Thank You Lethal Leprechaun for a job Well-Done

I do not wish to take anything away from the fantastic posts that my great friend and co-owner of Dragon Laffs has sent to you today.  I hope I have waited a suitable time to say: Thank you my dear friend for representing us so well in your post today.  I appreciate your deep sacrifice for me and my family. I am proud to call you my friend, partner and brother.3b

Thank you to the veterans in our campground.  You have made us so proud to have you as readers, but most especially as friends.

For me, personally, there are far too many people to thank for their service to us.  From the men and women I have the pleasure of currently working with at Grissom ARB to those at the Indiana State Police, Miami County Sheriff’s Office, my family members who have served, and the men and women who I served with over my many years of active duty and since as a DoD civilian.

I do wish to thank my brother Ken and my buddies Wheats and Smitty.  I am SO PROUD to call you all friends.

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6 Responses to Thank You Lethal Leprechaun for a job Well-Done

  1. cloie says:

    Lethal Leprechaun you did an awesome job on today Memorial Day pages. We need to thank our service men and women more often for a job well done. My hubby was retired from the Navy after 22 yrs of service. And I know how hard it is for our service men and women to leave their family behind while they do their jobs. Keep up the awesome job.

  2. Roger Brown says:

    I really appreciate you two and all that you have done for this country as well as this ezine, but there was incorrect info about the President in it today. You posted a report from ABC saying that The President was not at Arlington National Cemetery for the Memorial Day laying of the wreath. Well according to the AJC he was there and they have pictures to back it up, now I’m not saying I agree with everything he has done but there is no need to support lies about him.
    Keep up the good work, and thanks for your service.
    Roger Brown

    • lethalleprechaun says:

      Any nonfactual posting was NOT intentional Roger. This issue was assembled over a period of days (actually nearly a week). We simply went with the best information we had as to his intentions at the time of posting. This would not be the first instance of his changing his tune and direction because he ran into public disapproval now would it?

  3. Larry S. says:

    As a retire vet myself, I wish to thank you for a VERY remarkable job and the effort you both put into todays issues. I was never in a war zone myself andwas quite close on several occasions ( nuff said), I did however lose a couple of buddies there (in Nam)
    and have talked to troops who were under fire at the time. My hat goes off to all who served in combat.

    ON a side note, I see you bashing our CIC all the time. I for one supported Obama when he ran but must admit I am somewhat disappointed in how he has handled many things including as you noted his atitude towards the military.

    However, I have more of a problem with our Republican controlled congress who blocks his evey attempt to get at least something done. How about bashing THEM once in a while! They seem to do what Congress does best… fight amongst themselves.

    IN closing , keep up the great work you are doing. I look forward to your posts.

    Larry Stockman
    MSGT, USAF (retired)

    • lethalleprechaun says:

      Larry if you check back I HAVE taken Republicans to task (the issue of the budget and neither side’s being willing to compromise comes to mind. However I personally have a hard time inditing the republicans for ANYTHING when they’re the ones that seem to be listening to what the MAJORITY of the Americans are saying and keeping the Democrats and their socialist leader from doing the opposite.

      Need I remind you of Lincoln’s words in the Gettysburg address:

      that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

      WE are the people!You Me Impish ALL OF US. NOT Obama and his Socialist cronies or the Democrats nor the Looney Liberal Left. WE MAINSTREAM LARGELY CENTRIST AMERICA. Until such time as politicians learn and remember that quote I will continue to bash on ANY AND ALL politicians right down to local dog catcher that runs afoul of my sense of what our government should be like and how it should be doing it.

    • lethalleprechaun says:

      Semper Fi Larry and Thanks. Those in front could never hope to fight and survive much less win without those in positions of support in the rear. Yes those on the front grouch about the REMFs but the truth is we couldn’t do anything, go anywhere or even eat and drink without you guys.

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