December 27, 2010

Good Morning….er….um….afternoon campers!  I really had a vision of having a new Dragon Laffs Issue out today….sadly, that won’t happen until later.  I have no water in my kitchen and the maintenance dwarves are having a heck of a time getting it working.  Seems there is a magical curse put on the faucet that is blocking the water from getting out.  Now, I’m not a plumber, but it seems to me that if water is reaching the faucet, it ought to come OUT of the faucet…..yet, it’s not.  The Maintenance Dwarves have gone to get a new faucet to see if that doesn’t fix the problem…..kind of odd when all they were doing when they showed up originally was to fix a broken sprayer.
Very Odd.
Anyway, I hope to have an issue put out later today, so if you don’t get a message, check back later.


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