were enthusiastically talking about the election… saying nothing of note, but with much ignorance and stupidity. I stayed out of it. An employee of McDonalds was clearing a nearby table and quietly said to me, “This has been going on all day… I can’t wait for this election to be over.”

A couple was waiting in line. They were a typical, mid-forties, white, middle class couple. They were listening to the old guys discussing the election and the state of the union in general.

One of the retired guys said something negative about “Obama-Care” and the middle-class white guy in line turned to him suddenly and said, “Oh yeah, well I’ll have you know that if it wasn’t for Obama’s healthcare plan, I wouldn’t have any health insurance right now.”

This silenced the old guys. He continued, appearing to speak to the room in general, “Obama made it possible for me to cut the cost of my insurance by over 80%, so I voted for him again.”

The entire room was silent. Nobody said a word. Before I knew what I was doing, I heard myself addressing him.

“You actually sound like you’re proud of that”, I said.

“You’re damn right I am,” he replied indignantly.

“In other words, you’re proud of the fact that instead of paying for your health insurance yourself, you and Obama have ganged up on ME and have forced me, at the point of a gun, to pay for part of your health insurance. You’re actually PROUD of the fact that you are mooching off of me and all those people working behind the counter in McDonald’s… that you’re part of a gang that is using the power of the government to FORCE us to pay for your healthcare. Instead of feeling ashamed… instead of bowing your head and cowering in front of all the people you are depending on to pay for your healthcare insurance… instead of meekly thanking them for the sacrifices they are being forced to make in order to benefit YOU… instead, you stand there claiming that you’re PROUD! What do you have to be PROUD of? Are you proud of the fact that you’re unable or unwilling to take care of yourself? Are you proud of the fact that you’re stealing part of their wages for your own personal greed? No… shame is what you should feel. Disgrace… embarassment… and gratitude… along with a strong dose of remorse… because YOU can’t or won’t take care of yourself and so you joined a mob of others who can’t or won’t take care of themselves… and together you’ve figured out how to force US to take care of you. Shame on you.”

Nobody said a word. The guy was stunned and his wife stood there mortified. The room was absolutely silent for a moment, then one of the retired guys started clapping… and within a few seconds, he was joined by another… then by someone across the restaurant… and pretty soon it sounded like the entire restaurant was applauding.

I had delivered my little sermon while still seated at my table. I remained seated and looked down at my meal… angry at myself for having lost my temper and butting in rather than minding my own damn business.

Within a minute or so, the room quieted down again and everyone went about their business, pretending nothing had happenned.

Then I heard the guy quietly say to the McDonald’s counter person, “Can I change my order… I’d like that, to-go please.”


What the hell is going on?  As you read through this next article, keep in mind that the listing at the bottom includes ALL 50 States!!!

Secession Movement Sweeps All 50 States

secessionSince my first report of Texas and Louisiana residents petitioning the federal government to peacefully withdraw from the United States, thenumbers have grown, until now all 50 states have petitions going and many of them have already succeeded in making their goal and topping the 25,000 necessary signatures, which triggers an official response from the White House.

While some commenters have claimed that is was only a 100,000 or so people that were pushing this, the figures are pushing upwards of 1 million and that is just since Saturday. The petitions are gaining national attention and I’ve received many emails in support of the effort and some that are against it.

Let me say those who are opposed believe that this is what Barack Obama wants: divide and conquer. Well, stop and think for a moment. We are divided in this society. It wasn’t just Barack Obama doing it though. Mitt Romney made the comment that there are 47% living on the government dole and Obama supporters. Well, that wasn’t completely true as I wrote about here. However, both men saw the country divided ideologically. It is. There is no getting around that.

But here’s the good news. These petitions to peacefully withdraw so a common unity around the principles that the Founders united around. Remember, the Revolutionary War was not wanted by the majority of the people. Neither was the War of Northern Aggression. But both were fought on principles and both were fought because of an oppressive government.

I do not wish to see bloodshed here in America with a war. In fact, that is the last thing I want. It is the last thing these petitioners want. Their petitions are for a “peaceful withdraw,” not a forcible one.

With all of this said, it will be interesting to see exactly how the White House responds. I’m guessing they will basically blow it off and say there will be no withdrawing, but then again look who is being petitioned. However, I think the public knowledge that there are those of us who are fed up with an ever encroaching federal government by both parties is healthy for the country as a whole. These states will not be divided. I am confident that we will look out for each other, but those of us who do not believe it is government’s place to be charitable would like to voluntarily do that, not be forced to do so.

Though you can find in my previous article a list of states and petitions, I’m providing and updates and alphabetized list here for quick reference.

