Snow Rejoinder

Just a quick reply to 1DAD who wrote:

Is that all you got ????????????
You would need a yard stick to see what I get
Try to make it look better

and Tom who added:

You dragons are soft pusses. During my winter in Wisconsin we had 59 inches of snow before Christmas and it was -40 without the wind chill thing. Sometimes I had to wait for a snowdrift to move out of the road before I could go to work. You need to get over it and remember it’s called winter and happens to everybody except Al Gore. Just use the dragon breath and melt the snow and ice and have a good football day and GO GREENBAY!

Here’s a picture to, as 1DAD says, “Try to make it look better”:

There you go!  112 inches!  10 feet of snow!  Does that look better?

And heck yeah!  Go Green Bay!!!!!


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3 Responses to Snow Rejoinder

  1. toni says:

    Just heard on the news that the state of Florida could be sunned-in for the next several days. Residents have been urged to hunker down at your nearest beach and/or tiki bar for further instructions. Use extreme caution when braving this blizzard of sunshine, preferably SPF30. We are asking our friends and relatives to the north to please keep us in their thoughts as we deal with two feet buried in the sand

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