Just a quick note:

Just need to take care of a little bit of business.  Dragons don’t get their feelings hurt, what happens is, they get really pissed off.  Got this comment to my posting this morning:

Come on ID you tell us how important breast cancer is and we can help and then you omit the link. WTF. George01a

How dare you insinuate that breast cancer is NOT important to me!  It is important enough, that I put a permanent link up on the blog because YOU said that it was only in every other issue!  Are you not paying attention to the response to your own question?  Is it too much effort to go to the website to click on the link?
I click everyday from home and then click every day from work and from my cell phone.  I wear a pink ribbon on my work hat and am MORE than happy to defend the snickers I get when someone questions me on it.
Yeah George, Breast Cancer Awareness IS important to me.

Folks, if you aren’t reading the ezine on the website and are just reading it in your email, you are missing out on a good part of the experience.  Not ALL the links show up in the email version.  Not all the videos, the gifs or even all the cartoons.  The email message is just to let you know that something posted or for you to get a quick message, as in Lethal’s Public Service Announcement yesterday or this message today.

Suit yourself, but if you are a real fan, you’ll read the blog on line.



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6 Responses to Just a quick note:

  1. Sherrie says:

    way to go always fight for what is right breast cancer awareness is good charity I give money everytime time they call

  2. jeanie says:

    keep posting the breast cancer link
    everyone needs to click as much as they can
    everyone needs to be aware of breast cancer
    even the nuts of the world….
    why would anyone have a problem,with a little
    link posted to their e-mail…..

  3. lethalleprechaun says:

    So what then George, you I suppose didn’t see this comment from Impish to you after your last complaint either? You’re so special as to require Blog posting in response to y0ur comments to notice them? His previous Issue # 1194 didn’t have it either but no whine there out of you. On behalf of DragonLaffs and myself in particular George I’d like to know exactly what your malfunction with us is and why it exists. Even better I'd like the link to YOUR 6 day a week blog so we can see how perfect and superior it is to ours!

    George Sadler says:
    April 30, 2011 at 16:10

    Your breast cancer connection did not work today. George

    impishdragon says:
    April 30, 2011 at 21:13

    Nope George, you’re right. But, if you couldn’t tell, I wasn’t at my absolute best this morning. I believe I just forgot to put the link in there. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you look to the right of the main page at DragonLaffs.com, you a BRAND NEW, PERMANENT link to the breast cancer site, so it is always up. That way, doesn’t matter who posts, the link will always be on the home page!

  4. George Sadler says:

    I appologize. I am use to seeing it in the blog in its usual place. I did not see it on the right side. Excuse me. George

  5. dave hammack sr says:

    I get the email everday and i dont know even one that didnot have the breast cancer link. keep up the good work

  6. cloie says:

    Impish: you told that George off and all because he was sleeping on the job the site for Breast Cancer is always visable. Way to go, Impish

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