May things remain peaceful and God grant us changed hearts of our leaders and our people and true repentance of His own people, the Church, and may He heal our land.

New Hampsire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

I’m really curious to know what all the rest of you think about this.  Also, there are several petitions going around that say that anyone who has signed one of the petitions asking to secede should be deported.  How does that make you feel?  Write to us and let us know.  You can make comments to the blog (see the bottom of the issue) or write to us both at dragonlaffs-owner@yahoogroups.com or to me at impishdragon@yahoo.com . Please let us know what you’re thinking.





Websites to visit

This one falls under two categories actually…..our Way Cool Websites To Visit and….time

And even better than all that, it actually comes from the great and all powerful Kim Komando!  This is what she has to say about: http://www.jigzone.com/puzzles/

Most fun computer games are action-packed, flashy and challenging. But sometimes, it’s fun to play an old-fashioned game with a new twist.

JigZone is an online jigsaw puzzle site with a new puzzle posted each day. Choose the number of pieces your puzzle will have, and it will time you and compare your time to the national average.

Once you’re done with that one, there are dozens more to choose from. There are several categories including animals, art, sports, nature scenes and travel, just to name a few. You can even add a photo from your personal collection if you become a member of the site!

You can also share completed puzzles with your social networks and embed puzzles in your blog. Or send a puzzle postcard to a friend with your own personal message.


I wasted spent too much time yesterday morning visiting this site.  It’s a lot of fun.  Truly.  LOL.Moo


Here’s my new bumper sticker…I put this on the car and the very next day I had a big black X in permanent marker on the front door of my house.  Do you think someone noticed something?  Should I be worried? 


big prizes


hey dude

If you



Lethal Leprechaun accidentally overturned his wagonload of corn.  The manager of the club nearby heard the noise and yelled over to the green man, “Hey Lethal, don’t worry about that wagon, come in and visit with us.  I’ll help you get the wagon up later.”
”That’s mighty nice of you,” Lethal answered, “but I don’t think Impish would like me to.”
”Aww come on, Lethal.  We’ve got cold pints and hot girls.” The manager insisted.
”Well, okay,” LL finally agreed, but added, “Impish is really not going to like it.”
After a couple of cold pints and some hot lap dances, Lethal thanked the manager.  “I feel a lot better now, but I just know old Impish Dragon is going to be really upset.”
”Don’t be foolish!” the manager said with a smile.  “By the way, where is Impish Dragon?  It’s not like him to miss a good party.”
”Oh,” said the Leprechaun, “He’s under the wagon.”


The Last Word2I’ve tried, several times in fact, to come up with some light-hearted news events or some other stories that might bring a smile to your faces for this weekend, and you know what?
I failed…
This is a horrible time in our history right now.  The poor people on the east coast will spend weeks, months, possibly years, just trying to return to some sort of normalcy.
Gen Petraeus, the current poster child for scape goats everywhere, is being drug through the mud over an affair when he should be allowed to speak freely over the damn Bengazi bullshit.
Now, on top of all that, 185,000 people across the country are out of work because the Hostess company has been forced to liquidate.  I’m not going to get into whether it was the union’s fault or the workers or whoever, but damn it all to hell, we can’t live in a world without Twinkies!  We went out at lunch on Friday and grabbed one of the last remaining boxes off the shelves at our local Kroger.  Actually, me and a sweet little gray haired old lady both grabbed for it at the same time.  All of you know what a chivalrous gentleman I am.  I am the epitome of politeness.  I helped her back up off the floor when she “accidently” tripped over my tail.  (Bitch wasn’t gettin’ MY Twinkies!)
Although we did commemorate them…

It was also a pretty good week for the littlest dragonette.  She got to have her picture taken with two of the Colts Cheerleaders.

I had to do a little bit of photoshopping on the picture in order to hide her tail, wings, and horns.  But as Lethal pointed out, even with the red-eye removal tool, her evil red eyes show through if you look close enough.  By the way, my little dragonette is the one in the middle.  A cheerleader for her elementary school.

wow2Wow!  Holy crap and wow! You’ve simply got to read this guys blog.  This entry is called: “There I go, offending people again.” http://larrycorreia.wordpress.com/2012/11/11/there-i-go-offending-people-again/ by Larry Correia and he hit theWow nail on the head dead on!  I’m gonna  have to check and see  if I’ve got any of his books in my library.
Nope, but I guess I’ll put the feelers out and see if I can track some down.

well, folks, that’s all for me this week.  May you all be blessed with laughter and smiles until we meet again.
Impish Dragon

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