Dragon Laffs #1930


Good Morning Campers,

It is with a sad heart that as you are reading this, Mrs. Dragon and I are probably at the Vet’s office putting our dear friend Baileigh to sleep.  She put up a good fight but fifteen years and three bouts of cancer was just too much for the old girl.  And as I’m writing this, with tears streaming down my face, and sobs quietly coming from my chest, she is sitting beside me wondering what’s wrong, because even to the end, she is a wonderful girl, wondering more about what’s going on with me then worried about herself.  But, the growth on her tummy has now started to bleed and she has begun to not eat and the doc says that it’s time.  She’s already deaf as a post and blind as a bat, she pees on the floor about as much as she makes it outside, but damn it all to hell, I almost hope God takes her in the middle of the night so I don’t have to walk her inside that office.

I’m very thankful that Mrs. Dragon is napping as I’m writing this and doesn’t see me crying my eyes out, but I know that I can share these tears with you, my fellow campers, because I know you will keep them quiet and to yourself.  And I know tomorrow, I will be strong and hold Mrs. Dragon’s hand and be there for her while she cries. 

It is a natural thing to lose a friend especially after so many years, but man, I’ve lost so many lately.  I think I’ve cried harder over Baileigh than most.  Funny that.

But, there are places to go and things to laugh at my friends, and if we’re going to get there, we need to take the first steps.  So, wipe our eyes and let’s get to it.

Let's Laugh 2


Every German Gasthaus I’ve ever been to.





This Is 1938: First, They Came for the Unvaccinated

The time before the nightmare.

Wed Aug 11, 2021

This is the most important commentary I’ve ever written.

It’s time for alarm bells. It’s time for me to play the part of Paul Revere: “The communist tyrants and dictators are coming! The communist tyrants and dictators are coming!” They’re coming first for unvaccinated Americans.

This is 1938. I’m a Jew. I now understand just a little of what it felt like to be a Jew in 1938.

But 1938 was not the Holocaust. It was the pre-Holocaust. It was the time before the nightmare, when the foundation was being laid to destroy the freedom, free speech, businesses and lives of millions of Jews.

Everything happening today to the American people … to the U.S. Constitution … to freedom … and particularly to unvaccinated Americans reminds me of 1938. This is only the beginning. It gets much worse from here.

First, “the papers.” Vaccine mandates and vaccine passports are just like 1938, when the Gestapo demanded papers from every German.

Republicans asked for “papers” from migrants who had broken into our country. Criminals. Democrats said, “No, that’s racism.” Republicans asked for “papers” once every two years for federal elections, to prove you have a right to vote. Democrats said, “No, that’s racism.”

Now Democrats want American citizens, not illegal aliens, not criminals, but patriots born in this country, to produce papers 24/7. We’ll need papers to enter restaurants, bars, nightclubs, concerts, casinos, conventions and hotels and to board a train, plane or bus. We’ll need papers to enter a supermarket, or we’ll starve to death. All for the crime of being unvaccinated against … wait for it …

The flu.

All for the crime of being unwilling to inject an untested, rushed to production, experimental, “for emergency use only” shot into our bodies.

What happened to the war cry of Democrats: “My body, my choice”? It only applies to murdering babies, but it doesn’t apply to dangerous experimental shots that we don’t want injected into our bodies.

Weren’t Jews injected with experimental drugs by the depraved Nazi government? Wasn’t that a key part of the Nuremberg trials? That no government could ever again inject experimental shots into the bodies of unwilling citizens? Isn’t that a basic human right?

By the way, this isn’t about vaccines. If you want the vaccine, take it. I’d never stop you. I’d never limit your freedom, your choice. This is about vaccine mandates — forcibly injecting Americans who don’t want it. That’s 1938.

But there’s much more in common with 1938. Mask mandates. If you’re scared, wear them. I’m not scared. I don’t want to wear them. Mandates are about forcing individuals to lose their freedom, choice, individuality and human rights. That’s 1938.

Lockdowns are a match with the Warsaw Ghetto. Jews were locked down. Jews couldn’t work. Jews couldn’t travel. Jewish businesses were labeled “nonessential.”

If government can force us to close our businesses, to kill our jobs, to decide who is nonessential, then this is 1938.

Stars on clothing. It’s coming. The vaccinated get into restaurants, bars, concerts, supermarkets, planes and trains. They keep their jobs. The rest of us are marked as “subhuman” for life. That’s the star. That’s 1938.

Media and social media as the public-relations wing of the government. That’s called propaganda. Remind you of 1938? Back then, the Jews’ books were burned. Today, it’s those of conservatives, patriots and specifically the unvaccinated. We are silenced. Our facts are labeled “misleading.” Only the facts that agree with big government’s agenda count. That’s 1938.

Door-to-door intimidation and making lists of those who disagree with “government knows best.” Trust me, that army of door-to-door vaccine brainwashers will soon be turned into a Gestapo of gun-grabbers. 1938 was the year Nazis banned Jews from owning guns. They took them door to door. That’s 1938.

