Okay, so I messed up…

ashamed2I know, huge surprise, like the dragon has NEVER screwed up before.  First of all, I missed the punch line on the cowboy joke. (“I had to walk.”)

But even worse, I asked for a last push for donations to our wonderful experiment in laughter and anti-bullshit-isms and I don’t even remind you how to donate.  So, here you go…

The easiest and best way is to go to the website at http://dragonlaffs.com and on the top right column you will see:Capture

Click on the writing where it says:
”If you enjoyed what you read here, please consider donating through our Paypal link.
Thank you!”
and you will be taken right to the site on PayPal to fill out a donation for us.  You don’t even have to have a PayPal account.  All you need is a bank account or a credit card and it’s easy.  I’ve used PayPal for years and have never had a single problem with them.  Never!
If you don’t want to go to the website (I really can’t Donatefigure out why you wouldn’t want to, but if that’s the case) then you can click the little logo to the right and it will take you to the same site.  Or, if for some reason your email doesn’t work with hyperlinks, you can cut and paste this address into your web browser and do it that way: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=4X2MEADWHBYE8

As to why we are asking for money?  As you know, the Leprechaun and I do this in our spare (neither of us have “spare” time) time.  We have no advertising on the page because both of us hate giving up space to advertise someone else’s crap.  We’d rather use the space for our own crap…um…I mean stuff.  Our own good stuff.  Keeping the name “dragonlaffs.com” and paying for the bandwidth, and the storage space so that all our past issues are available to you costs money.  Neither of us is independently wealthy, recent lottery winners, or owners of our own web server.  Our families have agreed that we can spend our time, but if we have to spend our money, then it’s no longer beneficial for the good of our families.

So, there it is.  You probably won’t hear such an in-depth request for donations out of us again.  Well, at least not this year.  Let’s keep Dragon Laffs on the net and ad free. We can’t do it without your help.


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3 Responses to Okay, so I messed up…

  1. Kris Marasca says:

    I second @David A. Beatty’s emotion – THANK YOU! for putting it all together. Kris 🙂

    • impishdragon says:

      Thanks to Kris and David and everyone else who has written in and donated and sent us such nice emails. Folks, it’s those kinds of things, and those kinds of words that make it all worth while for us. And the comments and opinions that are expressed about what we present are wonderful and the epitome of what we are trying to do. Thank you all for all you do to make this possible for us.

  2. Just thank you for putting everything together

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