Dragon Laffs #1981

So, we are going to try a little preemptive humor and request for prayers.  It’s quite possible that while a lot of you are reading this, especially if you are reading this later than it’s published, that Izzy Dragon and I may be going through Mrs. Dragon’s funeral Mass and after … ceremony (whatever that ends up looking like).  I say that because I’m not sure what that’s going to look like because her family, that is, her side of the family is setting that up.  Anyway, if you are not busy at 2 pm eastern time on Monday and happen to think about it, or anytime say from 2 to 4 you might send up some good thoughts for Izzy and myself to help us through, it would be deeply appreciated. 

Okay, now to the preemptive humor part.  We’re going to try to throw some laughter in here right now, because Mary loved to laugh.  Well, that’s kind of a silly thing to say, isn’t it?  Doesn’t everyone love to laugh? 

Not really. 

At least, not in my limited experience. 

I’ve actually met people who DON’T want to laugh.  And of course, I’ve made it my goal to, at the very least, get a smile out of them.  And a real smile, not a smirk, or a fake, get out of my face, get rid of you, smile.  And I must say, I’ve been probably 90% successful.  And I don’t think that’s so bad. 

So without TOO much further ado, why don’t we …

Boy, ain’t that the truth!  There’s nothing funnier than someone getting upset over something that was meant as a joke and ALL the rest of us KNOW is a joke, but some moron is going to be “offended” or “upset” by it.

Me:  I need a doctor’s appointment.  

Receptionist:  Okay [checks bookings]  How about 10 tomorrow?  

Me:  No, I don’t need that many.

Me:  Hey, can I get a cheap shot?  

Bartender:  You’re ugly and no one loves you.  

Me:  I didn’t ask for a double.  

Bartender:  On the house.


We’ve been around people so much lately, we definitely need those shots.

Flu?  COVID?

Nope.  Tequila.


Wood Carving of my Great, Great Grandfather Hysterical Dragon

I never realized how funny I was until I started talking to myself.

Yup, gonna need one of those.

I’ve been disgusted before, but not like this…

Decided to try magnetic lashes.  Now my eyelid is stuck to the fridge. 

Send help.

Yeah, I don’t know why…

For you Navy types out there, here’s a GREAT link.  US Navy year in photos for 2021 Ihttps://www.navy.mil/Resources/Blogs/Detail/Article/2881511/us-navy-2021-the-year-in-photos/

If we started burying the dead with their shoelaces tied together, we wouldn’t have to worry about a zombie apocalypse anymore.


Realized I had to pee
Got up and walked to the pantry…forgot why I was going to the pantry.
Remembered I had to pee so went to the bathroom.
Sitting on the toilet remembered why I was going to the pantry…to get toilet paper.


I may not be the best looking or the funniest out there, but let me tell you something…I’m also not the smartest.

Just an aside here…thanks to Leah, Joe, Stephanie, Pete, and all the rest of you that I can’t possibly remember right now who have and continue to send me encouraging words in emails and comments.  They mean a whole lot and help more than I can say.

Man, I really love my furniture…me and my recliner go way back.

I’m pretty sure I only need one more bad decision and I’ll own the whole set.

And that my friends is it for tonight if I’m going to have this ready for tomorrow.  Keep us in your prayers for the day, I think we’re going to need it.  Love and happiness to you all.


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2 Responses to Dragon Laffs #1981

  1. Stephanie says:

    My love and my prayers are with you.
    May Jesus hold you close and give you peace.

    Love the reading glasses.

  2. alan F says:

    I would put the elephant in the fridge until I needed it.

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