Only days ago, a former Department of Homeland Security official said the unvaccinated should be on the federal no-fly list. That’s exactly how Nazis attacked the Jews and others who disagreed with their agenda. It was always lists. Lists of people to be disappeared in the middle of the night; lists of those to be sent to reeducation camps; lists of those to be sent to concentration camps; lists of enemies of the state. It’s happening again. Maybe this time you’ll only lose your job or free speech. This is, again, 1938.

It’s all disgusting and disgraceful. But I’m warning you, this is just the start. It’s all going downhill from here — fast. This is the end of America. This is 1938.

Unless we stop it now. Unless we take a stand now. Unless we draw a line in the sand now.

First, they came for the unvaccinated. Trust me: Next, they’re coming for you.

It took me a little while to figure out who wrote this, and I didn’t want to print it without the proper attribution, but I actually found it on another website.  I believe it was written by Wayne Allyn Root.  There is so much here that I agree with and have witness to each and every day, being a civilian member of the military.  It is scary.  And I guess I’m a bit hypocritical because I’ve obeyed my orders and gotten the damn shot, even though I don’t agree with the damn shot.  Well, I don’t agree with FORCING people to get the damn shot.  Get it or not, as you wish, that’s up to you, but as soon as someone tells you that you HAVE to get it, then they better be able to PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt, emergency circumstances…and this ain’t them!

This damn thing isn’t as dangerous as the flu and pneumonia is every year.  And if you don’t believe me, the numbers are on line to prove it.

Anyway, I argue this case every single day, Mr. Root did a GREAT job of arguing his and we need to go back to laughter.

Oh, and by the way … thanks to Sasquatch for sending that along the way.



Without freedom of speech, we would not know who the idiots are.

I don’t know … I say they would make themselves known in other ways.


So many of you aren’t going to get either side of that joke.


That awkward moment when a zombie looking for brains walks right by you.



Dragon pic 2


Just because I’m in a “burn it to the ground” kind of mood.  (Cue Nickelback) (and if you don’t know the song, download it now)



I never finish anything.

I have a black belt in partial arts.



Interesting Maps


These Two Areas Of Africa Have Roughly Equal Populations



Some people are such treasures …

You just want to bury them.



And it wouldn’t surprise me if that was a permanent tattoo.

Fantasy Pix


The original cloned creature







I have that same problem.


Somebody’s therapist knows all about you.

That’s a very scary thought.



Am I getting older or is the supermarket finally playing great music?



I didn’t mean to push all of your buttons …

I was just trying to hit mute.



If you stand by the sea, it sounds like putting a shell to your ear.





Freak Waves

free baby unicorn



French Cops




Yes, we truly do.






















My dentist told me I needed a crown.

I was like, I know, right?

Which fucking reminds me … on top of EVERYTHING else that’s going on, I have fucking root canal on Friday!!!!!






Before crowbars were invented crows had to drink at home.







Boy, ain’t that the truth … and with that I have to end this issue.  There are so many people to thank for their contributions, but I’ve run out of time.  There is still time for you to contribute to this years bills, no, not mine, which are mounting, but the websites!  I’ll post the entire list of contributors on Saturday.  Right now there are other things that need done, like a play  out back with Baileigh, so for now, love and happiness to you all.



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10 Responses to Dragon Laffs #1930

  1. reast744 says:

    Very sorry to hear about your dog

  2. Ray Niemi says:

    Sorry for your loss. Know how it feels. They are one of the family.

  3. kris72663 says:

    I’m so sorry about Baileigh. I hope you take comfort in knowing that she’s now pain free & waiting for her family at the Rainbow Bridge.

  4. Kris says:

    I’m so sorry about Baileigh. I hope you take comfort in knowing that she’s pain free & waiting for her family at the Rainbow Bridge.

  5. Tomw says:

    I’m sorry about your puppy, almost tears reading about it. I’ve gone thru similar things a nr of times and as I age it gets harder. I have two Cavilers that hopefully have a few years to go.

  6. Leah D says:

    I know you are a bacon lover, as are many of your Dragon Laffs followers. So, can I be forgiven to ask, have any of you tried the microwave bacon fryers?

  7. Steve H says:

    I feel for you, we just got word that we only have a short time left with our little Shih Tzu and I was holding back the tears as I read about Baileigh knowing that I will there way too soon. You are in our prayers

  8. Stephanie says:

    I cannot imagine the pain of putting a loved one to sleep but it is an act of love. If there were no love, there would be no pain. I’m lifting you, the Mrs. and I say in prayer. Stay together and hug her close as she leaves you behind, your scent will comfort her as she falls asleep. Know you gave her a good life full of love, laughter, and joy that she would not have had without you. Shed your tears and cleanse your pain knowing that he suffering is over.
    Much love.

  9. Dale says:

    Sad about your dog….it is so hard to lose our ‘fur’ babies….

  10. Tina Call says:

    sending prayers and and tears for Baileigh and her family.

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