Dragon Laffs #2036

Well, since I’m going to push this out as soon as I’m done with this, AND since it’s not going to be a real issue, just an update, AND since it’s not really morning here anymore, but afternoon (but I suppose it’s still morning for some of you since we have campers from all over the world) I’m going to go ahead and leave the greeting of “Good Morning Campers” up there anyway and not try to fix it.

I’m home.  I got home late yesterday afternoon and was going to try to send out a quick message to all of you, even if it was by my phone app, but quite frankly, I was in such incredible pain when I finally got home and was inundated with phone calls and stuff, that I fell into bed last night at 10 pm and zonked out after about ten seconds.

I woke up at 0300 when my alarm went off to take my pain pills and antibiotic, got up and used the bathroom, climbed back in bed and was right back to sleep again until 0730 when I got up for the day.  Nine and a half hours of good solid sleep (Aside → and I’ve still been sleepy all day today) and my morning has been filled with doctor calls, home health care calls, home physical therapy calls and all the family/friends that I didn’t notify yesterday and who didn’t get notified down the telephone tree figuring, “okay, it’s been long enough, he hasn’t called me, I’m calling him.”  And this is one of the times that I figure that Facebook would have come in handy.  But, since I really don’t use Facebook, even if I put something on my page, nobody would have seen it anyway since I never use it.

So, that’s the story of yesterday and today, so here’s the hip story.  And of course, it has to be dramatic or it just wouldn’t be Impish Dragon, right?

So, surgeon warned me ahead of time that some of this stuff might happen, so as not to be a surprise to me when I came out.  The stuff he warned me about wasn’t the worst of it as far as I’m concerned, but here goes.  He told me afterwards that it was one of the worst hips he had EVER seen.  Hip probably should have been replaced like two years ago, but I was busy taking care of Mary and put my own well-being to the side.  Paying for that decision now, but wouldn’t change a thing.  Be that as it may, the muscles were very chewed up and, because it was bone on bone in my hip (cartilage was completely gone) a portion of the hip bone was worn away as well.  Well, you can’t put a new hip joint in and have it be loose, so there was some extending and stuff he had to do to make the joint nice and tight the way it is supposed to be.  Consequently, my left leg, with the new left hip, is now about 1 inch longer than the right leg.  And don’t think THAT doesn’t make it weird as shit to walk on.

And because the muscles were so badly deteriorated, they feel like they were beaten on instead of just cut through smoothly.  So, they are VERY sore and bruised instead of  just along the incision.  The actual incision area isn’t really that bad, the part that hurts really bad is the back of my thigh, my butt (of all places?!) and like wrapped around my knee in that area (!?!).  So, much more painful this time around than last time.  The whole offset with the difference in lengths.  When I asked about a work release for the time off, I was expecting him to say 6 or maybe 8 weeks.  And he says that I’m to be off work for 3 months!!!  When I asked him about it, his answer was, “It was a really bad hip.”  So yeah, drama.  

Anyway, that’s the update for getting me home.  I started this little update 3 1/2 hours ago, and with phone ringing and people coming over and dog drama and since I started this sentence the following drama…

I just received a bill in the mail for $34,000 for Mary’s final hospital stay that was supposed to be worked out already.  So, since I started with the Insurance company last time this happened, this time I called the hospital billing department … twice … since we got disconnected on the first call and I had to explain everything all over again to the second person I talked to.  Anyway, long story short, I got it worked out again.

For the sixth time.


Anyway, I’m going to go ahead and post this so you guys get the update and then start working on a regular issue so we ALL have something to laugh about.  (As if the above isn’t worth laughing about).  Not sure when the issue will be put out.  But, we here at Dragon Laffs, Inc will do the very best that we can.  Love you all and thank you all to EVERYONE who have sent me well wishes in the comments, personal emails, and silent prayers.  I know that’s why I had the blessed fortune of making it through this.

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8 Responses to Dragon Laffs #2036

  1. Leah D says:

    Thanks for the update!
    Years ago, my sister broke her neck. They took bone from her hip to make repairs. She complained about the pain in her hip, far more than the pain in her neck, Her neck healed, leaving her with an occasional pain. Her hip still hurts.
    Thinking of you.

  2. Hank H says:

    I really hope your life will finally more normal

  3. SMSgt Chuck Gill (Retired) says:

    Feel better my friend…Tammye and I are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Chuck

  4. Prescott Steve says:

    Impish, you’re one tough SOB….. wishing you a speedy recovery and painfree

  5. Patricia Greene says:

    Sending prayers for a rapid recovery

  6. Friggin Pete says:

    Howdy, Sir! I am sorry for your added pain but, I am happy things worked out and you are home. Just do what you are told and get that thing healed!

  7. Tomw says:

    Imp glad to hear you’re on the road to recovery. I know you are in a lot of people’s prayers and we know God is in control and takes care of his kids. Not always the way we want, but the best way.

  8. Dale says:

    I will be keeping you in my prayers. It will take time for you to heal, not just your him but mentally too. Take care.

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